Dear Carly

Your extremely close-cropped face in the campaign web ad that torments our California readers is frightening the hell out of me. Please make it stop. Thank you.


Yeah, this is what we need in California — another proven loser.

Is that some sort of tiny growth on her left bottom lip? A little whitehead or something. Is the era of the airbrush over?

TJ/Learned more about family history today. It appears my dad’s generation was Team Carly (useless, incompetent and great at destroying legacies.) It seems that my old man, his sisters, and their kids (including me) are the only gainfully employed of the rest of the pieces of shit aka 75% of the rest of my family. Not a nice thing to know, but so be it.

@ManchuCandidate: Self-knowledge of a sort … and how are you feeling?

Thoroughly unrelated, but seems like others here will appreciate it:

(part III is linked on the top; I and II are in the post)

Not the “happiest” of stories, but well-told.

well i enjoyed the story– i’ll be able to smoke next time i check in. hey. did i mention the fact that in hadassa hospital in israel there are sliding doors in every room with a balcony–to smoke. love that place..the best part of living there! going right there from the airport for a foot operation i’ve been putting off.

manchu, are you home? how do you feel darlin??

Less miserable. Actually slept a continuous six hours this morning after a wave of nausea/vomiting caused by what I suspect is morphine withdrawal.

Staying with the parents for a bit. Feel like shit, but less so each day. Pain is starting to go away. Am eating bland foods and stuck on a restricted diet for at least 2 months.

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