You Just Messed With the Wrong Balding Fat Militiaman

The next time “homegrown terrorists” attack Bossier Parish, Louisiana, the volunteers of Operation Exodus will be ready. We certainly feel safer knowing they’re 1,568 miles away.

‘Operation Exodus’: Louisiana Sheriff Taps Locals For Emergency Security Plan [TPM]

Operation Exodus Emergency Plan Unveiled [Bossier Sheriff’s Office]



It’s like Dad’s Army (much loved long-running britcom about the Home Front during WW2, about vicars and latin masters under arms guarding the council allotments and the anual flower show, etc) without the charm, taste, intelligence or talent.

But as before posted, I’m hoping they’ll be selling tickets for rifle practice day.

I think this comment from TPM pretty well describes Sheriff Larry Deen and all of his dad’s drinking buddies:

“need to learn how to keep all those scary dark people at a distance…. bedsheets and dunce-caps gather too much attention these days”


…Easy in battle…?

why do I not feel any safer at all?

Exodus – “Movement of Jah people!”

The liberal Tai Chi Army will have no problem out calming these clowns. See you in the park!

/TJ/ Since it should be considered a high holy day here at Stinque, I just want to wish all of you a happy National Grammar Day! Now all we need is a National Font Day and our religious calendar will be complete.

@flippin eck: Almost. We need to observe necrobestiality day, as well.

@flippin eck: I’m lighting a candle in front of my copy of Strunk & White right now.

@flippin eck: Let me just set aside my Dictionary of Historical Slang to honor the keepers of the flame.

@Mistress Cynica: Is there a ritual watching of “Helvetica”?

@Dodgerblue: I plan to go out to dinner and use my red pen to copy edit the menus.

@flippin eck, @Mistress Cynica: It makes me want to sit down and diagram a sentence!

@Dodgerblue: Hate to say it here, but man, that was a boring movie. No gun fights, aliens, explosions, car chases or naked people. (Use of CGI is assumed). On the other hand, Hurt Locker had 2 out of 5 of the RML Guide to Movie Awesomeness and wasn’t that great, either.

@Pedonator: As someone who has made a living behind a keyboard for about 25 years, I have no fucking clue of what the rules of grammar are, nor can I spell worth a hoot.

@Mistress Cynica: Love it.

@redmanlaw: I believe that any movie can be improved by gratuitous nudity, car chases and stuff blowing up. My wife, however, has a different view.

@flippin eck: @Mistress Cynica: The AP Stylebook on my desk has burst into flames.

@Dodgerblue: Looking FWD to the Oscar live blog on Sunday. Still have not seen Avatar. Might have to before then.

@redmanlaw: See it in 3D. Special effects are worth it. If you’ve seen Pocahontas or Fern Gully, you know the plot.

@Dodgerblue: So that’s the problem with 2012: No gratuitous nudity.

Although Michael Bay must have got a major woodie from the shit Roland blows up.

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