Orly Orly Orly

Queen birther and California secretary of state candidate Orly Taitz not only owes the Fed $20,000, she might have the state bar after her: “The California bar has now begun to investigate the possibility of disciplinary action against Taitz.According to Talking Points Memo, “When Clay Land, the judge in the Georgia case, imposed the fine on Taitz in October, he also directed that a copy of his scathing 43-page order be sent to the California bar ‘for whatever use it deems appropriate.'” … “Mandela had to spend years in prison, fighting corruption in the government,” Taitz told Talking Points Memo in an email. “Responding to an inquiry from the bar is not that bad in comparison.” [RawStory]


The only way Orly can take this farther out is to play the necrobestiality card.

Sorry, sorry; I just can’t get Orally Taintz out of my head.

Saying Mandela was in prison “fighting corruption in the government” is up to the usual high standards of Taitz Misbehaving ™.

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