The Last Thing You See Before You Die


OMG. That’s my favorite thing I’ve ever seen. Or heard. Plus I want to get my hair cut wherever he gets his done. Though I doubt I could ever bring the hotness like Uri.

This clip has brought back such happy memories of fleeing England emigrating to the States on a soviet ‘luxury’ liner which was so hilarious I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Think, now: most of the passengers were Amerikanskis and the bartender couldn’t make a martini. (He did make the best Bloody Mary I ever tasted, however) But on crew talent night we discovered why he was there: he could sing just like Perry Como. And one of the passengers was on her way to meet her Yanqui husband whom she’d met while being a ‘guide’ for contestants in the Tchaikovsky prize. She had no dollars with her, the soviets took all her money when she left, but she did have a Fabergé egg in her luggage.

I will now go and try to track down a copy of the record Dirk Bogarde made with the London Philharmonic in which he speaks the song while they play behind him. I heard it once and laughed till I cried and had to lie on the floor.

Uri? I thought it was Pat Boone lip-syncing in tongues…again.

Remember the Israeli arms maker’s Bollywood promo video? The Gazprom corporate anthem is also fairly awesome.

Remember Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s classic Supermarionation shows like Fireball XL-5, Stingray and the Thunderbirds? I swear this guy looks just like one of their puppet characters. I couldn’t see the wires but I’ll bet they are there.

TJ/ When’s the Oscars open thread up? Cuz the Nabisco’s gotta vote:

Crazy Heart: waaaay to syrupy for my taste. Bridges was pretty good, but Maggie? Can’t she learn to supress that winsome smile of hers?

Up In the Air: Clooney plays Clooney, but in a really good way. Plus, I have suitcase packing envy.

The Road: totes awesome, even if it doesn’t come close to the book.

Next up in the Overseas Oscars Sweep: The Hurt Locker, Invictus and a little documentary about James Brown and B.B.King playing Zaire around the time of Ali-Frazer and the “Rumble in the Jungle”.

@Nabisco: District 9!

@Dave H: I think I like Fireball XL-5 better than Thunderbirds.

@redmanlaw: Ma Nabisco and I saw that one in the THEE-yayter. ADD: two rigid digits up.

@redmanlaw: Hey! Thunderbirds are GO!!!!!

Those clips are special in all the wrong ways. Dinga dinga dee, big guy. Watch out for the plus size chorine up the back. Oh, and it turns out that extracting gas from under the ground isn’t easy. But, once we’ve got it, we can all get shitfaced. So, happy ending all round. Spasibo!

More about Eduard Khil, the Soviet Robert Goulet, here. Here he is with some actual lyrics.

@rptrcub: Awesome passaggio but he’s no Robert Goulet. The ‘nightclub’ set is just like the lounges on the soviet liner, full of grim-looking fat people. The songs are strictly Eurovision Song Contest, which always deemed to be won by either Italian or Scandinavian bints singing songs called Ting Ting a Bong (actual title of winning song).

I just hope no one at the Berlin estate hears this Russkie serenade because it is almost note for note Marrying for Love from Call Me Madam. And if you cross the Berlin estate they will cut off your balls and cram them down your throat.

Here’s a through analysis of the video and derivatives.
Edward Hill / Russian Rickroll
This is some serious stuff.
…Wait a second isn’t that the guy in the Enzyte commercials?

@Nabisco: Oscar open thread Sunday at 8 p.m. ET.

And for childhood marionette creepiness, Fireball hands-down.

For this, the Red Army fought house-to-house at the Battle of Stalingrad and rolled up the Wehrmacht while Ike was boffing his secretary in Britain?

@Dodgerblue: You have a problem with Soviet Realism, comrade?

So this is the music I’ll be hearing on the elevator ride to hell.

@nojo: Super Car. It flew through the air and plunged into the ocean while being piloted by a puppet.

I was hoping for the B Minor Mass, or the 2nd movement of the Beethoven Emperor Concerto, but wev.

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