The Porpoise-Driven Life

Our afterparty continues with a satellite remote from Florida:

Movies and TV shows with gay characters could be ineligible for a “family-friendly” tax credit in Florida under a little-noticed provision tucked into a $75 million incentive package that Republican House leaders hope will attract film and entertainment jobs to the state.

The bill would prohibit productions with “nontraditional family values” from receiving a so-called family-friendly tax credit. But it doesn’t define what “nontraditional family values” are, something the bill’s sponsor had a hard time doing, too.

“Think of it as like Mayberry,” state Rep. Stephen Precourt, R-Orlando, said, referring to The Andy Griffith Show. “That’s when I grew up — the ’60s. That’s what life was like. I want Florida to be known for making those kinds of movies: Disney movies for kids and all that stuff. Like it used to be, you know?”

Rep. Precourt, have you seen the Monkees movie?

Florida bill to reward ‘family-friendly’ films is derided as 1950s-style moral censorship [Palm Beach Post, via ThinkProgress]

So we’re talking “family-friendly” shows like Miami Vice, right? Crockett and Tubbs might have punched, beaten, kicked or shot people by the busload every week but you knew there was no hanky-panky going on. All those open shirts and pastels were just a coincidence.


Is that what you call an acid trip?

We’ll take ’em here in New Mexico. “Thor” starts up here in a few weeks (Natalie Portman’s second movie here), and the God-I-don’t know-why-they’re-doing-it remake of “True Grit” will be, too. Some Mickey Rourke thing just wrapped up, and there’s a new production that I see yellow “KO” signs for directing crews to locations.

Republicans just seem to have a problem with film incentives. Some state legislator was making noise during the session about cutting back or eliminating the state tax breaks they get for shooting here in New Mexico. I think part of it is that Evil Liberals in Hollywood tend to give money to the Dems.

Monkee note: Michael Nesmith, son of the inventor of Liquid Paper, used to live in a little community just north of Santa Fe. He pretty much kept to himself but used to like to hang with the eggheads at the Santa Fe Institute.

@ManchuCandidate: The Monkees movie was written by Jack Nicholson and Bob Rafelson, and directed by Rafelson. Uneven, but worth a look.

Oh, and the opening “Porpoise Song” was written by Carole King.

You could call it warmed-over Beatles, but it’s definitely not the TV show.

@redmanlaw: Nesmith also backed “Repo Man,” bless his inheritance heart.

you remember the 60s. when blacks sat in the back of the bus and homos were still homos.

and everyone got their blow jobs at in public tea rooms.

@nojo: Might see that one again this week.

Somebody should put together a proposal to film a new series in Florida – one where everything is happy, just like they want. Dad can enjoy a the paper in his robe and slippers right after he gets back from the lynching…

Here’s a somewhat related, funny story my mom told me yesterday. In an effort to subject themselves to only family-friendly television, both my mom and my sister get their TV service from a satellite provider called Sky Angel (I shit you not).

It offers lots and lots of televised preaching and some cable channels that are considered benign, like Discovery, Animal Planet, etc (no word yet on how all those dinosaur sex shows impact their mission). And in my favorite quirk of what’s considered “wholesome” from a right-wing stance, the Military Channel is available too. However, since the networks are full of filth, there is zero local programming included.

Anyway, my mom has been getting frustrated with the service and is finally ready to jump ship after this recently happened: She received a notification email that Olympic coverage was going to be made available to Sky Angel customers despite the fact that NBC is not included in their service. So my mom tuned in to the indicated station and time to watch the coverage and saw bobsledding…with a banner that read “Lake Placid” in the background!

@flippin eck: You should go over next Dec. 12 and catch the coverage for the holy day for Our Lady of Guadalupe from the cathedral in Mexico City on EWTN en espanol. Awesome lineup of Mexican pop singers, mariachi bands, celebs over hours and hours. I think we watch the univision coverage.

Nip/Tuck is the most realistic depiction of Floridian family life ever created.

Maybe Song of the South is the Disney movie Rep. Precourt remembers so fondly from his childhood. For some odd reason The Mouse still hasn’t released it to the home video market in the US. I wonder why.

@Dave H:
I think I read they are going to do that.
I think they should. it is what it is for when it was made.

one of the interesting things for me about being in Canada for two years is that they have two or three all animation channels and they all show all the old warner cartoons that I grew up with but have not been allowed to see for twenty or thirty years because of one PC complaint or another.

@Capt Howdy:
song of the south has always been available in other countries.

I suspect he is more likely talking about your typical Douglas Sirk movie. you know the ones. where homo Rock Hudson acted straight.

@Dave H:

We used to release it in Japan.

That movie gets a bad rap. First of all, it was released in 1946 (when they still had separate drinking fountains for Blacks and Whites), so looking at it from the perspective of its time, it actually is pretty progressive in that it depicts Black culture at a time when very few people would acknowledge that there was such a thing. Even the NAACP, which rightfully condemned the film’s “depiction of an idyllic master/slave relationship”, conceded that the film did have a good deal of artistic merit.

By the way, do you know who the first live-action Disney character was? Uncle Remus, played by James Baskett- who received a special academy award for his efforts (which in itself is troubling, as special Academy Awards were almost always given to child performers back then).

It is a terribly condescending film, and is very racially-charged , but it is the product of it’s time. And I’m amazed that the company is so squeamish about releasing it- after all, nobody worries about the crows in Dumbo, and Disney would sell figure out a way to sell my left nut if it moved the needle the right way on the P&L.

