It’s Always Sunny in San Diego

We’re not sure what part of town YouTuber “birdyland” lives in — we’re by the airport — but unlike us, birdyland has a surveillance camera.

What you see here may be amplified a tad by the camera optics (as well as the cam being mounted on a pole), but it’s certainly what it felt like.

[via Left Coast Rebel, who lives up the road from us]

Update: And here’s how it feels indoors, as a nice young woman named Kaelynn prepares to tape herself playing guitar elsewhere in San Diego.

Notice how you get enough warning to realize something’s going on and decide what to do about it. (Well, “warning” if you’re used to earthquakes…) We were also sitting at our computer as it started, and waited a few moments before heading for the doorway.

[via Pajamas Media]

Wow, did it last a full minute, or is the pole just continuing to wobble as that guy comes out of his garage.

Oh and, man you SoCalies keep your cars clean!

At least it’s not a creepy security cam video.

Not really a fan of watching the earth shake. Not a earthquake virgin either though. 2.4, baby! Yeah, I know. I’m a Wuss.

Fuck. Very minor roller woke me up.

Well, since I’m briefly conscious…

@NaBEEsko: I was thinking thirty seconds, but I just added an indoor video above, and looks like we got the full sixty.

And yes, it’s our civic duty to keep our cars nice and shiny. They get fucking dusty if we don’t.

On the other hand, that aftershock was sharp.

(USGS calls it a 5.0.)

. . . and thus shall we document the Second Coming, First Contact, and the 2012 asteroid strike caused by socialism, except no one will be around to see that one.

OK, California, we have earthquakes, mudslides, wildfires, smog, ugly-ass chapparal vegetation everywhere that you aren’t piping in water that you stole from somewhere, the reeking runoff pond that is the Salton Sea, and ice cold ocean water temperatures. Oh, and houses built to the property line on postage stamp lots selling for $1 million, minimum (the one thing that struck me most, visually, about CA the one time I visited was the tiny lots and houses stacked against each other).

But, at least you have no winter.

@nojo: Are you sure you’re not shaking that iPad like it’s an Etch-A-Sketch, cause there’s a whole lotta shakin going on.

earthquake smirthquake
who bought an iPad. who, like me, is waiting for 3G.

Oh yeah, we had an earthquake yesterday. You’ll be relieved to hear that it didn’t damage the lettuce I was washing at the time, and Sunday dinner was fabulous as usual.

@Prommie: Chapparal is not ugly-ass. Anyway, you forgot to mention all the imported eucalyptus.

Are those Italian cypresses? Bastards.

@Pedonator: I loved the CA landscape. I went totally rugged and hiked. It was awesome.


fortunately those santa anas not only blow the dirt off but take the paint off as well.

@Benedick: Hiking! Sounds perilously close to Sport. Like an activity that could result in a broken nail or sprained toe. Oh my, you are a butch one.

@Prommie: And it’s looking likely that California will have Meg Whitman as its next governor. What’s up with that?

TJ: Mississippi school district punks lesbian Constance who wanted to bring her girlfriend to prom – they had set up an alternative prom, invited her to come, but only seven kids there with Constance because the “real” prom had been secretly moved.

Way to teach kids how to be asshole bullies. Keeping it KKKlassy, homophobic rednecks!

@karen marie: Same way Bloomberg bought himself a third term. She’s saturated the airwaves in the Bay Area with her inane radio ads.

@karen marie: She is going to auction the state on e Bay and declare a profit!

@SanFranLefty: Twisted. Any school district that wouldn’t want to watch her and her girlfriend slow dance and make out needs to be closed.

@karen marie: Don’t call it quite yet, I’m still hoping for the return of Governor Moonbeam.

@SanFranLefty: Doesn’t that violate No Child Left Behind?

@Pedonator: I’m frequently mistaken for a cowboy.

@NaBEEsko: Most of it’s imperceptible or barely noticeable. It really takes a 5.0 to grab your attention, and of the six or seven of those on the USGS list, I’ve only noticed three.

@SanFranLefty: Screw them. Don’t worry, Constance, honey. Thanks to these assholes, an excellent college is going to give you a full ride (Wellesley and Smith are probably in a bidding war as we speak) and I’d be stunned if you don’t get a book deal and Lifetime movie out of this. One month to graduation, and you can wave goodbye to Redneckistan. You’ll go on to great things and these fucktards can kiss your ass. Stay strong.

@Mistress Cynica: Ellen DeGeneris already gave her $30,000 to help pay for college. She had said she was planning to go to college in Mississippi, perhaps this experience is opening her horizon to bigger and better things out there.

It’s just so fucking petty and pathetic that adults – ADULTS – are acting like junior high mean girls.

@FlyingChainSaw: The irony, of course, is that no doubt at the “straight” prom there were plenty of girls bumping and grinding and kissing one another for the titillation of those present. That is, before they puked on themselves and were raped.

@SanFranLefty: I wish I could say I was surprised, but I’m not. In the South particularly, no one ever seems to mature beyond high school unless the get the hell out of there. This is SO typically Southern: passive-aggressive, smile-to-your-face-while-stabbing-you-in-the-back, cowardly, underhanded bullshit. And as most of you know, I say that as a (recovering) Southerner.

Intense. So what was the big deal about these two girls?

@SanFranLefty: The irony, of course, is that no doubt at the “straight” prom there were plenty of girls bumping and grinding and kissing one another for the titillation of those present. That is, before they puked on themselves and were raped.

@FlyingChainSaw: They’re different because they aren’t afraid to admit that they like kissing another girl, unlike these future Ole Miss sorority girls.
@Mistress Cynica: So Southern, and petty. And the fact that the only other students who were at the fake prom with her were the developmentally disabled students just shows how fucking low these school officials and parents were. Then again, they’re the children of the assholes that were fighting racial integration in the ’60s so what do you expect? I can’t wait to see if the district court judge is not amused by their cruel cute little trick – lying to the judge and misrepresentations in court briefings are not taken lightly in most federal courts. Part of the reason he said he wasn’t ordering the school to hold the prom was because the school officials said that Constance could go to this one with the other students.

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