Albemarle Co. Virginia – MSNBC reports that the FBI and local authorities are investigating a disconnected propane line at the home of the brother of Rep Tom Perriello (D), who voted for healthcare reform. Tea partiers had posted the address online thinking it was Perriello’s house.  [MSNBC] UPDATE: Cville has more.



Oh, Nojo, in light of this post, do you think you might be able to block the banner ad from the RNC somehow? It is propaganda for an anti-American terrorist organization.

Remeber: it’s not terrorism if there are no A-rabs involved.

Opening shots in the war by domestic terrorists.

@Serolf Divad: @redmanlaw:

Who do you think will defend the behavior first? Malkin? Coulter? Hannity?

I even think it’s a possibility that we might hear some dog whistles out of Steele or Boehner. They are just that stupid.

Oh, and definitely Bachmann. I bet she’s sorry she didn’t do it herself.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: I’m getting the GooglePhone…

What you’ll need to do is click through the RNC ad and tell me the URL where it lands, so I can block it. Google Rulez don’t let me do that myself.

@nojo: Maybe we could let the Google phone people know I got a droid … they can stop trying now.

The pigheads over on the gun blogs are freely discussing an “escalation of force”:

“I just want to throw my support behind those chucking bricks. At first I thought it was childish, but I suppose this is a matter of escalation of force. Would you rather people shoot the enemies of liberty? First you try reason, then you notch it up. . . . The SoL (Sons of Luberty) burned down the governor’s house. They assaulted and degraded tax collectors. Hell, the Health Care bill just passed is more offensive than what sparked the BTP (“Boston Tea Party”). ”

@nojo: It’s, but Bloggie makes a fair point.

the goopers are going to own this shit.

@mellbell: When I see it advertising that design-a-website-for-your-conservative-candidate shit, I has a happy.

@blogenfreude: Google Ads — the Great Internet Rip-Off — raise only $100 a year, so they’re here for Entertainment Purposes Only. I have no problem blocking any that aren’t amusing.

(MSNBC actually paid per view, so they were a lot better for beer money. But we fucking cuss too much for them.)

this is great

You see that picture? It’s a Happy Meal saved by writer Joann Brusco for a year as part of a scientific experiment involving WTF. You’d think it would have turned into a Not So Happy Meal in that time, right? Think again — Ronald knows how to survive an apocalypse.

My Happy Meal is one year old today and it looks pretty good. It NEVER smelled bad. The food did NOT decompose. It did NOT get moldy, at all.

@nojo: I’m fucking sad and really goddamn depressed at the thought of another civil war in the country I love.

I dont think that is going to happen.
this is going to be defanged. there will probably be more broken windows and other BS. but the destruction they cause to democratic windows is nothing to the destruction they are going to cause the GOP.
they own this. the democrats will shove it up their ass and down their throats next fall.
and meanwhile I read that support for the democrats and health care is already ticking up.

@Capt Howdy: It took one fucked up guy (and maybe some swarthy looking others and a Nozzie or two) to take out the OKC federal building. I don’t know how serious the talk is, but a lot of these fuckers are ready to go all Red Dawn on everyone but themselves. All because we want to start trying to help people who are getting fucked by their insurance companies.

@redmanlaw: I agree with you – there’s physical violence to come.

you nailed it. when the health care bill was a fantasy it could be anything.
it cant any more its law and people going to start and are starting I think to figure out that the sky has not fallen.
I actually think that there are people who are going to be a little pissed at the republicans for the lies they have been telling for a year.

All because we want to start trying to help people who are getting fucked by their insurance companies.

this is starting to sink in.
dont get me wrong. bad things could happen. but they have already lost.
and they know it.

I dont dismiss that.
but it wont change anything and it wont help them.

Kevin Jackson on MSNBC right now claiming “Democrat operatives” are throwing the bricks.

@blogenfreude: Bull. Shit. The TPers are already upfront in taking credit, although more than one pigfucker has predicted a Reichstag fire or false flag operation that will bring the heat down on them and take away their guns, land them in jail, etc.

