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While cable-news audiences only saw Sarah Palin at John McCain’s campaign rally Friday, we intercepted the satellite feed to bring you these additional speakers.

Sarah Palin’s Motorcycle Jacket: Love It Or Lose It? [HuffPo, via the Stinque Fashion Police]

No wonder he’s a lousy pilot. He’s oblivious to the dangers of flying overloaded (with baggage), started only pulling out of a steep dive at 200 feet off the ground and dropping more of the same ineffective dumb bombs that he did last time.

And yeah, WTF titty pockets??

Paint that jacket bright red and it would look like black Michael Jackson’s one from “Beat It”.

McCain is grinning like he’s got plans on painting that jacket white later. Ew.

Best line from the TPM comments:

Could her outfit be that of a “Dumb-inatrix”?

My eyes still bleed the morning after.

Watching rally now … Cindy McCain introducing Palin now. She’s got to be seething inside – she’d rather be snogging her boyfriend.

Small price to pay to keep Jamakin out of her many houses.

Palin just made the obligatory Obama-poll-rating and TelePrompTer jokes … lame.

@ManchuCandidate: McCain looks like he just loaded up his diaper … not comfortable.

Palin getting booed by Tea Partiers after she mentioned putting government back on the side of the people – crowd attacking and throwing him out!

The resemblance to Scissorhands is uncanny.

“I asked for a fucking cheeseburger!!!!”

Been to many a fast foot place hammered out of my mind and seen some crazy shit, but nothing like this. It takes a special kind of asshole to turn cheeseburger into a fighting word.

“That’s America” *shakes head*

Note to belligerent dude, if you laid off the cheeseburgers and spent more time in rassling class you might have had a chance.


@blogenfreude: I’ll give her this much — she handles hecklers well.

@nojo: Nice alt text. That’s one of my favorite songs. Not my wife’s, for some reason.

@ManchuCandidate: In an ideal world, those dudes would be makin’ cake sellin’ that shit on the gay ‘rasslin porn circuit.

But we don’t live in an ideal world, yo?

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