Marco Rubio Wins CPAC Gold for Cluelessness

It’s the first day of the Conservative Political Action Conference, and we already have a winner:

“The president couldn’t find anywhere to set up a teleprompter to announce new taxes,” Rubio said of the snow accumulation.


Gosh darn, that Obama Teleprompter Meme is really funny. It’s even funnier when you make a crack about it while standing in front of teleprompters.

Rubio makes fun of Obama teleprompter [The Hill]

And it’s even funnier to shit on the IRS when one of their buildings is on fire in Austin courtesy of an anti-tax nut.

Hehe. Comedy should be about the joke not being one.

CPAC is actually the Comedic Challenged Political Action Conference.

Fucking retard giving retards everywhere a bad name.

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