Palin at the podium … a teabagger started booing when she said “taking back government and make it work for the people” … bunch of big guys attached him and carried him out.  Now a second guy has been thrown out … Palin pivots and attacks the “lamestream media” for claiming there’s right-wing violence.  This is a festival of idiocy. [MSNBC]


False flag! The protesters were planted!

Psychogeezer’s needle is stuck on “Repeal & Replace”.

And looks like “Party of Hell No” has legs.

@nojo: How he thinks they can do that … and he can’t get it right … keeps going “replace and repeal and replace”. Military, pork barrel, Iraq election … no dead soldiers in Iraq recently – he’s learned the Palin word salad technique.

@blogenfreude: If I had refrigerator word magnets, I could assemble a Palin/McCain speech really fast.

At this rate, maybe it *will* be a conservative Altamont after all…

Damn … can’t find it now that MSNBC went to regular programming.

Wow, If I had the afternoon off I could go with a sign that says, “Have my retard, Talibunny!”

@blogenfreude: Here’s the video of the first guy being bounced:

Speaking of “death panels”:

11 day old denied coverage due to pre-existing condition

I seriously wonder if there’s not a hidden HCR supporter working at the insurer in question, because I can’t imagine anyone *deliberately* being that soulless.

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