Crist Caves

Funny what a Teabagger challenge will make a GOP Senate candidate do: “Crist said that not only does he support Florida A.G. McCollum, but Crist also said he opposes the entire Democratic bill saying that it ‘raises rates, raises taxes, and significantly cuts Medicare.'” What’s next?  Fucking his “wife” in public to prove he’s not gay? [CBS4]


it will take more than a public porking to still the rumors about the silver fox.

@Capt Howdy: Still, I’d probably tune in were it televised …

and on the subject of confused men with women that reminds me.
last night I saw Wonderland. not sure why I never saw it before but its awsum.
the story of the Hollywood hills murders that John Holmes was involved in with Val Kilmer as Holmes.

@blogenfreude: Ugh. He’d need a mountain o’Viagra to get little Charlie to stand up and salute for a female.

@Capt Howdy: haven’t seen it, but adding it to my netflix now …

Meanwhile, will teabagger in-fighting result in Harry Reid’s reëlection?*

Stranger things have happened.

*that very special New Yorker diacritic mark is for MellBell and Cynica.

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