A Brief Respite

After a day blogging about teabagger violence and intimidation, I thought I’d share this … Fake Akio Toyoda:



oh man
I was behind one of those kitties on the way to work. in a freakin Priss

@Dodgerblue: Clear your cache, or click on one of my linques.

@SanFranLefty: Ha! The chicken looks embarassed to be seen with a kid wearing Mary Janes and smoking a cigarette.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I thought of cropping the photo to just be the chicken versus the smoking kid. I may still do that.


OMG…does this mean i’ll be able to smoke pot?

check out the clubhouse later…i’m posting pics of my baby plants growing from seeds i bought on line from amsterdam.

dat’s me!

FB friends…go check out the clip of the boy fuhrer in haiti with bubba.
when he shakes hands with a haitian, he wipes it off on bubba’s shirt.
sorry nojo…i think i sent you the wrong clip.
it’s easily the clip of the day!

@baked: I lurv that show. And not just the great writing or Mary Louise Parker. Who’da thunk Kevin Nealon would have a good acting role post-SNL?


kevin nealon is my fave character in the show. i knew he had a career post SNL. saw him at a roast for chevy chase and he had a ballroom peeing themselves. huge talent.

did you go look at the clip? i showed it to RB, who never laughs, and he lost it…go look, i’m giddy from it. i’d post it here, but it’s too long…the money shot is on my wall.

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