Judicial deadbeat, California Secretary of State candidate, real-estate agent, and Demon Dentist Orly Taitz is padding her overflowing resume with a new item: healthcare-reform victim. All those Republican state AGs don’t hold a candle to the master’s lawsuit:


Health bill, as being prepared and reconciled, will create an enormous machine of governmental burocracy which will intrude into Plaintiff’s practice, will affect her doctor-patient relations, will undermine her Hippocratic oath, will force her to ration medical care and de-facto deny medical care to elderly, whom some committees of burocrats will deem to be too old to receive such care, meaning too old to live.

Such bill will subject her to threat of multiple Medical-Dental malpractice legal actions as standard of care will clearly go down.

Also, in case you were wondering, “Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska got an infinity amount of dollars de facto bribe to sign the Senate version of such bill.”

(Sic sic sic sic sic. You can’t improve on the original.)

In related news, California is considering an open-primary initiative, which would allow folks to vote for candidates of either party. We’re not yet sure what to think of it, but the opportunity to help Orly reach the fall ballot is very tempting, just for the entertainment value.

Taitz Challenges Constitutionality Of Health Reform: It Blocks My Right To Practice Dentistry [TPM]

Note to Orly:

From 1999 study done by Stats Can

% of total US HC (free market, whoohoo!) spending devoted to overhead 24-27

% of total Canada HC (Single PAYER booo!) spending devoted to overhead

In 1999 US spent almost 50% more per capita than we did.
Who really got bureaucracy issues?

Pity the judge who draws that case off the wheel …


She’ll probs be headed your way with an asylum application in hand after the federal paddy wagon rolls around.

asshole vs asshole
I would pay to see this

“Avatar” director James Cameron lashed out at Glenn Beck at a news conference Tuesday, offering to debate the Fox News personality on environmental and political issues.

Asked what he thought about Beck during a junket appearance in support of the “Avatar” home video release, Cameron said: “Glenn Beck is a fucking asshole. I’ve met him. He called me the anti-Christ, and not about ‘Avatar.’ He hadn’t even seen ‘Avatar’ yet. I don’t know if he has seen it.”

Remember Senator Jim “Waterloo” DeMint? Someone is having a bit of fun …


Does Orly think the Republicans will finally just own up to their personalities and be replaced with *actual* horses’ asses? :)

@Original Andrew:
We kicked out Mann so I think her asylum application will disappear into the circular file. Besides, many of us here are like Barry and don’t take kindly to a crazy Moldovian Jewish woman (or anyone else for that matter) screaming about who was real or who wasn’t a real citizen.

Besides, if we could make Barry PM, Barry would win Canada with some 80% of the popular vote.


I saw that on the CBC last nite. Poor Ann, too ah-scared of Canadian college students to continue her speaking/hatefest tour.

Did she convert ya’ll to xtianity already?

“SIGHNING”? How the fuck did this woman pass the California Bar Exam?

@blogenfreude: It was filed as an amended complaint to the current birther case in the District Court of DC. The excerpt on TPM has a case number ending in RCL, which means it’s assigned to Chief Judge Royce C. Lamberth.

@Original Andrew:
I think they are taking the wrong approach. instead of shouting outside with signs I think they should attend and provide a laugh track.

@SanFranLefty: Oh my … I met him briefly when I did a summer internship there – he’s very no nonsense. She’s in for it now …

@blogenfreude: Yeah, I’ve heard him speak. Intimidating and straight-laced to say the least. She’s about to have her ass handed to her…and/or hauled off to jail for contempt.

@ManchuCandidate: I don’t have the numbers on hand, but Medicare overhead is similarly low.

I’ll never figure out the mantra that private human bureaucracies are somehow more efficient than public human bureaucracies.

@SanFranLefty: Don’t know if you noticed, but he has to be around 6 2″ … I recall maybe 2-3 inches taller than me and IMPOSING, especially with the robe on. Personable off the bench though.

@blogenfreude: Golly, I’m 6-2! Although I don’t wear my robe in public.

@al2o3cr: Yes, who are these burocrats? Do they work in the Department of Donkey Dick?

@nojo: Not even when you’re going out to get the mail and yell at the kids to get off your lawn?

get big dogs. no need for yelling.

on being mean to kids? this is my dream job

That complaint is the most beautiful thing I have ever read in my life… makes a Nigerian scam letter sound like Shakespeare.

Also… does HCR even apply to dentistry?

@nojo: And we all thank you for not wearing that robe in public … bailing you out was getting expensive.

I could live with “His Tremendousness,”

@Serolf Divad: I’m debating going on PACER to get the whole thing.

@mellbell: As am I. Or at least to check out what else is on the docket.


i just can’t get enough of her. my jaw has rug burns.
i haven’t read a more entertaining complaint since..EVER.
and “sighning” made MY eyes bleed!

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