EXCLUSIVE: Leaked “Magic 8 Ball” Trailer!

Paramount To Film Mattel’s Magic 8 Ball [Deadline New York]

Battleship is already a movie… about aliens vs battleships.

Yeah I don’t get that either.

Shit, I have a (bad) movie idea about Operation.

It’s the story of an evil medical doctor who does operations on hobos with big red noses for medical research (new safer air freshner for SC Johnson) till a nosy medical student discovers the nefarious purpose and races to save the last red nosed hobo who has been rigged with explosives.

I envision Shia LeBeef as the nosy student. Bill Murry as the evil medical doctor.

It’ll be like SAW but for kids. Yeah that’s it.

How ’bout a Rock and Sock Em Robots movie where the robots break free of the board, get all giant and super mecha and fight aliens?


@chicago bureau: You don’t have to tell me. The OH is at OTB as I type.

I liked this from TFLN.

Not even the dog will look at me anymore.

Benedick: Wait. Half of Benedick, Ltd. is into… Sport? There IS hope!

@chicago bureau: Ninety minutes of ennui, ninety seconds of glory.

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@nojo: Was just going to do that. Thanks.

Heh – they could *totally* do a “Magic 8-Ball” movie. Set it in the ’80s, with a bunch of (mysteriously :) ) twitchy yuppies trying to piece together what happened the night before, when they went on a bender and did whatever the Magic 8-Ball said. The studios probably wouldn’t let the characters be seen doing lines constantly, but people would get the idea. Basically a coked-out New Wave version of “The Hangover”.

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