Carly’s Head Trip

From the people who brought you the instaclassic Demon Sheep, now comes — well, we’re not sure what. But we suggest that California Republican primary voters stay away from the brown acid.


This is what happens when you let your dimmer kids eat lead paint chips.

If they were on drugs then this can be excused. But I’m guessing they were stone cold sober.

I’m amazed that she mentioned HP. Her reign there was disastrous, catastrophic if you include the fact that the wrong-headed acquisition of Compaq buried treasure chests of DEC’s intellectual property that likely could have been spun into any number of businesses. Locked away under four layers of management, it was all doomed to lie fallow forever. If Fiorina was really a captain of industry, she would have left HP, managed a buy-out of Compaq and set about spending the next 15 years spinning out companies from DEC’s copious IP, including any number of ready-to-roll internal business plans that were shelved during the turmoil of the late Olson days and the Compaq buy-out. Instead, she followed the usual MBA plan of grow for growth’s sake, pointed at Compaq, grunted ‘buy’ and declared victory, having not clue one what was really at stake.

And who told her it was a good idea to dress her hair to look like a supermarket display of toilet brushes?

Carly’s opponent, Tom Campbell, is a person of integrity altho I think he’s wrong on a lot of economic issues.

@Dodgerblue: Agree. He’s also the rare Republican who is honest enough to admit that taxes might have to be raised to close the state budget gap.

It synchs up perfectly with Pat Boone’s version of “Stairway to Heaven”. Try it!

@FlyingChainSaw: No kidding. She “leaned” the company? You mean laid people off to increase profits?
My grammar nazi head exploded when the announcer said “She moved, she shaked.”
I’d make fun of the bad lesbian brush cut, but want to make sure she hasn’t recently gone through chemo before I open my mouth.

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