This One’s On You, Erick

Welcome to Idaho: “The census worker alleges he was trying to deliver [Richard] Powell the population-counting questionnaire on the afternoon of March 3, when Powell told the worker to get off his property… Powell then went into his residence and returned with a shotgun, and fired the gun in the air.” [ThinkProgress]


Yeah. That’s why when JNOVDad suggested I work for on the census I was like, “Um. No.” I’m surprised I haven’t received a beat down for my “Big Fucking Deal” shirt yet. Although I did receive a shout out from the lead singer of a band I went to see Saturday. That was kind of cool.

Note to all the people who didn’t read to the end of the article: this event occurred a few weeks before Loudmouth Erickson made his comments. So there’s no direct link, although there’s almost certainly an ideological similarity.

@IanJ: There you go being the voice of reason.

@IanJ: Oh, like I’m above a good smear.


well egg announcement. the male arowana is carring eggs in his mouth.
thats so awsum!

Actually, I like it better this way: “Hey, I didn’t call for shootin’ up Census workers until after he did it! I’m innocent!”

FSM save us from people who have last frontier fantasies about being ragged rugged individualists.

This is not going to end well:

Oklahoma tea party leaders and legislators envision militia designed to fight federal mandates

The new CSA army, perhaps? I’m sure it’s TOTALLY a coincidence this happened right as all the Civil War stuff was in the news.

Tea Party Movement Spreads To Military

Am I the only one who really wants this Stein fucktard to show up at a teabag rally in full gear, just so he can enjoy his dishonorable discharge? :)


Tea Party Movement Spreads To Military

Oh, Lord. I’m glad I’m off that fucking base.

@Capt Howdy: Mazel tov. And I’m impressed with the fishies’ efficiency.

@al2o3cr: The crazy just squirted out all over today. I was considering a round-up, but they kept rolling down the conveyor belt…

@Mistress Cynica: I will be your wet blanket today. <bows>


“It’s not a far-right crazy plan or anything like that,” [Tulsa teabagger J. W.] Berry said. “This would be done with the full cooperation of the [Oklahoma] state Legislature.”

Like those two things are mutually exclusive. Please.

Immodest T/J: Moi is on NPR’s Marketplace today talking about the court case that the trucking industry filed against a very progressive Port of Los Angeles clean trucks plan. My colleague and I are going to trial on this next week.

@karen marie: I just finished a weekend of travel through some of the cooler cultural touchstones of the tear drop island, and have to say that I am really tired of all the German and French Canadian tourists. They seem to not have gotten the memo that it is the Americans who are supposed to be boorish and heavy footed. “Quick Helga, take a picture of me touching this 14th century wood carving, right next to the sign that says “don’t touch the fucking wood carvings”!”

@NaBEEsko: Haha! Clearly you haven’t been to too many CA national parks. (N.B. I’m German, too, so yeah, I can bitch about ’em.)

@JNOV: Nah, not my first exposure. It was just far more evident because there are so few ‘murricans here. Ich bin half as well (there’s a park in Philly named for one of my ancestors…)

@JNOV: First clue: think Weather Report bass player.

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