An Overdue Apology

“J.D. Shapiro, the dude who wrote Battlefield Earth, issued a two-page formal apology for contributing to the barley-covered shit bomb that is L. Ron Hubbard’s Ishtar! While Battlefield Earth is Xenu’s favorite circle jerk porn, most of us had to eat every kind of anti-depressant on the market to get through the first hour. J.D. blames it all on his penis.” [D-Listed]


And in other news @dlisted, Ricky Martin came out! Not sure if I’m supposed to be excited about this…

I think he should get a medal for killing the chance anymore rotten Scientology themed SF ever gets made.

It’s not like the writer had good source material. Battlefield Earf is the only L. Ron book I ever read and the first book (but not the last) I ever regretted reading. Two word review: IT SUCKED.


I totally saw him making out with another boy at Limelight back in the day. Which was hot at the time, but makes me all “meh” about this now.


One would suspect a high concentration of suck from any author that manages to combine lesbians and a cheese grater in one scene – so I’m told.

BTW, Mitt Romney says it’s his favorite book. Take from that what you will.

@Pedonator: Don’t tell anyone, but I have it on good authority that the sun will rise in the East tomorrow.

Just checked up on the website for the American Taliban group, the Hutaree, raided by the FBI this weekend. Sorry to report that the infamous “Evil Jew Forum” is blocked. All other content is the same old Christian militia/end times/ etc dogshit you’ve seen before. They do have some videos of them runnin and gunnin in the woods. (In this case, some of the comments are funny.)

The RMLs, representing the Lost Tribes, are going out to a seder tonight. Anyone else?

I wish I knew that before I read it.

My only excuse, I was 15 and desperate to find something thick to read on the plane and knew nothing of Scientology.

Especially the woods combat videos. Not so good in an urban environment where most of their enemies (libruls and heathens) live.

@redmanlaw: Sitting at home making Italian sauce although reared by Hebrews. Careful with the horseradish on the gefilte fish, and don’t drink from Elijah’s cup. And if the matzo balls sink like lead fishing weights, eat only one. Trust me ….

@redmanlaw: Last night, tomorrow night. Taking a break from matzoh-induced constipation tonight.

I LOVE Battlefield Earth. but I love things that are singularly whatever.
and it is SINGULARLY bad.
I can only think of one movie that come close to being as bad. its called A Sound Of Thunder. a shit sandwich loosely (and that is an understatement) based on a 14 page Ray Bradbury story.
in these films we have, in one tidy package, everything that can go wrong with a project.
I love them both.

i knew a boy named Ricky
i guess u could say he was a sex fiend
i met him in a hotel lobby
masturbating with a magazine
he said how’d u like to waste some time
and i could not resist when i saw little Ricky grind

he took me to his castle
and i just couldn’t believe my eyes
he had so many devices
everything that money could buy
he said sign your name on the dotted line
the lights went out
and Ricky started 2 grind

the castle started spinning
or maybe it was my brain
i can’t tell u what he did 2 me
but my body will never be the same
his lovin’ will kick your behind oh!
he’ll show u no mercy
but he’ll sho’ nuff sho u how 2 grind

darling Ricky!

woke up the next morning
Ricky wasn’t there
i looked all over and all i found
was a phone number on the stairs
it said thank u for a funky time
call me up whenever u wanna grind


come back Ricky come back!

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