Day Thirteen — More Fun And Games

So, earlier today, USA-USA-USA beat Switzerland in a nerve 2:0 win.  Good to see the back of the Swiss team — they’ve been stubborn.  At present, Canada City is beating the mother-loving shit out of the Rooskies — CAN 4:1 RUS after one. 

The finale of women’s bobsled tonight, as well as more short-track madness and (on tape) giant slalom for the wimmin.  Beyond that — not a whole heck of a lot.  Things are certainly winding down, it seems.


I can see Rooshin Losers from my house.


Run and gun hockey.

6 ehs to 2 nyets.

Unless Canada City pulls a McCainiac, this is a tough one for the Rooshins to come back from.

A friend is at the CAN-RUS game, and is plotzing because Gretzky is a couple of boxes over.

Killed Boris Power Play.

7 for the Flag Waving Dudley Doo Rights
3 for the Boris and Natasha Keel Moose/Squiwel

Around 7 minutes left.

Against NHL caliber goalies and defenses, it’s very tough (not impossible) to score a goal every two minutes.

Happy Trails to Roosha.

If I were anyone on the Russian team, I would not want to go back.

Yes. But it will soon be over.

D’oh. Someone’s not going to be welcomed home.

Hey, ya’ll, I am so excited, I got wood!

I am renovating the interior of my boat. I am building new kitchen (galley) cabinets, and a built-in couch-dinette-settee, with storage underneath.

I have been re-using every scrap of the original teak cabinetry that was in the boat, but I needed more wood, and I started pricing teak.

Its $30 a board foot, a board foot is a piece 12 inches by 12 inches by 1 inch thick. By convention, though, its only 3/4 of an inch thick, the assumption being it was one inch thick before they planed the surface smooth.

Have you ever seen a standard 2×4? Its 1 and 3/4 by 3 1/2, 8 feet long. If this was teak, a single 2×4 wouldd cost around $180.

I went to the local exotic lumber seller, and they steered me to this wood from west africa called afzela, its identical to teak, to anything less than the expert eye, and its $6 a board foot.

I got wood, and its beautiful, I bought 2 1 by 8 boards, 8 feet long, for $75, its beautiful, its gonna be so cool, shaping and carving and making furniture with it! Yay!

By comparison, if you went to Home Despot and bought this much of that nasty red oak, it would have cost almost $150, and that stuff’s garbage.

And they let me go through their sawmill scrap pile and grab a whole bunch of pieces of cherry and black walnut, ohhh, I can’t wait.

@Promnight: Be sure to work in some camouflage duct tape into the mix.

Fuck this shit. We could maybe have more wood on our hands than we can handle. Evangelical wood. And as we all know, that’s the hardest kind (yes, I can keep this up way past its sell-past date. And don’t make me start on the fart jokes).

Benny Hinn. Sodomite? Ugandans think so. Remember, if you go there, English is not blogger’s first language. But still and all… Hooray!

@Benedick: Are you a woodworker, sir? I love wood. I love shaping it.

@Benedick: I am devoted to wood. I have been rubbing it for weeks. I was hoping it could be erected tomorrow but the weather seems to be against me.

@redmanlaw: When you’ve got great wood you just want to stroke it. I know I do.

So my hockey Dudes Manchu and Chicago Bureau, plz help me b/c I can’t figure it out with a quick review of NYT Olympics coverage…does this mean that it’s now Team US ‘Merikah v. Team Can-uhd-EH for the Gold? What is the teevee schedule? For those of us in the Pacific and Hawaii time zones, for example. Or if CNBC/MSNBC will play it live at 4 am PST, that’s okay too. Would be preferable b/c I’d rather watch it live than chopped up by Bob Costas.


SanFranLefty: Semis coming up on Friday — USA v Finland (1500 ET), Canada v Slovakia (2130 ET). I believe there will be live coverage of both games (USA game on the Mothership, Canada on cable). Winnahs play for gold and silver, losers play for bronze and a nice pat on the head.

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