That’ll Melt Your Popsicle

Left: A snow Venus de Milo painstakingly crafted — with artistic license for the six-pack — by Maria Conneran and her family, of Rahway, New Jersey.

Right: After the Rahway police investigated an anonymous complaint “of a naked snow woman.”

Nude snow sculpture in Rahway leads police to request ‘snowlady’ cover-up [Star-Ledger, via LuxMentis]

To this day I do not know how John Ashcroft got away with hiding the statue of justice in the supreme court lounge. Why he was not ridiculed and vilified for hiding a statue. Why no reporter ever said to him “Are you for real, ya big pansy?” Quite apart from the ridiculous childish Grundyism of it he was the AG and she was Justice, for fuck’s sake. I mean, what message are we sending the children?

I think these people should have told the cops to fuck themselves and constructed a Vinny de Milo with a monster hard-on to keep the Venus company.

@Benedick: I thought that covering the statute of Justice was the perfect metaphor for the Bush/Cheney/Ashcroft regime.

@SanFranLefty: Yes, of course, but WTF? No one thought to comment when he was holding press conferences in front of those blue drapes?

…should have put her in a burka instead of beachware.

@Benedick: @SanFranLefty: @water: David Cross said it best:

I’m like Ashcroft. All I see is that work of art, that sculpture, and I cannot think of anything but that bare breast. He had it draped, because Lady Justice has a bare breast showing. Do you hear what I’m saying? A dirty, dirty, filthy titty. Filthy! You women should be ashamed of having those things. Fucking clothe those things. Put cloth on them. Lots of cloth. And don’t stop there, man. Go get a burka. Wear that thing, too, man.

Fer Jeebus’ sake, a naked Barbie doll is more explicit than that snow sculpture–it doesn’t even have nips!

T/J re Bakersfield/Sacramento gay hypocrites: One of America’s finest journalists just posted this link on FB.

That snow lady has bigger bewbies than the Venus De Milo.


Wow. What a striking pseudonym. Simple, punchy. I like it.


The mom who built the statue with her two kids sound pretty cool though. I love her quote:

I thought she looked more objectified and sexualized after you put the bikini on.

The late Robert Graham took a lot of crap for these at the 1984 Olympics in LA.


My only regret is that the man he was with wasn’t a latina drag queen, preferably the one that had just won the contest. Oh, and that a Sac Bee photographer had been there to memorialize the sumptuous mess.

That would have been the cherry on the top of this sundae.

@Dodgerblue: My only concern is the lack of heads.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: How do you know he wasn’t with a Latina drag queen post-show?

And somewhat related, who would have guessed the mayor of West Sacramento would be gay (West Sac, the home to trucking companies, fast food restaurants, Ikea, and minor league baseball field from what I can see driving through it on I-80)

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: From the RW gun blog:

“It’s gotten to the point now where you can just assume that every single anti-gay GOP politician fucks dudes regularly

“Seems like they act all anti-gay to divert attention. I dunno.”


“Some of the most vehement homophobes are that way because they are afraid of or hate the fact that they themselves are gay. When they eventually accept the fact that they are gay (or act on it without accepting it), they are so afraid of the very hate they perpetuated, or so filled with self-loathing, that they continue to lie about it until they are caught.

“All this is a natural and foreseeable effect of the stigmatization of homosexuality.”


Come’on. If that were so, somebody woulda said something. It’s too dishy.


Surprisingly open-minded for the RW. Were there a bunch of comments along the lines of “Fag!” or is that fairly representative?

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: Naw, man. They were surprisingly cool. I didn’t even get any shit for saying how their toleration for our fellow man warmed my true blue liberal heart. I think they’re going after the hypocrisy angle.

Here’s another one for you:

“Not all GOP nuts are gay, I’d say only about half. The rest are into kiddy porn.”

ADD: Albuquerque’s Dem congressman is going on the local hate radio for a call in show this afternoon. I left this tidbit of advice for him on the FB:

“Get ready for an afternoon of ‘I’m a sovereign US American and I want you to keep your dadgum socialist hands out of my pocket and give full effect to the Second Amendment. I DO NOT pledge allegiance to Barack Hussein Obamination and Nancy Pelosi. No Sir!’ and ‘I unnerstand that Congress is so corrupt that you all gotta screw yer pants on. Haw Haw Haw. Except for God – fearing Republicans.’ Be strong.”

If you ask me, this right here is a pretty decent representation of everything that’s wrong with America.

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