@Capt Howdy: But that’s what makes it so scary, in my opinion. They didn’t do this a couple weeks ago, in a bizarrely misguided attempt to sway his vote. They did it after he had already voted. Perhaps revenge or payback is too strong a term, but it definitely comes across that way.

its scary. no doubt. but they are now alienating people who might agree with them.
no one likes this shit.

a blurb:

A new CBS News poll shows Americans are giving President Obama credit for getting sweeping health care reform legislation passed in the House of Representatives on Sunday, and slightly more people now approve of the policy changes, but not quite a majority.

oh, and I dont think revenge is to strong at all.
death threats against Louise Slaughter

@Capt Howdy: Their thought is – don’t kill the actor. Kill those close to the actor, and have him or her live with the pain and loss of an innocent’s life brought about by their actions. Truly fucking evil.

not even FOX can present this as a two sided argument

changing the subject

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@Capt Howdy: We kept a fire going on the weekends over the winter (and may do so tonight, chilly here today) and saved a shit load of money on natural gas for heating. Of course, we spent a fair amount of money for fuel, beef jerky, drinks, etc. and time heading out to the national forest over several weekends to cut firewood, but it’s a really cool outdoor activity for the family and friends that pays off big time in so many ways.

after talking with the guy it seems that installing a woodburning stove, which I was already planning, would be the most helpful thing I can do.
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I am considering installing two. one in the living room in the fireplace and another small one in my bedroom.
I can always get cheap wood with a trip to visit my hillbilly relatives.

@Capt Howdy: You can actually get an insert that fits in the fireplace … I had one when I lived in MD. Worked very well, just get it sealed up correctly ….

There will be violence, there will be more. This is insanity, shared, mass insanity, and it has its own self-feeding energy. How in the world did an assasination in Bosnia in 1914 result in a world war? (BTW, another bit of muslim vs. christian “terrorism”) This is insanity. It happens, people do that which no rational sane person could ever conceive of as the rational thing to do. It escalates a notch at a time.

Luck plays a part. As I have said, if over the next weeks, there should develop any kind of Ruby-Ridge or Waco protracted standoff between any of these fucktards, and federal law enforcement, at that time, we will see a genuine insurrection begin.

also a possibility.
the stoves produce more heat though. the one I had in LA was like a tiny kiln. it was about the size of a large cat box and produced an unbelievable amount of heat. and I didnt even get the blower attachment.

I think it all talk. I dont think the assholes could insurrect their mother-in-laws.
did you see that fat fuck Maddow was talking about telling people to “attend to their physical fitness”?
its play army time.

I am not dismissing the fact that someone could die. but if they do it will be the final nail in the coffin of the teabaggers.

just MO.

Steny Hoyer says at least ten Members threatened and chastises Talibunny for using crosshairs in her “Re-Load” comment on fighting HCR.

@SanFranLefty: At least 10 Dems receive threats; gas line cut at Perriello brother’s home news services
updated 3:30 p.m. ET March 24, 2010

At least 10 House Democrats are receiving access to increased security after receiving threats linked to their votes on the health care overhaul bill signed into law on Tuesday.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said at a Capitol Hill press conference that he is concerned by a rash of at least four incidents of vandalism targeting lawmakers who voted to approve the legislation, which did not receive any Republican votes.

Concern about possible violence escalated Wednesday after a severed gas line at the home of a Democratic lawmaker’s brother was discovered.

It will not be the civil war, army against army, not even guerilla war, no, it it will be the KKK during reconstruction, or the KKK during the civil rights struggle, it will be like the mafia in Italy. Intimidation, terrorism, assasination. Thuggish terrorism. The fucktards of the south have a long tradition of cowardly thuggery, night-riding and disguising and terrorizing, but never openly, always, cowardly thugs and terrorists. Sniping from afar, striking and running in the night.

This is how sociopaths work.

This is how this insurrection will happen. Is happening.

@Prommie: Low intensity, asymetric warfare. The fish shall swim in the sea of tea baggers.


IF you are right I think we can be pretty sure we have a justice department that will come down on them like a fat sweaty prom date

The next big TP events will be on Tax Day and also on 4/19, anniversary of the American Revolution kickoff at Lexington and Concord.

