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Gentlemen, start your engines — the London Sperm Bank is in desperate need of, um, deposits:

The bank is looking to answer the British Fertility Society’s call for clinics to invest in dedicated recruitment programmes to address a national shortage of donors.

As a result, the Colchester consultancy was tasked with designing a brand identity as well as a dedicated website which raises awareness of the banks role within the wider community.

Yes, the new logo certainly raises our, uh, awareness. Can we get that on custom checks?

London Sperm Bank brand designed by Silk Pearce [The Drum, via Daring Fireball]

London Sperm Bank


I’ll knock them up when I’m there.

Wow. Silk Pearce better bring home some (wait for it) hard-core metal from the next marketing industry awards!

looks like I am working on being banned from talk left.
I have been pulling the pumas tails for days and they are freaking out.

damn its fun.

@Capt Howdy: Too bad you weren’t around for The Great Jezebel Panty Raid. One of our shining moments.

story of my life
I wonder if they understand that if the site is going to be a puma site being banned from it would be a badge of honor?

Well, I guess another thread will be trashed. by Dr Molly

Nice. Bye bye for today. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


and dont by Capt Howdy

count on it

@Capt Howdy: Well, that was the Jezebel background: Jamie was banned for not marching in lockstep with their commenters, so Prommie and I burned off our Gawker commenting privileges to mess around.

No great valor on my part: Gawker Media was already dead to me, so I used the excuse to go out in a blaze of glory.

I see you as a role model

I book marked that. I have wasted enough time today.

@Capt Howdy: Trying to get banned from a RW gun blog. The hard part is having to read all that hateful dogshit to slip in one as the liberal gun owning troll bringing some light to their ugly hypocritical world.

@nojo: Tht ws dfntly a trmndsly fn thng t wtnss.

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