Gawd, We’re Tired

Twelve fucking hours watching C-SPAN Sunday. We’d like to revise and extend our sanity.


You do realize that because of Socialist Obamacare all of the kittens in that picture are inscribed on a death panel kill-list somewhere, right?

This morning in Left Blogsylvania, it’s all rainbows, unicorns, and Hello Kitty accessories!

@Serolf Divad: Keep the Gubmint’s paws off my vet care!

I am so fucking sore from yesterday.

At least you’re not trapped in the 3rd world. I found an arab shop they will feed me falafel. Just don’t make me drink any more champagne.

I’m tired
Sick and tired of death panels
I’ve had my fill of GOPers
From below and above
Tired, tired of being teabagged
Tired of doom and gloom
Let’s face it
I’m tired

@Nigel Cringe: I’ve been with the lotus eaters for 43 working days now (that’s important, because some extra lettuce is added to my salary salad “going forward” as they say) and have eaten the cheapest and most delicious rice and curry every single one of those days. No champagne, but I can get a decent Chilean red for about $8.50, which ain’t bad considering the import duty etc.

Oh and on health care? Seems that the local “chemists” can dispense pretty much any USAmerika made generic for literally pennies on the pill, making me wish that I knew a whole lot more about pharmacology than my amateur college daze allowed. I’m open to recommendations for anything but those blue pills. “Doc” handed me something “for sleep” that I am pretty sure is what MJ was doping on, and just the warning label has scared me off.

About 1/2 hour ago Bill Frist endorsed the bill on CNN… pretty much proof positive that GOP opposition to the bill was premised entirely upon a desire to see Obama fail and had nothing to do with the merits of the measure itself.

Of course, some will say that this is proof positive that the bill is nothing but a giveaway to the insurance industry. I prefer to think of it as a first step toward a system of universal coverage through highly regulated, largely uniform, inexpensive private plans. Basically, the way universal coverage is achieved in Japan.

We’ve still got a long way to go.

good morning all! wow that was fun. wasn’t commenting last night because (channelling shatner) i…just…..couldn’tlookaway!
only to channel surf. caught a great dr. house, a perfect boston legal, and the rahm portion of 60 minutes. (i’m switching my affections from jon to rahm, i’m growing up. god, he is HOTT)
switched to the circus at the very moment “baby killer” was yelled out.
now THAT’S entertainment. i see CB also enjoys BBC…parliament is a hoot. they get down on the ground and pull each others wigs off and wrastle and shit.
congrats RML !!!
so, tommie? baby?
nigel…come home, worried.
lefty, i know! another face lift! she has grandchildren that look older than her.
so what does this mean for me i want to know? an american/israeli citizen off the grid. where do i go when they find the tumor in my head?
new york or jerusalem?
i’m going to bed, i haven’t blinked since saturday.

@Nabisco: I cn haz ludes? I missed the party, back in the 80s, and now they’re gone, sure looked like fun.

Today is going to be a real test of Facebook and friendships. I have already jettisoned an aunt on FB and I am tempted to cut more people. Is that petty of me? I’ve already told a cousin “bye” who threatened to leave the country if the Senate passes the bill.

wasnt that like forplay with an accountant? gawd .

excruciating. but worth it to see Boners ocher face twisted in rage.

@rptrcub: Apropos of your cousin, you should join the Facebook Group “Remind Rush Limbaugh it’s Time to Leave the Country”

I have been using the “Hide” button a lot on El Libro de las Caras in the last few days.

@Nabisco: Zolpidem = generic name for Amiben.

This database might help you figure out the generic/chemical names of US-brand name drugs and/or figure out what the yellow pills are.

no ludes, but i’ll tell you the closest thing: FIORICET.

i can’t get them here…trips to miami always include a stop at my friendly heavy handed doc in south beach.

ZOLPIDEN…meh. i swallowed 3 of them an hour ago…still awake.

@baked: Got to shoot an Israeli Military Industries Baby Eagle 9mm. Talk about your Fists of Fury. Outshot the owner with it. He was pretty surprised that I put a whole magazine into 3 in on a head target at 7 yards. He was kind of this big fat loser dude with a techie/geek job at the local nuke lab with a lot of disposable income for stuff like that, obv because he has no significant other in his life. I also made a Glock convert when another classmate saw how much work goes into stripping down a US American .45 auto pistola as compared to the 10 second Glock field strip. He also liked the smooth trigger pull and accuracy.

