4/20 v. 4/15

15,000 plus attend the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo at the Cow Palace [home of many a great Dead show, as Messrs. SFL, baked & Cynica could tell you ad nauseum] in Ess Eff to discuss hydroponics, portable grow-trailers, medical marijuana, and the proposal to raise $2 billion/year by legalizing the green weed by voter initiative.

Around 10,000 attend Orly-free Tax Day Teabagger gathering in Pleasanton at government-owned fairgrounds to hear Carly Fiorina and the Teabagger Rapper bitch about the Socialist Kenyan Mooslem.

Score 1 for the Stoners.



Ha! We got almost 4000 volunteers this past weekend at a *local* event for Earth Day ( http://update2010.org/ ), and that was to do serious physical work, moving quite a few *tons* of garbage and planting 8500+ trees. Teabaggers can’t even be bothered to show up and mill around.

@al2o3cr: That’s because you fucking tree huggers probably wouldn’t let them wear their little Revolutionary War outfits and hold their racist “I’m not a racist” signs, and you would have forced them to use a shovel.

Fascist enviros, that’s what you are! ;-P

@Mistress Cynica: I really, really, really wanted to include a reference to an actual GD show in the alt-text for you and baked to share with the other halves, but Mr SFL is out of town for work and not in SF, so I couldn’t do my usual “Honey, was there a good ‘Fire on the Mountain’ on 4/22/73?” and have him respond exasperatedly, “There WAS no 4/22/73, but there’s an AWESOME 4/22/78, why aren’t you paying attention?!”

MSM always gives teabagger events a 2 or 3x boost … on the other hand, the libtard demonstrations get counted within an inch of their life … so usually cut by about half.

@blogenfreude: Exactly. The footage of the 300,000 plus folks on the Mall for the pro-choice “March for Women’s Lives” was subbed in for last week’s tea-baggers…at least on Fox. They almost blurred out the pink Planned Parenthood t-shirts.

WTF is with those Pleasantowners? I mean, I know they moved there to escape interaction with anyone other than white middle-class tax-cheaters, but still.

Anyway, the crucial question is, what was Carly wearing?

Orly was gonna attend, but then she realized she’d miss her Faces of Meth photoshoot.

@Pedonator: She wore that same fugly ass red suit with short sleeves and long sleeved shirt underneath that she wears everywhere.

WARNING TO ALL: Go nuts on the clothes, but I insist that there is nothing said about Carly’s hair. I draw the line at snarking at her hair, because she’s growing it out post breast cancer radiation. RESPECT.

That said, there ain’t no excuse for the red suit.


There you go with your “Let’s not make fun of cancer victims” thing. What a buzzkill.

That suit makes fun of itself. If a clown wore it you would not think it odd at all.

@SanFranLefty: You had to tempt me.

But, ok, I kinda like Carly’s hair because it reminds me of the wise older wymyn my lesbionic best friend always used to fall in love with. That is not snark, so don’t spank me.

Also, I must note that John Villarreal of Conservative New Media has awesome biceps, even if he’s a douchenozzle.

And oh shit, you simply must check out John V’s incredible web site. Click on the Personal Bio menu option for more than anyone could possibly want to know about this magnificent and accomplished creature. (And Benedick, you will be pleased to know that John is a wrestler.)

I mean, it goes on, and on, and on. And on. There’s a choice photo of John pointing proudly at the “M5” logo on what one must assume is his own awesome BMW Sport Car.

I admit, I just googled him to find out more about his inspiring biceps (and to see if perchance he had starred in any, er, San Fernando Valley cinematic epics), but it turned into an educational experience I will never, ever forget.

¿Digame, quien es este y donde esta su pelo?

/too lazy to do the accents over the a and e, you know what I’m asking…

@SanFranLefty: You turned me on to this douche, so don’t go all innocent on me now. Mi pelo? Where is my hair? Have you had more wine than me? Not fair!

i live with a carefully framed poster of TGD in my house.
RB keeps telling me it’s valuable–an original from golden gate park c. 1973. he was there. he was 12. he never did get over it.
valuable? to whom? messrs. cyn, baked, and lefty?
he keeps it in his office, not so much as a favor to me, rather protecting it from my violation.
ALSO…GO ORLY!…i love her insanity THIS much.

