But Will He Get to Go to the Prom?

Archie Comics announced Thursday that in an issue out September 1, the long-running comic will introduce its first “openly gay” character, Kevin Keller.  The strapping blond will defeat Jughead in a burger eating contest, win the affection of Veronica and wrestle over how to gently rebuff her flirtations.


“The strapping blond will defeat Jughead in a burger eating contest, after which they head for the malt shop bathroom for some rough sex.”


But probably not fixed as well as others here could do.

What horrible stereotyping – the first time they introduce a gay character, and all he’s doing is trying to jam more meat in his mouth than all the other guys. :)

the question is will he forever be “rebuffing” a girl or will the let him “buff” a guy. so far most of the regular gay characters in popular fiction outside pay cable are not allowed to actually have a sex life.

speaking of gay characters I saw a great movie on cable last night.
its from 2005 and I had seen it before but I guess I forgot how much I liked it.
it is not only one of the best “Hollywood” movies ever it has a gay character I really really like. a macho bully wrestler who comes out in the course of the film.
it also has some of the best CG werewolf scenes I have ever seen.

and it is very funny.

@Capt Howdy: Yes, I’m afraid the best he can hope for is becoming Betty’s new BFF, and giving her a makeover that will win Archie’s affections back from rich bitch Veronica.

@Capt Howdy:

Willow had a vague sex life with wosshername on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head:

but she was a girl. its different for girls. imagining girls together is far less “icky” for most straight folks.

I keep talking about Spartacus but the way they dealt with the gay thing was very refreshing and cool.
did I mention the season finale was awsum?

WaPo has a longer piece with some interesting quotes:

“They don’t tell Veronica — they let her stew in it for a while. But he hangs out with Jughead — they seem to have a connection as far as food goes.”

Judging by Gorelick and Archie artist-writer Dan Parent, there’s nothing more to be read into that last statement. Sometimes a malted is just a malted.

Gorelick says none of the creative talent working on the Kevin story line is gay.

As for whether any other Riverdale students will be gay, Parent has said: “Traditional Riverdale characters won’t be coming out.”

Why can’t Betty just sit on Veronica’s face?

@Capt Howdy: But just from the face, you can tell this one leans to the too-waxed.

TJ: Sonoma County fires back at Harold and Clay and says the reason the County took everything was because they suspected Clay might have been abusing Harold, but if true, why was there no criminal investigation or charges? Sounds fishy to me. Especially if Harold’s estate is suing WITH Clay.

@SanFranLefty: It seems they claim that both men were, to different degrees, mentally impaired and were put into nursing homes either because they wanted to be, Harold, or needed to be, Clay. However, they then claim that the men were offered an opportunity to claim what possessions they wanted and what was left they sold. If they were mentally impaired how on earth were they in a postion to claim what they wanted? Or even to understand what the question meant? There could well be an element of domestic abuse here and if there is that’s unfortunate. However, Clay did keep Harold out of a nursing home till the hospital claims he asked to be put in one. That must surely count for something.


My favorite was this line, from a Sonoma County official:

“It had nothing to do with gay marriage or that they were gay.”

In other words, apparently Sonoma County is willing to totally fuck over *anybody* unlucky enough to be infirm and wealthy at the same time. Good to know.

@SanFranLefty: You haven’t just borrowed the car keys, Lefty, you seemed to have become the designated driver. Nojo doesn’t have a DUI with John Edwards he needs to talk about, does he?

wait a minute…i always thought jughead was gay. didn’t you?
was it too horrifying if he came out? they’ll be dating shortly.
poor jughead. had to live in a closet. then blondie comes along and steals his thunder after 50 years.

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