Did you watch that video of that girl catching hot brass in her tank top while shooting? Ouch.

Time to drag my tired ass off to work. I feel good otherwise.

@Prommie: lude parties in college – word. All the fun of a drunk, none of the hangover. Lots of mysterious bruises the next day, however.
@SanFranLefty: I’ll look for zolpidem. Not that I have trouble sleeping, per se, but sleeping enough is an issue. That won’t make me clear out the refrigerator in the middle of the night, will it?
@baked: hmm, fioricet. Barbies with Tylenol. “For migraines”. Wish I were 20 again, and totally bulletproof.

yes i saw it…i’m joining the NRA…you and israel have converted me.
i’m not edumacated about israeli weaponry, but i can tell you i never saw scarier looking guns in my life than over there. i never did get used to standing behind a comely young girl in a bikini at the ice cream vendor on the beach staring at the 4 foot long star wars weapon casually slung over her shoulder. i have to spend a couple months a year over there to retain my citizenship, so i will be spending the time in gun school.
y’know, i keep forgetting to tell you that i was the sharpshooter at summer camp. all i remember is it was a rifle, and we shot from prone position, laying on the ground, right? won an inter-camp competition.
i have it put away to show you when we inevitably meet one day.

@baked: What did I tell you? Break them in half and stick em under your tongue. Same with the Ativan.

@Nabisco: I’ve never cleared out the fridge, but when I take them I need to be in bed, turning the lights off. If I take one and then proceed to putter around the house for 15 minutes before going to bed, I have bizarre conversations with Mr. SFL while in a sleepwalking state. Half of a 5 mg tab is all I need. (baked is laughing at me now)

you got it…barbies give you the quaalude tingle.
i take them to feel 20 again. i may not be bullet proof anymore, but it makes the encroaching decrepitude easy to take.

i know i know. lefty, i was chewing any and every soporific at 4 a.m.
nuthin. i would be impervious to sleep deprivation torture.

Bart Stupak = Charlie “Why is everyone always picking on me?” Brown.

Should do it anyway.

HOW DO YOU FEEL? i have a feeling you also caught “saddles” on AMC saturday morning. cannot be seen too many times.

Bloaty and gassy. I feel like a whoopie cushion 24/7.

Stuck at the parents house right now. Pissed them off this weekend so I know I’m feeling much much better.


Just a word of caution, as IanJ already covered this exceptionally well, but a gun may not be the best choice if self-defense is your goal.

I just tested for my blue belt in hapkido, and I can tell you that it is ridiculously easy to disarm someone holding a gun or a knife if you know what you’re doing. Research confirms that the odds that your own gun will be used against you are just too high. Another danger is that reaction times from when the perceived threat begins are just too slow, even among people who’re trained to handle firearms.

You’re far better off studying a self-defense art–I strongly recommend Krav Maga–which has the added benefit of giving you a helluva workout.

Also, for those of us who’re not the happiest people to begin with, having a gun around may not be the best idea.

@Nigel Cringe:

Hello Limey!

I’m glad to see you around! I was worried you had gone completely native, painting one side of your behind blue like the tribes do there and boiling herbs for your cookie worship at 5pm. How long are you going to be “in the mist”, as they say?

@Original Andrew: I couldn’t agree more with your last statement. There have been too many times when my having easy access to a gun would have been fatally tempting and easy. Also, as IanJ pointed out in an earlier thread, it’s hard to beat a shotgun for home defense. I remember a cop telling my grandfather than just the sound of the pump action would usually be enough to send an intruder running. And you could hit the side of a barn with it, even when terrified.
My home defense recommendation for @baked: BIG DOG. You could kill two birds with one puppy. ;-)

@baked: You really don’t have to join to shoot, but you get a cool sticker for your low rider and a pretty decent magazine, plus membership discounts all over the place. Poke around the webz for a free or discounted membership.* My first year was free under a web promotion. You get your choice of magazine subscriptions with a membership. I got The American Rifleman, which is best of the lot.

Also check out the National Shooting Sports Foundation, who are less politically annoying than the NRA.

