You Will Be Assimilated

Kos splooges over his new iPad. First comment after the post: “Hard to understand how liberals can be in favor of a draconian company that restricts freedom.” Geeks are sillier than wingnuts.


The Mac vs. PC wars are about the only thing on this planet that transcends ideology… well… other than prostitutes (I’m talking to you Vitter/Spitzer).

@Serolf Divad:
What about Star Wars vs Star Trek?

But point taken.

As I posted a long time ago, being a Mac in a family of PCs helps. One of the things that drove me nuts was family asking for PC help. Especially when they’re back seat PC techs. I took great glee at telling them “I don’t know this Vista you’re talking about. YOU SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN A MAC.” After a couple of times, they left me alone.

People, Using a Mac is a choice. Like bestiality or necrophilia. Is this what we want our children to learn? That you don’t need an Alt key? They should use Vista the way God intended. We all know what the iPad is for. Seamless wireless connectivity to porn. God Hates Macs.

Frothy mix of apple juice and lube is called a Jobs? Or Woz?

@Benedick: My kids use Macs and I don’t see what the big deal is. Yeah, they work right out of the box, BFD. I can set up a Dell PC and be surfing for porn in 5 minutes. I say bring back DOS — when men were men and sheep were nervous.

i was forced to use a mac when i was in miami. not only BFD, but i much prefer my toshiba. and it wouldn’t let me log in to stinque!

DOS hahaha 1/2 the people reading this probably have no idea what that is. yes, those were days of a mission to explore new worlds.
boring as fuck, but my prof asked me out and gave me 4.25.

ignore me, babbling i’m so happy to be home. see you guys. except for the baby i was treated to 24/7 barry hatin’ and the truly psychotic stepmonster that i just unfriended.

billions of people are worshipping ratzi’s snappy red hat.
who are the crazy ones here?
when i unpack my brain, i’ll see you later. xo


There are a few really nice touches in OS X (Quick Look, for instance – major time-saver when all you need is to double-check something from a Word doc), but I’m mostly a fan because most of what I do ends up deployed to Ubuntu-powered servers so the Unix underpinnings make things more compatible. That, and the fact that using / to delimit commandline arguments is like slamming your dick in a car door. :)

There’s also little things that only get noticed sometimes – for instance, the way that the bottom “shelf” of the Dock reflects (in realtime) whatever’s above it. Almost invisible normally, but a weird experience when the window you’re typing in is right near it. *I* find that really amazing, but that might just be because I can remember when such an effect would have consumed most of the available resources of the machine.

@Dodgerblue: @baked:

Fucking Dos, holy shit, boyo, Dos taught me that computer programmering peoples don’t have normal brains.

I remember my 286 with the 256 k hard drive, yee haw.

@Prommie: I remember using DOS when I interned on the rez in 95. My boss apologized for the age of the computer b/c they couldn’t afford anything fancy, being legal services and whatnot. >>FF 2 years later and I’m interning at a fancy schmancy law firm in Phoenix that does work for Intel and other SV outfits. They were still using DOS too.

For many, many years, WordPerfect on DOS was the word processor of choice among my mom’s legal colleagues. It’s hard to give up something when it works really well, which WP5.1 really did.

@IanJ: WP 5.1 for DOS was the last decent, intuitive, non-bloated word processing application, IMHO.

@Dodgerblue: Mac Word 5.1. If I could still use it, I would.

DOS taught e how to use the keyboard.

@Dodgerblue: Pages!!!! It is awesome and beautiful on the screen. Flexible, easy to use, better than WP (which I used to use) on every count. For those who haven’t used it is is part of iWork and is totally fab.

@Dodgerblue: You’ll get no contradictions from me, but then I use vi as my “word processor” of choice.

@IanJ: Ooooooohhh, a geek jock!

I certainly loved WP as much as the next phosphor phreak back in the day. I think it had a lot to do with the quick acceptance of HTML coding: Web pages are just like WordPerfect!

I miss WordPerfect. We were forced to switch in the early aughts when the state courts decided that they would only be accepting e-filed docs in Word.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: We still get some minute orders from the local fed courts in Word Perfect.

The Feds use WP (2005 contract with Justice Dept.)

I was incapable of using DOS. I needed the GUI. I heartily agree that WordPerfect was vastly superior to Word for many reasons, but the feature I miss most is “Reveal Codes”–in Word, you never know why it’s doing something freaky rather than doing what you want. I know legal secretaries still in mourning for WP.

@Mistress Cynica: Yep, reveal codes was such an excellent feature.

nojo: if I were writing more than emails and HTML (as far as word processing goes, anyway), of course I would turn to TeX. This is not a lie — when I wrote a play last year from NaPlWriMo, it was written in TeX and ripped to PDF when I was done. S’how I wrote most of my papers in college, too, because I insisted on using this obscure system called “Linux” on my computer, and there was no such thing as a WYSIWYG editor at the time.

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