Video We Can All Agree On

Something for nojo, the nerd (iPod Touch controlling a car), and something for me, the gearhead (late 60s Detroit muscle).  Enjoy:

[ Flash video not available. ]

No fashion? No hot man candy? Some Stinquers needs are not being served by this.

@Mistress Cynica: Tell me you wouldn’t drive that car up and down the avenue.

And don’t make me go all Stormy on your ass …

Just got back from Death Valley. Nary a wildflower to be seen, but scores of German tourists, all strong hikers. I wonder if they think to themselves: how did these lard-assed, lazy Americans ever beat der Reich?


Nary a wildflower to be seen…

Oh, this makes me so sad.

Oh, and I ditched the car, and I’m a Zipster now. I have an iPhone app that locks and unlocks my car, honks the horn. I like!

@blogenfreude: I wouldn’t drive that car up and down the avenue. Cars bore me. Driving stresses me. If I were rich, the first thing I’d do is hire a chauffeur for my new Prius.
I’m not a Stormy hater. I find her amusing and even somewhat admirable.

ADD: I suppose that makes me a bad feminist. Oh well.

The guy needs to get rid of the iPhone crap, fill the back seat with ice and Labatt’s, fill the front seat with chicks and head out on the highway like a normal human being.

@Mistress Cynica: Darling! Why aren’t we having a drink together right this moment?

@JNOV: We have a thing called I-Go, which is run by a non-profit. Flippin’ and I are both members. Whenever you get in the car NPR is on the radio. Unsurprisingly. We have Zip Car too, which have sexier cars but also more expensive.

I am not a nerd, and why is Caprica ending so soon?

@homofascist: We used to have Philly Car Share, but I think they are going under. Zip Car is all we got. I haven’t driven sexy yet, but I’ve crammed myself into a MiniCooper and tooled around in a Volvo. The Civic is more my speed. I thought about trying a Prius, but I think I’m gonna wait for that acceleration issue to work itself out.

As far as cost, I got the deal where I pay $20/mo and $4/hr (weekdays), free gas, insurance, if I wash the car I get a free hour plus cost of car wash. How much is I-Go?

@nojo: You’re the second person I’ve seen mention Caprica. Should I be watching this Caprica?

@JNOV: You can wait for the DVD — I find it interesting, but it’s not as attention-grabbing as Battlegeek. The season ends next week anyway, so you might have to check the website or hulu for episodes.

@homofascist: @Mistress Cynica: Hey, I want in on this drink! Now where’s that cute bartender….

ADD: I used the kick-back linque today and realized it’s been a looonng time since I ordered anything from Amazon. My account was populated with my Peace Corps address. That’s six years ago, minimum.

@flippin eck: Wonder if our favorite bartender is working tonight…


Hullo all and sundry from beautiful Chico, Ca, as I wait for nephew #4 to arrive! Sister ‘Catt is hugely pregnant but can’t quite get the
lead out some two days past due, so we have resorted to feeding her herbs and walking her around the park for hours at a time, the better to launch the projectile thereby.

Been a nice break from the various tools that infect my conciousness, but I understand that they are finally voting that mess into law in Sunday. While it is an ugly baby I hasten to remind you all that ugly babies don’t always stay that way, and anyway, won’t the wingnut tears and gnashing of teeth be worth it?

Miss you all, by the way, and will check in Sunday after the vote. Wish my sister luck and say a prayer if you are so inclined!

Something about commenting from an iPhone gives me a distinctly 1950s style, doesn’t it? Like I’m writing for Father Knows Best. Or perhaps it’s just my imagination.

Ta for now, my doves!!

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: Suerte to the future MomCatt.

You’re only in a “Father Knows Best” vibe if you have a cardigan sweater and a pipe between the teeth. I sat Ma Bisco and the biscuits down to watch an episode, and it was heelarious. They go camping, with Kitty and Jim and Margaret all made up so prim, only Bud rocked jeans and a tee shirt. Princess flashed her usual wry wit. There was a flood, and they had to float themselves back to dry land, but somehow Robert Young kept smiling throughout!

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head:
miss you tommie…best of birthin wishes to sistercatt!

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: Miss you, too, darling! All best wishes to your sister and nephew #4, who apparently believes in fashionably late for a more dramatic entrance.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head:
Best of luck.

I think that Bob Young being a major league alkie helped.

@nojo: Sorry, should have said ‘geek’ … and I heard Caprica sucked – didn’t even bother to watch.

@blogenfreude: Caprica doesn’t suck, but if you go into it expecting Son of Battlegeek, you’ll be disappointed.

It’s staged as a prequel, with Boy Adama as one of the principal characters. And it picks up on the social themes Ron Moore is clearly interested in. But you don’t get rocketship fights.

It’s actually quite decent, with some clever staging, but it would be fair to call it a “minor” work, definitely low-key. Worth a look, but you’re forgiven if you don’t find it appealing.

I like the video, but as one of the founding members of the movement, I don’t wish to foreclose the possibility of blogenfreude going “Stormy” on anyone’s ass.

@oyster: Indeed … and Ms. Daniels still owes me a book.


Only two small problems with Caprica:

1) Sister Clarice–with her double life, multiple marriages, addictions, obsessions, and secret missions–is the only compelling character


2) A rich, spoiled, snotty, know-it-all, religious fanatic teenager is responsible for humanity’s near-annihilation. Ahem.

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