@SanFranLefty: Reformed DH here. I discovered punk rock in 77, and finally erased (or gave away) all my boot tapes by 1980. Still know all the lyrics. Oh, and Phil was and is a total douchenoodle. There, I said it.

@SanFranLefty: I was very confused. I thought you meant Orly’s hair. And whatever that is it ain’t hair.

@Pedonator: Who is this John V person? I’ve never heard of him. And I suspect I’ll be happier if I leave it that way, wrestling career or no. Kinda over beefy. I suspect his flesh looks like pork fat. You know the kind. When you poke it the indent lingers.

And if lefty won’t spank you I will. I’m sure you deserve it.

I have a long-standing policy of leaving the party if anyone turns on that stoned hootenanny borefest music. There, I said it.

@Promnight: That’s pretty much all Mr Cyn ever plays, and since I hardly ever play any music (and if I do, it’s usually Bach), it’s all you’d get here. Well, sometimes he plays Jane’s Addiction, but I insist he use headphones because that noise hurts my ears.

@Mistress Cynica: Tell him Nabisco recommends Dinosaur Jr. If he listens to Jane’s Addiction, he should like it. Plus, he’s a dead ringer for J Mascis.

Hey guys, guess where I will be passing through tomorrow? Well, at least in transit.

@Nabisco: I have a (possibly insane) Peace Corps friend in Bangkok right now. His hotel is behind razor wire and he’s describing trucks with bloody victims going by. His Facebook updates are reading like dispatches from a war zone (which is essentially what they are). I have another Peace Corps friend who’s doing U.S. contract work in Kabul and is posting about colleagues being targeted by Taliban in Kandahar.

Meanwhile, I think I’m brave because I went to a bar by myself last weekend.

@SanFranLefty: Oh, sorry, thought you were going all formal with the “su”. Guess I did have more wine — do I get a prize?

@Nabisco: Love the first few Dinosaur Jr. records. Say you want a revolution?

@Nabisco: Oy. If even actors have turned violent things can’t be good. Take care.

@Mistress Cynica, Prommy, Beesko: I was listening to both Bach cello concertos and Sonic Youth’s “The Eternal” (2009) late last night as I sat by the fire sipping a martini on a snowy night while taking a lap around the interwebz.

I started college in Colorado (hint: Condi was there at the time) with a bunch of East Coasters who were obsessed with the Dead and Springsteen. I got pretty burned out on them real fast, although I still listen to American Beauty and Workingman’s Dead about once a year, usually while on the road.

A friend from Virginia whose BD is today turned me on to Brian Eno, which led me to a lot of really excellent music over the years, and AC/DC when they were still a bit underground. We got fucking hammered the night Bon Scott died of alcohol poisoning and blew out a pair of speakers at our two man wake. The only “new guy” AC/DC I like is Back in Black.

Also in college: saw a new band from Ireland called U2 for $4 after dropping the needle on the LP and hearing a sound I knew was out there and was searching for. Second leg, first US tour. We’re going to see them in Denver in about six weeks.

@Nabisco: Yikes! Safe travels! Are you coming stateside for a breather with Ma Nabisco and the biscuits?


Be careful. One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster-The bars are temples but the pearls ain’t free.

Remember that.


I wonder what this guy swill do for a living, now that every single sin and weakness he’s been involved in has been revealed in nauseating and sometimes photographic detail. What do you do when you are revealed as a venal and hypocritical hack politician to the world at large, sell used cars or ginsu knives? I wouldn’t buy one from him.

@redmanlaw: …but he was just the passenger?

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: I think he should explore a career giving private wrestling lessons to upstate New York theater professionals.

@Pedonator: Yes. Story says he talked the cops out of busting his driver.

Holy crap, it’s snowing again.


Don’t bring that up. Benedick is still all broken up about it.

Holy shit!!! I step away from the computer for an hour and look what happens!!

