And We Get Even More Mail …

Got this today – think I’ll do a quenelle this weekend … but we’ll see.


YES!!! Even though you weren’t going to get back on the horse so soon?

I want a full food pron report Saturday night.

Especially since where the FUCK is Prommie and his food pron?

Have you ever eaten a quenelle? They have the texture of canned vienna sausages but lack the taste.

Real men don’t do the Julie and Julia, real men work their way through Kelleher’s book. This one wittily calls the task of working through The French Laundry book “Doing the Laundry:”

@Benedick: I am so sorry, that you are familiar with the texture and flavor of Vienna Sausages. They are popular in teh South, made into a sandwich with white Wonder bread. Or you can just spread Potted Meat Food Product (now with more chicken lips!) on the bread.
Does anyone remember canned sardine sandwiches, on white bread? I remember that.

Hey, ya’ll, we have book club, can we have cooking club? I want to make recipe, video, and post youtube, hey, what fun, huh?

@Prommie: I love canned sardines. But that’s the Limey in me. There’s a very funny scene in an Aykborne play which has a middle-aged couple going to bed together and eating sardines on toast instead of sex.

I also grew up on potted meat. But the real stuff. The pressed jellied sheep’s head of Scotland, peppery and good.

Cab drivers in London, when they are learning the city say they are Doing the Knowledge or On the Knowledge.

BTW. That is no way to make onion soup. Emmentaler!? I shit on your Emmentaler.

I never ate potted meat but it always makes me think of Slingblade.

@SanFranLefty: I think I’m going to do a fairly simple black cod provencal dish … the GF’s birthday is Monday, and it’s her favorite fish. It’s also not to difficult. Looked at Julia’s lobster thermidor – makes last Saturday’s effort look like child’s play.

@Prommie: When you do what I did last weekend, the talk to me. Also – I think the cooking club would be great.

@Prommie: We had tinned sardines cooked in garlic, Italian, and tomato sauce, Italian style, for dinner earlier this week. Cheap and tasty…

I’d be for a cooking club/competition. If RML promises to reveal his MIL’s secret green chile recipe and/or offers recipes featuring game.

Folks can get away with not reading but you can’t go too long without eating.

@SanFranLefty: Cooking, it should never be a competition, its art, sharing creations. Thats why I don’t like the foodnetwork cable channel anymore, its all competition and the ego and personality of the “celebrity chefs,” Bobby Flay’s “Throwdown” shows are all thats wrong with it. Iron Chef is OK because its tongue in cheek, at least, it used to be. I liked the days of Sarah Moulton and Two Fat Ladies much more than I like what its become.

I just want to share, not show off. I was always just so surprised and gratified that people liked my “food porn.” But I don’t get off on showing people what I can do, I like teaching them to do it too. And more often, in real life, just serving them things that delight them.

@blogenfreude: Lobster Thermidor is restaurant food. Not for the home cook. Neither is Beef Wellington, in my opinion. Much better things to do with a fillet than that.

@SanFranLefty: You have to eat, its true, and learning just enough, so that preparation of your food can be an enjoyable, satisfying act of craftmanship in which you can take pride, and producing something that elevates the necessity of taking in calories to an act of appreciation of the bounty and beauty of the world, no matter how humble what you made might be, these are things that can bring spiritual fulfillment, to the necessary act of eating.

Chicken, just plain chicken, I have ways of cooking it, pretty simple, but based on classic principles, that anyone can do in an hour after work, and that chicken will be better than anything exotic you might order in a restaurant.

Learn how to brown and braise chicken, the first steps in coq au vin, and just the method produces a fantastic dish, it doesn’t matter what liquid you braise in, or what aromatics you mix in, I am about teaching the basics in a way thats not recipe specific, so you can take the method, and play with recipes of your own devising, or, you can be empowered to make something based on what you have, whatever that might be, and it will be fantastic.

I want to do a video of this recipe, and I will post it on youtube, I want to start the cooking club rolling that way, we can all do the same, and all, cool fun.

TJ/ DADT is history? Status from a FB friend: “wow, theDADT/don’tAskdontTell policy is no more. We just had an EO/equalOpportunity briefing on this,”

I can’t find anything else about this…


Perhaps your friend meant that DADT repeal is no more?

It is dead dead dead.

It was Secretary Gates, in the Obama Administration, with the typewriter.

@Original Andrew: That’s what I thought — I asked him for more information about the briefing.

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