Walk and Talk and Fuck

“Rumor has it that Aaron Sorkin is the leading candidate to snag the film rights to The Politician, the memoir written by John Edwards’s former aide Andrew Young.” [New York, via Political Wire]


What does he know about the need to wrestle one on one? Nothing.

@ManchuCandidate: No no no, not at all. She’s not right. Better would be – what’s her name – Sienna Miller. She’s wonderful in a movie with Steve Buscemi.

Re: alt text–Hey now, she’s a cute little girl and already has the lifelong burden of being born to the two biggest egomaniacal fuckwits to walk the earth.

@flippin eck: You’re right, and I considered it before posting, and I am a bad person. But I couldn’t resist.

I’m calling Ari. That douche will not get the rights to my story.


I didn’t think it was a reference to her baby, I thought it was a reference to her…

never mind.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: Yes, it was a reference to her, but the baby got caught in the metaphoric crossfire. When CNN hires me, I’ll explain it to John King.

And the hair will be played by? Sandra Bullock for Elizabeth.

They should just do balls-out surreal casting, like Joan Collins and Steve Martin.


Charles Busch, I tells ya! He’s way underused and he’d be a perfect Elizabeth.

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