Dust to Dust

If you see some geek douchebag today bragging too much about his weekend purchase, show him this.


pretty tough little box. took three whacks.

This is nothing but sick geek S&M porn.

That’s a lot of perfectly good beer money being thrown into a blender.

Is it even one full remove from just burning money, solely to show people you can?

I’m waiting to get some quality time with an iPad from one of the early adopters at work before I make my decision on that.

But I’m totally, definitely getting one of those blenders.

@Benedick: No, Harry’s busy editing his New Orleans documentary right now, for release this August. His show has been providing excellent coverage of the aftermath over the years — he’s a part-time NO resident.

I know, I know. And you’d hate his Blackwell imitation, too.

I was wondering how long until we’d see a Will It Blend featuring the iPad. And I was also wondering how he was going to fit the damn thing into the jar. Now I know. Even with RoHS, I wouldn’t want to be in the same room as a blender whacking an iPad to death. Talk about evil airborne particles.

Somewhere, a Chinese child is hacking a lung.

It could be because we’re broke waiting for over $3k in client fees to come in, but this just seems like first-world waste to me.

@IanJ: Between the Blender and Saturday’s iFixit teardown, the iPad has now been properly launched.

@rptrcub: I saw where you posted that on the Book of Faces – what the hayell? I think it’s hilarious that some predominately GOP areas have only 10% response rate.

good news. I finally reached someone about the court case in arkansas.
it has been dropped. finally. after more than three years. and he is not on “the list”
this only happened in the last couple of weeks.
we got a good lawyer and I think he just wore them out.

@rptrcub: @SanFranLefty:
talk about your own bullshit biting you in the ass.


OMFG the SCHOOLALISTS and teh Reverse Vampires got to Rove too!!

@Pedonator: Right? That’s an awesome blender.

@Capt Howdy:
That’s great news for the kid. Sounds like the damage has been done though in the relationships b/n the families.

@Original Andrew: It just proves that he’s an android, reprogrammable for whatever dastardly deed needs to get done. Like enabling someone to fuck up an entire country.

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