Wingnut of the Day

Virginia’s AG says he’ll sue if HCR passes:

You know, the one who told Virginia universities it was okay to discriminate against gay students? Or how he told Virginia residents that he thought he could challenge Obama’s presidency based on his birth place? Or how he said he wasn’t getting a Social Security number for his kid because it’s being “used to track you”? That’s the guy, freakishly right wing, birther numbskull Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

So he’s got 1) birther credentials; 2) hatred of teh gayz; and 3) a tinfoil hat. Wonder if he’s a deather as well.

Virginia’s Wingnut AG Says He’ll Sue Federal Government if Health Care Reform Passes [Crooks & Liars]

A little fuckable though, in that smarmy Republican way. Perhaps I should get out to Virginia to help out with inevitable buttsecks scandal that will take him down…

I can’t even feign surprise any more. The blathering of all these politicians has essentially suffused into the background of my life, it doesn’t even really register any more. Republicans shocked and confused by a parliamentary procedure they themselves have used many dozens of times? Meh. Democrats completely failing to show any spine, again? Double-meh.

And what is it with Virginia and insane, misogynistic state-level officials? VA’s right across the river from the state where I grew up … WTF?

@homofascist: Before I clicked on the linque for the full story, I saw his picture and thought, “I bet HomoFascist would hate-fuck him.”

I know you so well, sweetie.

Wouldn’t read too much into it. I’m sure many will try to sue. It’s highly unlikely any will succeed.

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