Houston, We Have a Problem

My name is Kesha Rogers, and I just won the Democratic nomination for Congresscritter in Texas.

I’m also batshit crazy:

The victory in the 22nd Congressional District yesterday by LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers sent an unmistakable message to the White House, and its British imperial controllers: Your days are numbered. Kesha’s campaign hit relentlessly at a single theme, that President Obama must go, that his attacks on this nation — with his dismantling of the manned space program, his efforts to ram through a fascist, killer “health care” policy, his endless bailouts for Wall Street swindlers, while demanding budget cuts which will increase the death rates among the poor, the sick, the elderly and the unemployed — are not acceptable, and will not be tolerated.

Oh, and “I will take our troops out of the war zone and put them into space.”

Did I mention I’m a Democrat? Good. Wouldn’t want you to miss that.

The Ides of March are coming: Pro-Impeachment Democrat wins nomination in Texas [Kesha Rogers, via Ezra Klein/WaPo]

So. You take my Vatican choir-boy prostitute scandal and raise me with LaRouchian Democrat. Very interesting.

@Benedick: Well, LaRouchian Democrat has been sitting in the queue for a couple hours. I forget the quote about time being necessary to keep everything from happening at once.

how happy do you think “they” are that she is african american?

OOh, I hope she wins. This out Bachmanns Bachmann.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax:
totally. how pissed will Michelle be to be outcrazied by a democrat?

FFS, is it something in the water down there?

“British imperial controllers?” Jeez, just secede already.

I’ll bet there was a whole lot of Republican crossover voting in the primary. The GOP primary was uncontested so they could easily sway the voting.

Desalination: Now there’s a cause to capture the passion of the people!

Yes, one of my main complaints about the Democrats is that they haven’t militarized space enough.

@Pedonator: The only thing that can give America meaning is spending trillions to send guys into space so they can bayonet the moon.

Mind you, she loathes the Limeys so I’m on board.

Still, Star Wars and Dune and like that. It would be cool…

Secessionist Rick Perry, big dumb John Cornyn, and now this. Texas might eclipse Oklahoma as the most ridiculous state.

@blogenfreude: NY is doing pretty well. Fresh Paterson scandals daily.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the state, at the buckle of the bible belt, The Army of God is cleaning up godless Amarillo.
Lot’s of cool bullet holes and gunshot sound effects.
And what I think maybe a good dose of dandruff

From the Mission Statement:

Some of the possible missions that these two groups may be called upon to work will be some of the following:

1. Gay pride events.

2. Earth worship events such as “Earth Day”

3. Pro-abortion events or places such as Planned Parenthood

4. Breast cancer events such as “Race for the Cure” to illuminate the link between abortion and breast cancer.

5. Opening day of public schools to reach out to students.

6. Spring break events.

7. Demonically based concerts.

8. Halloween events.

9. Other events that may arise that the ministry feels called to confront.

These large events may involve both the intercessory prayer AND the soldier groups.


Ooh, I want to join. Particularly if we are going to bust the swingers club. A Texas swingers club has got to be le plus ultra in interior design.

@texrednface: I don’t go to concerts *unless* they are demonic in nature. That being said, Metallica had to move their concert next week in Panama indoors because it’s unexpectedly raining so much there.

TJ: Talibunny shopping a reality show

@blogenfreude: What, South Carolina is chopped liver?

@flippin eck: Desalination? That’s the least of it. Don’t even get Texans started on fluoridation of water. It has been voted down at least four times in San Antonio. Ergo poor kids (usually of the black and brown persuasion) in Texas have the worse teeth you can imagine.

@SanFranLefty: Don’t even get Texans started on fluoridation of water.

Making Hereford – the Town Without a Toothache* – even more of an anomaly.

Hey kids, I’ve been on an up-close-and-personal tour of amputees this week! What else is going on outside of batshit crazee congresscritters, John Roberts/Not John Roberts and the last bottle of Chilean merlot?

*It’s also home to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. There’s some public housing for farm workers up there with my name somewhere on it.

@SanFranLefty: What with growing up on fluoridated water (and living for a few years in Grand Rapids, MI, the first city to start fluoridating its water), I’ve had all of 1-2 very shallow cavities my entire life. Then I lived in a developing country without fluoridated water for two years, and the post-Peace Corps dental checkup revealed that I had 7 cavities and needed a root canal.


There’s actually a lesbian resturant/bar in NYC called that. “Cowgirl Hall of Fame”, that is.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: I guess “Town Without a Toothache” wouldn’t have the same draw.

@nojo: “Time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once.”


To all who have an ear to hear, we must speak out boldly.

I cannot stand the fanatical fucking lunatics that honestly think that anyone gives a shit what they have to say. I mean, if you want to believe in god, that’s great, but standing around on a college campus, holding up signs and screaming about how we’re all going to hell is just pointless. The people who actually believe in your god enough to be afraid of his divine wrath are most likely (surprise!) already a part of your faith and the rest of the planet is either going to ignore you, tell you to fuck off or take pictures of you to show off to their friends and the internet in general, like I did.

The two signs the guys are holding in the last picture read, “Does not believe in evolution,” and “I’m with stupid.” I actually spoke to the guy with the orange sail/flag for a while and I managed to confirm both of these things. His reasoning for not believing in evolution: “That’s just what scientists say.” No, I’m not paraphrasing, he actually said that.

@Benedick be Jackpot: Nah, just a tad bipolar. I wish I could remember the rest of the things that guy said. This was a few months ago, so my memory’s kinda fuzzy…

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