Carrie Prejean Rides Again

The latest in CA hate: KILL TEH GAYZ!

Miss Beverly Hills Tries to One-Up Carrie Prejean [Think Progress]

Oh please, this is so last Thursday. She’s already gone further and also demonstrated her entire ignorance of Leviticus (I think she thinks it’s a brand of lipstick) on TV in LA. Plus, Beverly Hills has disowned her. I emailed NOM (National Organization of Mormons) to ask if Maggie Gallagher, who has been loud in her support of this poor victimized princess of beauty, also thinks gay men should be put to death. No word back so far.

BTW. Trent Franks (R: Oprah) has declared that black Americans were better off under slavery. He said this. Aloud. In public. Not just at his AZ desert golf club.

ADD. GF is kinda high waisted. Nothing wrong with that for humans but for beauty queens?

This is the lady that videotapes herself fingering herself?

Manchu update: A friend of his posted a comment to yesterday’s fb post that said Manchu had called and was doing OK.

@Benedick: Benedick, you have no idea, how many times, in conversations with educated, even cultured, southern conservatives, who would never say anything else the least overtly racist, these people will, in a serious discussion of the immorality of chattel slavery, say that the condition of the blacks in southern slavery in the US was better than they have it now, and it was therefore a “benevolent” institution. They are blind to how outrageous this idea is, completely blind to it. They would swear on a stack of bibles that they don’t have a racist bone in their bodies, yet they do believe that blacks, you see, are so inferior they cannot take care of themselves, and were better off being owned and cared for like domestic animals.

Is there anyone else out there, with a problem stemming from serious doubts as to the following 3 items:

1. My life soooo isn’t what I ever wanted it to be, and its mostly over, so, what the fuck!
2. There really isn’t a single institution or ideology I can believe in, without some ultimately cynical and complete belief that its all total bullshit, in the end, people are inevitably completely corrupt, and no institution they create can fail to be corrupt.
3. I’m gonna die, so is everyone else, and nothing will ever have mattered a single iota.

@Promnight: I have no doubts about these things — I believe them to be absolutely true and that’s OK. My drugs are Just. That. Good.


What freaks me out are people who’ve never once even thought about 1, 2, or 3. They’re real! I know some of them!


/snark off/

Ain’t got no easy answers for 1 & 2, but regarding 3, I figured out a long time ago that it’s caring for others and loving others that gives life meaning, whether it’s your life partner, your child, your best friend and/or your fur-babies. Not saying that means no “me” time, just having others depend on you, love you back and so forth is what makes it all worthwhile. Sounds hackneyed, I know, but it’s true.

It’s good for her that she has, shall we say, “child-bearing hips”. Since the 47 babies she’s gonna have to eject from that snatch aren’t going to come into this world willingly.

The clutch purse and the cell phone…idle hands are the devil’s tools.

@Promnight: Right, I thought so – and Larry King forgot to ask if he could sniff her fingers. What an asshole.

What did I say? I started getting these bizarre Carly for California ads with her dressed up like a bad guy from the TV series ‘Deep Space Nine’ or a dominatrix from a lesbian snuff porn movie.

@FlyingChainSaw: Don’t worry your pretty little head, FCS, Carly is just like that. Showing up when you least expect her. Cracking her whip to no effect at all, yet taking the credit (and the stock options).

If Meg Whitman appears in your wet dreams, well then, you know you’ve been a bad, bad boy.

Mistress Cynica: Manchu update: A friend of his posted a comment to yesterday’s fb post that said Manchu had called and was doing OK.

Werd. Awesome news.

@Promnight: I can sign onto those with little objection.

@Promnight: Dude, that sounds like a suicide bomber type scenario.

Not that any of it doesn’t ring true. But this:

nothing will ever have mattered a single iota

…I find comfort in. Seriously, this should give us hope because humans want meaning, and the only meaning we’re ever gonna get out of this is what we create amongst us.

Also: Does Ms. Ashley think that strutting down a public street in the capitol of sin known as LA, wearing a cling-form red bikini, somehow exempts her from being stoned to death for being an unrepentant hussy?

I don’t see a Bible in your hands, missy!

@Promnight: HULK SMASH!

@Original Andrew: Yup. A rich home life.

/sips martini


1. Fail better.

2. Cynics are fallen idealists.

3. Ars longa, vita brevis.

prommie, case in point Babs the Elder remarking the katrina refugees in houston were “better off” than they were before.

@Promnight: Revel in your homelife, Prom. Hug the wife, play with Junior. Those are things I can’t do because I’m trying to “make something of my life”.

@redmanlaw: see: Mark Mothersbaugh, ad copy for Rustoleum. Tru dat.

@Promnight: I honestly don’t think like that. Not even at 3 am when I can’t sleep.

BTW. Here’s a clip of this ignorant bitch being interviewed.

I think the chief lessons to take away from this are a: never, ever, ever hire this particular publicist and b: never ever allow a film crew to record you looking through the racks at a thrift shop.

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