Bad Lawyer of the Day

Climate-change denier and HCR pearl-clutcher Cleta Mitchell: “There is a lot of discussion among various lawyers and we’ve had some conference calls,” said Cleta Mitchell, a Washington attorney long active in GOP circles. “People are just distraught that the Democrats are even contemplating doing something like this. It’s utter lawlessness to deem a bill passed without voting for it. It’s horrific.” [Politico]


Extremely disingenuous coming from the group that threatened to filibuster everything in the Senate requiring a super majority of 60. It used to be 51-50 or 51-49 if I recall. Buncha assholes.

You’re just pissed because every fucking road block you motherfuckers threw up got bypassed.

I guess Ms. Mitchell must have *really* hated the ’94 Congress with Newt at the helm – apparently, they passed something like 30+ bills this way.

Still waiting for Newt himself to weigh in on this; or perhaps he’s actually developed a vestigial shame organ…

I don’t disagree about the world class hypocrisy on display regarding “deemed passed”. Some of the shenanigans used by Republicans to pass the prescription drug benefit were even worse. As I recall the vote failed but leadership left the vote open until the wee hours of the morning so that sufficient votes could be bought off and changed.

That said, as a matter of historical accuracy, the only meaningful roadblocks to this bill becoming law are 100% Democrat.

@libertarian tool:
You are correct. It’s now how many Demrats pull out the knives.

Bajillions. In dollars and lives. All to keep their ideology pure.

I knew this bitch when she was a progressive Dem state rep in OK, before she married a sleaze-bucket with oil money and sold her soul. I actually went to a fundraiser for her. Ewww.

@Mistress Cynica: I guess you were unable to intervene with regard to her hair?

Is Cleta a feminized form of Cletus?

No, seriously, is it?

@mellbell: I think so, actually. Her maiden name was Deathridge.
@SanFranLefty: She has hair like cat fur. The best gays couldn’t help her.

@Mistress Cynica: Deathridge? Was she a Cherokee Princess? And…the gheyz couldn’t or wouldn’t help her?

Deathridge = awesome rock musician or action hero name

@redmanlaw: Sounds like a trail I hiked in Stanislaus County.

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