Stories We Never Finished Gagging Over

“With its tales of uplift and pluck, [Sarah Palin’s] ‘Real American Stories’ trades in the kind of easy sentimentality that provokes eye rolls among those of us who work in media while quickening the pulse and patriotic ardor of almost everyone else.” Oh, and it lost viewers. [NYT, TVNewser]


Maybe Aron Sorkin could buy the rights or whatever. Since he’s so hot with the buying the rights to stories about which HE KNOWS NOTHING.


You have to let yourself move on. I’m getting worried about you….

I think crap like this and the other TV show exists only as a means for corporate interests to shovel money into Palin’s pockets.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: Move on? MOVE ON? Oh like she moved on? When all Johnny needed was a good buddy to work on that big old knot in his shoulder? And next thing you know he’s… I can’t go there. It’s too painful. All he had to do was to get them to open the gates when I told security it was me come to visit for a wrestling session when you know that’s what he needed. I’d go further: what he craved! That’s right. You heard me. But would they open the gates? OK, maybe not the first three or four nights – you’d be surprised how many crazies camp out in front of hot presidential candidates compounds – but finally, hello? Johnny. It’s me. Brad. Remember?

I could so write his story. The down and dirty. The lonely nights on the road with only Coach to work out the kinks in your shoulder after that hot match which you should have won. But here we are, Johnny, you and me again in the Toledo Ramada Inn just like we were before.

Wait. What?

Considering that most FOX viewers don’t even know how to use the remote, Palin’s debut really tanked.

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