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Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R): 1) declared April Confederate History Month in the Old Dominion without bothering to mention slavery; 2) sort of apologized for the omission; and 3) added some language to the declaration acknowledging that maybe slavery hadn’t been such a hot idea. This asshole is the wingnut’s wingnut. [TPM]


A little to eager to wave the Stars and Bars, eh?

Probably should have taken General Lee’s actual advice and let the war of Southern Succession go.

Whats so great is he is doing this during the month that marks the burning of Richmond, the capitol of the confederacy, and in just a few days, the surrender at Appomatox.

The burning of Richmond, thats “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,” thats a happy song, to me.

We just have to start remembering our heritage, too, and start remembering these momentous anniversaries, too.

I am celebrating “Crushing the Treasonous Revolt Month.” Coming up is “Lee’s Surrender Day.” We should start selling commemorative “General Lee Surrender Swords,” as symbols of the ignominious defeat of the treasonous revolt.

Southerners, they’re just goober-eating surrender monkeys.

@Promnight: I say that, next time they want to go, we let them go. Fuck ’em.


Yeah, that whole Texas secession movement always makes me smile a bit… ’till I realize that they’re also demanding several trillion dollars in “damages” from the U.S. government. That’s when I realize they’re not really serious about seceding. They just want to get people riled up.

Is it too late to change the name to “Treasonous Loser History Month”?

Just asking.

Y’know those damn land grabbin’ Yankees stole Robert E. Lee’s home and put a cemetery there. Place called Arlington. Virginia should demand the federal government return it so it can be donated to the Sons of of the Confederacy.

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