Come to Think of It, We Probably Overlooked the End of Western Civilization Ten Years Ago


“Conflicting Reality Shows?”

Is this code for “Conflicting Herpes Infections?”

Doug was adamant about trying to sell the show, and sources close to the 24-year-old minor league baseball player say he’s now regretting putting his quest for fame before his relationship with Paris.

Translation: Doug is regretting the fact that he’s back in the minors… for good this time.

I hope he at least got a Ferrari out of the deal.

T/J: Just a note to Stanford grads: you win again. From Huffpo:

The Goldman Sachs vice president charged with securities fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission today is Fabrice Tourre, a French graduate of Stanford who has worked at the Wall Street firm since July 2001.

In an email to a friend on January 23, 2007, the London-based trader called himself “The Fabulous Fab” and warned about the coming collapse in the subprime mortgage securities market, according to the SEC complaint.

A GSB grad, what do you expect?

Dude is only 31 years old. Damn.

Query: Will Wall Street pillory young Fab for sending that eMail? Will he be sent to their version of the woodshed, or blacklisted or something? Or are the masters of the universe immune even to the other masters of the universe?

What kind of a fucking name is “Fabrice”, anyway? Damn eurofags. Sounds like a fabric softener.

I can’t think of anything that less qualifies for news.

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