All Horse-Pestorking, All the Time

“Friends of John McCain” release a campaign video that touches on today’s emerging theme of Man-Horse Relations. If you’re going to bury Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment, why not send it off in style?

[via Political Wire]

did I mention I have contributed to JDs campaign?

can I marry my catfish?

I’m hoping for a McCrappypants counterstrike.

I hope everyone has invested heavily in popcorn futures.

The former state AG (and friend of geezer) who made the Dracula reference later followed up with this:

If anything, this video will draw even more Teabaggers to vote for Hayworth.

A horse is fun to pestork, of course.

I fear McCain is fighting a losing battle. The teabaggers will identify with 90% of those positions, and given that they form 90% of the Republican party now… well… you do the math.

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