@Capt Howdy: Here you go:

Welcome to The online magazine for Urban Tactical Professionals, Survivalists, and Operatives of the like. Our site will include comprehensive articles on Escape and Evasion techniques, Escape and Evasion Kits, Bug Out Bags, Get Home Bags, Lockpicking, Corporate Counter Espionage, Surveillance and Counter Surveillance, Evasive Driving, Tactical First Aid and More. Check in daily for articles added by our expert advisors and consultants.

@redmanlaw: It’s the anniversary of Murrah building bombing as well, and, I believe, the Waco raid …

like I said. fat white republicans playing army.
dont get me wrong. I said I dont dismiss the possibility of serious harm to property or people.
this is not a threat to the republic. at least not at this juncture. IMO.

its easy to make death threats. its much harder to carry them out.


The battle could easily be read as the first teabag rally ever! 5000 expected, 50 showed up. Sounds about right. :)

@redmanlaw: @blogenfreude: It will be the 15th anniversary of the OKC bombing. This is making me really nervous.

@Capt Howdy: It will not be playing army, or red dawn, it is showing what it will be, the tactics of the KKK, vandalism, anonymous threats, secretive skulking, fear and intimidation tactics. There will be no massed irregular militias, no, there will be people using those 50 cal sniper rifles from 500 yards. A molotov cocktail throught the window, and a car speading off into the night. Targeting lawmakers, officeholder, their families. Secretive, cowardly acts of petty terrorism.

Anyone who has been stalked, by a pathological ex-lover, knows this routine, constant small acts of petty terrorism, rarely rising to the level to make the authorities really commit resources to investigating, but utterly terrifying to the victims. Slashed tires, threatening graffiti on the front door in the morning. It makes the victims life a paranoid living hell, never knowing, always looking behind your back.

Thats what they will do, what they have started. Nooses in the tree in your front lawn.

The same tactics that have resulted in their being, what, 3 places to get an abortion, in an area covering half the country, no doctors willing to do it, and undergo that hell.


I agree. Glue in keyholes, the constant posting of private addresses, phone calls with altered voices.

Petty minds on a petty rampage.

@Promnight: I’ll be shooting an AR-15 this weekend with a gentleman from Texas that was in my class last weekend.

Its not the end of the world, its been done, they said and did all this over the Civil Rights Act. But it was ugly. In the end, really, its just a continuation of the same fight, isn’t it? Black president just re-awakened the same ugly shit.

The power of propaganda on the stupid is truly awesome, isn’t it? And the reverberating effect of any significant popular movement, no matter how deranged, its pitiful.

Fox News under Ailes is nothing but a GOP campaign, a GOP election campaign, all day, every day, and not just any campaign, a campaign run under the dirty tricks scumbag tactics of the worst of them, it is Lee Atwater with a TV network, and before his impending death instilled a sense of shame.

Mark my words here, seriously, remember this, Karl Rove’s fingerprint, is the “Reichstag fire” play. Going back to his college days, and in every election, ever, he has been involved in, there was the “false flag incident” pattern.

He will stage an event suggesting that his opponents are engaging in spying, theft, something watergate-like.

In 2000, someone sent the Gore campaign a copy of supposedly the W debate prep briefing book, remember that? Remember the CD with secret GOP campaign tactics, found on a park bench?

This disinfo meme, that all these ugly acts of racism and violence, are being perpetrated by liberals, with the intent to cast the teabaggers in a false light.

The Reichstag fire, burn down the capital, then blame the other side, saying that they set you up to discredit you. Thats why it looks so much like we did it, those wily bastards are trying to frame us.

This is the end game they have started to play, and it will work , it always work, enough stories mentioning this meme will be presented by the mainstream press, just enough, that in the end, general public opinion is, its muddy, its unclear, maybe the GOP did it, maybe the crazy Obamanaut socialist treasonouos muslim-loving abortionists did it.

@Promnight: Yeah except the Dems can’t find their asshole with two hands and a flashlight; we don’t have our shit together enough to do set ups and false flags.

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