Saturday Doom Dump!

  • It’s the warmest winter on record! Suck it, Northeast! [Express UK, NYT]
  • Killer Iceberg breaks loose in Antarctica; comparisons to Rhode Island forthcoming. [BBC]
  • House votes 315-97 to extend Patriot Act, rivaling original 357-66 vote in 2001. [Wired]
  • Carly Simon still won’t reveal namesake of “You’re So Vain”; Boomers maintain stranglehold on America into a new decade. [Vanity Fair]

Magnitude 8.8 earthquake off Chile. Now that’s some serious backfield in motion.

@Dodgerblue: I shot Lefty a FB mail, suggesting she and Mr. SFL start climbing.

Now that’s some serious backfield in motion. (mind immediate drifts to Shakira….)

Got a blast from the past – some conservatard who got one of my old email addys decided to forward a brand-new shiny copy of the “Dollar Coins without Jeebus” meme from 2007. Unbelievable that that’s still circulating…

Hey y’all we are on the 19th floor so we will ride it out. Highways out of town are packed so it seems silly to sit in traffic for five hours. We went to the market yesterday so we are loaded up in water, wine, and vodka. All the ABC stores are closed which if you’ve ever been to Waikiki you know what panic that creates. We are just charging our phones and filling the tub in an abundance of caution. This is one way to keep us out of the sun post-burn. I’m more concerned about the “Acts of God” rider on the rental car policy.

/your HNL correspondent

@SanFranLefty: You’ll have a good view of whatever happens. Although it is shocking the the ABC stores would close. I figured they would still be open after the apocalypse.

@Dodger: Legal probably wouldn’t let them open. They would have made a killing in alcohol and water sales. Local news showing water rapidly receding from coast of Hilo which would indicate the wave is coming in sooner.

@SanFranLefty: Local Hawaii TV just told surfers to stay out of the water. Priceless.

@Dodger: Guy (the weatherman on KHNL) has been saying that since last night.

@SanFranLefty: I can’t get the KHNL stream here. Server must be overloaded. Can you see anything unusual out to sea?

@Dodger: water coming over the surfbreak wall at Waikiki. Tide previously way out.

Will try to update the book of faces with more photos.

Footage from Hilo kind of crazy. Local news says ocean is receding in Maui – saying the harbor has been sucked dry at a very rapid pace.

Meanwhile, in Ventura: “at about 12:50 p.m., a call came from the Ventura Harbor about a two-foot surge.”

Can’t see the coastline from here, but I imagine Sandy Eggo also had a mild hit.

@nojo: Are the news anchors in LA standing on top of their desks for safety?

Ack! Ack! Why can’t I see you on le libre de facades?

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