Carl Levin to a former Goldman Sachs partner during a subcommittee hearing this morning: “How much of that shitty deal did you sell to your clients?”

[via TPM]

I cannot be arsed to think about these asshats. Too nice a morning.

I am totally going to buy Benedick a blue avatar-thingie for his birthday. Does anyone have a picture of him I can use? Do you think I should make it a boy or a girl one?

“He didn’t mean Shitty. He meant City. Yeah, that’s it.”

@ManchuCandidate: Shitty Wok!

(Which I pass every day driving to the coffeehouse.)

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: I saw Avatar cupcakes at the grocery store last night. Not a bad movie in glorious 2-D, btw. I was cleaning the garage and checking up on it from time to time, pausing to watch anything involving big flying things or explosions.

Avatar’s RML Film Grade: 3 out of 3:

Naked people – check
Car Flying dinosaur thing chases – check
Explosions – check

It’s not a perfect film rating system. Ultimate dude movies Red Dawn, Star Wars and Independence Day score a 2 out of 3, but still rock. Up in the Air got a 1 out of 3 but rocked. Sense and Sensibility gets a 0 out of 3.

@ManchuCandidate: @nojo: There is (was?) a pool hall in Louisville called Derby City, but we all knew it as Dirty Shitty (and kept away accordingly).

I realize that most of these congressional hearings are full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, but it still makes my li’l Michigander heart proud to watch this.

@flippin eck: I’m trying hard to keep my expectations low after being sucker-punched by the Dems so many times, but yeah, that was a nice piece of showmanship.

Didn’t they also orchestrate the Greek campaign of deception when joining the EU? As in showed them how to hide their debt? Awesome.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: Now nothing too extravagant, darling.

Yes. Goldman Sacked the EU Greek style.

/happy news/

@Tommmcatt & Dodger & LA Stinquers:

Hey guys, I’m planning a trip down to Hell LAy in the next few weeks and would love to meet up. I asked nojo to send along details via e-mail.

@Original Andrew: Did some geek forget to confirm? Message forwarded, politeness forgotten.

P.S. It’s been raining and 48 degrees in Seattle now for, oh, six months. Getmeouttahere.

Hey, it was totally raining and 55 degrees yesterday. I was sweltering in my rain gear as I pedaled home.


Isn’t it funny how people’s shirts and winter clothes come off in April no matter that the weather’s the same as it was in January? People here dress by the calendar.

@all: I caught this on SeeEnEn International this afternoon, with bleeps of course. I thought it was awesome – bit of course I also got a ‘fish massage’ tonight.,

@Nabisco: Fish massage? Is that where the Thai boyz slap you with a carp?

@SanFranLefty: No, it’s where the Thai girls grab your carp.

@FlyingChainSaw: Hope it has nothing to do with the legendary “gobble-wallahs.”

@Nabisco: Keef ran it raw last night. Comedy Central, on the other hand, bleeped it.

@Original Andrew:

Darling! I have your contact info and was going to contact you this weekend. We’d love to hang!

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: If you don’t hang together, you’ll all hang separately.

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