Scrubbing Bubbles

The Better Marriage Blanket absorbs your farts with a special fabric — “the same type of fabric used by the military to protect against chemical weapons!”

[via Sully]

Do they make one for dogs? If so, I’m so there.

They forgot the sequence in which he is savagely digging into a huge meal of chili, clams and cabbage and wafting fetid farts at her – and she just chuckles and waves her hand with the kind of carefree aplomb of someone who knows she is protected from monster chili-clam-and-cabbage farts.

@Original Andrew: You can get pills.

Damn. Wish I’d done the read. I do awesome fart FX.

But good to know that romance is not dead.

But, but, does it provide protection against the dreaded “dutch oven” manouevre?

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