If you want to start shooting, you could travel to FL and take some courses there (search the NSSF website for ranges). They can rent you a gun at the range, too so you don’t have to worry about buying one and bringing it in on a submarine or fishing boat. I recommend starting with a medium frame .38 special revolver, or the Glock 19 9 mm if you want to try a semi-auto pistol, although most if not all beginners courses start with the .22. Some old school true blue US American x-cop/military instructors like my guy this weekend don’t like Glocks (ferrin, metric caliber, polymer frame, generally unmanly over all and also because they lack an external safety other than the trigger safety and one’s brain). Guys like that go for the .45 ACP

Also, check to see if your island bans CO2 airguns. If not, you can get a really decent pistol model in .177 cal for about $85 and a break action rifle for about $150. (Do NOT buy a pump model. They are a fucking drag to pump up the air to power it, while a break action opens to cock the spring and for loading). Buy a scope made for airguns because the double recoil of a spring powered air rifle with tear up a regular scope. Great for backyard target practice.

GAMO air rifle from Cabela’s

GAMO air pistol from Cabela’s

Have fun. Feel free to contact me with any questions or for advice.


@Original Andrew: Totally. We saw a video with some bad ass Asian knife guy took down three cops one at a time when they got too close unawares in a training exercise. Most robberies here are by knife point, which is why I’m going to start walking with a cane since my weapon will already be in hand. You can also use it to create distance. Guns are weapons of last resort. (Mr. “95 on the written test” here. Woulda got 100 if I had not written the wrong letter for one question).

A cat in the class brought up the depression issue. I told him I get depressed when the fucking turkeys won’t come in from behind the oak brush when I’m trying to call them in. The federal form for the instant background checks for firearms purchases asks whether the prospective buyer has any drug convictions, involuntary committments, DV arrests or warrants, among other questions.

As usual, I continued playing in the sand while everyone else went off to the swings without me noticing last night. But apparently my linky didn’t work anyway.

I was astonished by Mr. Pelosi.

@Original Andrew: @Mistress Cynica:
yes, i know the statistics. RB had an arsenal when we lived in philly that he had to sell…they were always trigger locked and i never found the keys. and at the time i hadn’t any interest in guns.
his fear was my shooting him. i grew a tigger finger in my old age it seems.
your point is very well taken, but i’ll need something new to do when we go back. more fun than hebrew classes and shooting all the hotties with my camera.

can you believe i’m still awake? i have enough meds in me to take down a musk ox.

@karen marie: And can I just add that people should go to 26:00 on the time counter to see Paul Pelosi, since it’s a 27 minute clip?

Also, Paul seems to favor the open shirt look judging from this photo of the Pelosis with Norman and Norah Stone (rich eccentric NorCal couple that have a huge modern art collection in their wine cave in Napa).

Paul Pelosi, Jr. doesn’t hurt the eyes either.

@Mistress Cynica: Shotguns are hard to move around with in a house and require two hands to operate, whereas one could have a pistol in one hand and a cell phone, flashlight, samurai sword, etc in the other.

In the early days of laser sights about 20 years ago, some bad guys who had not seen the first Terminator movie didn’t know what they were. A state police officer had one trained on a guy’s chest. He tried to brush it off, saying “what is that?”

“Nothing,” the officer said. “That’s just where the first bullet is gonna go.”

Shot my drills without the laser this weekend, btw, because technology will always let you down. Instead, I painted my front pistol sights florescent orange, which worked out awesomely well. They really pop out now, especially in dim light.

@redmanlaw: Clearly your shotgun is not fully tacti-cool! More lasers, flashlights, compasses, martini blenders and bluetooth GPS speakerphone attachments than you can shake a stick at, all rail-mounted! And don’t forget to put the bayonet on the end for when all else fails.

Some guy came out with one of those when I was shooting trap ages ago. It looked really out of place among all the wood stocks and long barrels. Of course, I was shooting my single-shot 12ga that was so cheap it rang like a fencepost hit by a hammer when fired. TING! I couldn’t hear it over the shot, but I am assured it was hilarious.

@IanJ: The slob loser guy in my weekend shooting class had a bunch of fancy heaters that had all kinds of crazy expensive shit on them – the green lasers (more pricey than the red), lights, etc. He was also the second worst shooter in the class.

My camo turkey gun would look weird at the trap range also. Goddamn rails and shit made this AR-15 I shot once really front heavy. Didn’t like it.

I would also like to say that I was robbed on my qualification score of 92 for the 9 mm the same way that George Patton was in the 1912 Stockholm Olympics. The shooting judge in the modern pentathlon said that Patton had a miss on his target, whereas Patton argued that he hit the same point on the target twice. That is my story as well – a couple of my shots went into holes that were already there – and I’m sticking to it.

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