I told him he should get right away from there. Well in my last letter. Or the one before. Anyhow, I told him he was welcome to come here. Chill. Get his head together. Enjoy the antiquing. Perhaps go a couple of rounds. Whatever he wanted. And now this. I don’t believe it, of course. He just wanted a ride. I feel sure he’s learned his lesson. I told him it wasn’t a question of being mad at him – how could you stay mad at him? – but he had to stop acting like a douche and get back in shape. What makes me mad is the way these women just throw themselves at him. Like he’s just a big hunk of meat. They don’t care about that sweet kid on a wrestling scholarship trying to find his way in the world. They don’t see how tired he is.

I need to go write him again. I’d try calling but they’ve blocked my number. Some crazy mix up about someone stalking someone. Which is just so not me. I have white wine. Why won’t he call?

@Benedick: @redmanlaw: @Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: Fortunately I’m only transiting through the airport. En route to a junketworkshop in Brangelina’s nursery. I did the whole beach and Patpong thing some years ago, best thing was the taxi driver who called me “Joe” with a straightface, straight out of a Sgt. Rock comic.

@flippin eck: Hard Corps.

@SanFranLefty: Ma and I may rendezvous in Espana this summer. We’ve never been…


See, now you’re all het up again!

Thanks Pedo. And after all the time it took me to get Benedick back on track. You know, getting pedicures and taking brunch on Sundays at a decent hour, tanning salons, track lighting, that sort of thing. Eyebrow waxing. Like every other red-blooded American male! And now this.

Benedick, honey, put down the phone and pick up the Prada lace-ups. You can do it. He can’t hurt you any more…

@Nabisco: Madrid is too hot and dirty in the summer, but Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world. Sevilla and Granada would be hot too but the architecture and the cities are amazing. Consider Lisbon, and the coast of Portugal. A little bit more off the beaten path than the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: I won’t believe it!! He’s not that kind of guy. He’s just a confused mill-town jock looking for a coupla brewskis on a rainy Saturday night in Florence SC. And maybe trying out some new holds with a good bud followed by a massage with release. He’s not all bad. Like I said, I’d take him antiquing, show him a different kind of life. A life without aliens or love-children or raging assholery. And now this!! It’s like I lost him all over again. It just hurts soooo much.

Prada? Darling. I’m more steel-toe boots and dungarees.


Ooh. Sounds like…flannel, too.

I heard that exists, but I don’t know if I can support it. There are rules, darling.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: Flannel? One might be butch but one is not a lesbian. No. With me it’s Brooks Bros polo shirts – you know, with the logo of the pig being medivacked, or something – in rainbow colors.


Oh thank God. I thought you might be up for discipline at the union again.

@Benedick: I’m sure Johnny Mill will need some comforting and a warm thigh to rest his head on after he testifies to a federal grand jury on May 13. You could stand outside the North Carolina courthouse, waiting for him with a daisy in your hand.

@Benedick: “They will take my gay card out of my cold dead hand.”

Ever considered designing a bumper sticker? I think the market is there. I’m picturing something brassy and loud, as spoken by Ethel Merman.

@redmanlaw: Break all the stories you like, Enquirer, you’re still not getting a Pulitzer.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: @Benedick: Now Mr Cyn is wondering why I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe. Not at you, Benedick Darling. With you.

@Mistress Cynica: I’m just so… raw!!

@SanFranLefty: Oh dear God, not more!! I can’t take this. I will be there with white wine. Which I will offer one man to another. Who might need a friendly shoulder and a back rub having fallen on his ass hard times.

@Dave H: I take that as a compliment.

@Benedick: We’ll get you back in the saddle yet. Just remember to wear your cowboy boots. And the spurs with the tassels on them.

@Mistress Cynica: Seems like Enquirer has a special vendetta against our favorite mill worker/wrestling team captain/pampered-haired-politico. Are they owned by the Moonies or something? I mean, it’s not like he’s a celebrity or anything like that.

@Dave H: I love it. But when did bumper stickers start talking? Damn this newfangled technology! One simply can’t keep up.

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