I swear to God, I read about this nonsense and then I look at TFLN (eg: i thought to myself ‘what a productive day’. then i realized all ive done is one load of laundry and shaved my balls.) and it’s not that I wonder if the FL GOP (Or FlopGo, as we call it) is part of the same country but if they’re even on the same planet.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: Or that creature in the Star Wares who talk jive smack yo.

Hey hey hey!!! yo. sup? Looks like Utahns is planning to ship the fags out of state. Is it real or is it a fake?

@Benedick be Jackpot:


“Fair Solution Initiative”

thats a home run of a title choice, huh?

at least they did not call it the final solution initiative

@Tommmcatt Say Relax:

just found this

On May 9th, the following information was added to the Disney Special Editions page of Wikipedia by someone at the IP address
Title Discs UK Release Date US Release Date Notes
Song of the South: 60th Anniversary Edition 2 May 2010 February 9, 2010 DVD and Blu-ray Disc – First release on DVD and Blu-ray Disc

There’s just one problem with this: Song of the South’s 60th anniversary was in 2006. This blatantly errant entry was removed two days later, on May 11th, by IP address

Then, on May 23rd, the same IP ( added Song of the South back on the list:
Title Discs UK Release Date US Release Date Notes
Song of the South: Diamond Edition 2 March 2012 March 13, 2012 Platinum Edition (US) (DVD/Blu-ray Disc) First Digital Release

Notice how the release date is now 2 years further away, but now is supposedly part of Disney’s new “Diamond Edition” series. This addition was removed only 12 hours later by IP address

So there you have it… basically what amounts to a cyber “tug of war” for Song of the South. One thing’s for certain: it hasn’t been released yet, and until it does Disney will just continue to lose money to the bootleggers out there.

@nojo: IIRC, Nesmith was the only guy who could actually play an instrument when the “band” was formed.

@SanFranLefty: What I find most offensive about that is the use of Lucinda Handwriting for the “signature.”

@Dodgerblue: How ’bout that white SG he was rockin’ in the Head preview?

@SanFranLefty: Hey SFL, if you can get over to Sacramento tomorrow, here’s an event you might like:

“The eco-lobby just staged a protest outside a Valero gas station, drawing heavy media attention.

“Valero has committed to supporting the California Jobs Initiative (the Suspend AB 32 campaign), so environmental extremists are now trying to fool voters into thinking that an AB 32 suspension is a scheme by big oil — even though suffering Californians have been clamoring for relief from eco-tyranny long before Valero decided to pitch in!

“This Tuesday we need to come out in force to thank Valero for standing with us for our jobs and our freedom AND to put the lie to our opponents PR propaganda that Suspend AB 32 is some Texas oil scheme.

“Our jobs are at stake. Our freedom is at stake. We will not retreat and we will not back down.

“Please be there. We need to take a stand NOW or we will wake up one day living under an eco-state that tells us what to drive, what to eat and where to live.

“CARB has already proposed using AB 32 to ban black cars and jail people for not inflating their tires. Let’s put an end to the Left’s deceptions on Tuesday and show that we the people will not stand for an eco-state that tramples on our freedoms and destroys our jobs.

“If you will not be able to be in Sacramento for this rally, we also would like to encourage you to find a Valero station in your area, gather a group of likeminded friends and go down there with your signs thanking them. You can find a station near you at Valero’s website:”

@SanFranLefty: Between that, Jim Bunning’s crusade against the unemployed, and Rand Paul’s commanding lead in the Republican Senate primary polls, Kentucky is really bringing the crazy of late. Watch out, South Carolina!

@redmanlaw: Friend of mine has a ’69 SG with a whammy bar, let me play it recently. Instant guitar hard-on. I asked him what he wanted for it (he buys and sells guitars) and, wisely, he said it’s not for sale.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax & Capt Howdy:

Please don’t tell me The Siamese Cat Song is racist–I loves it sooo much.
!Especialmente en espanol!


I’d recommend that these yoyos secede, but the rest of us are stuck sharing a planet with them. Of course, they live in Sacramento, so they don’t exactly have desertification to worry about like the rest of us. Maybe turning off their water will get their attention…


Do you like me (circle “yes” or “no”)?: Yes No
Will be my boyfriend/girlfriend?: Yes No
Do you think Sarah P is Cool?: Yes No

The ’60s….Like it used to be, you know?

Oh. Like this?

If anyone can find the Mr. Universe scene from the ship–I think you know the one I mean–plz post.


I vote they can move to the mountaintop removal sites that would be needed to “tap our coal reserves” – the people who get sick in those areas are just leftist propaganda! And no 1000 foot smokestacks on the power plants there either – after all, heavy metals don’t make people sick, that’s just the environmentalists making stuff up! Heck, at a high enough concentration of mercury in the blood, “creation science” might even start to make sense!

@al2o3cr: Well, the Sacramento River runs right through the town, joining the American river, but when the Sierra snowpack goes away those riverbeds will be dust.



@Tommmcatt Say Relax: Only if you poop in a non-low-flow toilet.

@Dodgerblue: Are green or blue cars okay with the Eco-Terrorists?

@SanFranLefty: My wife’s car, although a Prius, is black. As a Southern friend of mine says, we’ll be keeping one county ahead of the sheriff.

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