Frothy Mixture of Lube and Fecal Matter Seeks Your Vote

Oh please oh please oh please:

“I promise you, I will stop at nothing when it comes to defending our freedom and our values,” Santorum wrote [in an email to supporters]. “That’s the real reason why — after talking it over with my wife Karen and our kids — I am considering putting my name in for the 2012 presidential race.”

As long as Spreading Santorum shows up as the first Santorum link at Google, he has our endorsement.

The Re-Emergence Of Rick Santorum — From Ex-Senator To Potential Presidential Candidate [TPM]

that is seriously one of the iconic political portraits of modern times.

“The Re-Emergence Of Santorum . . . ”

um . . . .
towel please.

See, just when I was thinking of giving up snark, they pull me back in.

I’ma donate to his campaign, for oh! The lulz! Hopefully he will debate both Mittens and Allan Keyes.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: I’m thinking we’re gonna have to liveblog all the Republican debates next year. (Yes, next year — this shit starts early.)

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: Santorum v. Palin — debate of the century. Popcorn, drinking games . . .


Buzzword “Values” gets you the whole drink in one gulp. And if either one identifies Afghanistan as sharing a border with Guam , BEER BONG!!!!!


“Will the Mormon Gentlemen let me finish? WILL I GET MY TURN TO FINISH?”

I NEVER get tired of that photo. Never.Ever.

Be the battle of the faux happy fambli foto ops.

@SanFranLefty: It really does have the detail and backstory of a Renaissance painting. That and the Santorum Definition will follow him wherever he goes.

@ManchuCandidate: She’ll have to Photoshop out the disaffected father of the little bastard grandchild.

@Dodgerblue: @ManchuCandidate: Unfortunately, Talibunny has Frothy Fecal Matter & Lube beat – he can’t drag around his dead baby to prove his anti-choice bona fides.

/what? Too much?

@SanFranLefty: Never. I’m hoping Piper and Crying Fat Fundie Girl Child get it on.


Hey! She’s just big boned! It’s a stage!

Actually, on second glance, it’s the entire theatre!


I totally thought this was a FCS post.

@SanFranLefty: Brrr, that’s pretty creepy. But at least it’s easier to take an 8″x10″ glossy with you on the campaign trail – no drooling!

@Benedick: Oh man, wouldn’t it be awesome if they both came out of the closet as big lesbians, like the daughter of Ambassador Keyes.

I am sick of this douchebag – he will not go away. GOP ignorance personified. Well, also Inhofe. And Kyl. And Shelby. And Cornyn. And … I give up.

@blogenfreude: Darling, once it starts spreading, there’s no getting rid of the santorum.

This is the strongest argument yet for free lithium prescriptions.

YIKES! That is not my kid drunken posting. Um…yeah. Time for some lassi.

@SanFranLefty: And DeMint, and Graham, and Hatch, and Snowe, and Collins, and Chambliss …

@blogenfreude: Here, I’ll make it easier for you:

Alexander, Lamar – (R – TN)
Barrasso, John – (R – WY)
Bennett, Robert F. – (R – UT)
Bond, Christopher S. – (R – MO)
Brown, Scott – (R – MA)
Brownback, Sam – (R – KS)
Bunning, Jim – (R – KY)
Burr, Richard – (R – NC)
Chambliss, Saxby – (R – GA)
Coburn, Tom – (R – OK)
Cochran, Thad – (R – MS)
Collins, Susan M. – (R – ME)
Corker, Bob – (R – TN)
Cornyn, John – (R – TX)
Crapo, Mike – (R – ID)
DeMint, Jim – (R – SC)
Ensign, John – (R – NV)
Enzi, Michael B. – (R – WY)
Graham, Lindsey – (R – SC)
Grassley, Chuck – (R – IA)
Gregg, Judd – (R – NH)
Hatch, Orrin G. – (R – UT)
Hutchison, Kay Bailey – (R – TX)
Inhofe, James M. – (R – OK)
Isakson, Johnny – (R – GA)
Johanns, Mike – (R – NE)
Kyl, Jon – (R – AZ)
LeMieux, George S. – (R – FL)
Lugar, Richard G. – (R – IN)
McCain, John – (R – AZ)
McConnell, Mitch – (R – KY)
Murkowski, Lisa – (R – AK)
Risch, James E. – (R – ID)
Roberts, Pat – (R – KS)
Sessions, Jeff – (R – AL)
Shelby, Richard C. – (R – AL)
Snowe, Olympia J. – (R – ME)
Thune, John – (R – SD)
Vitter, David – (R – LA)
Voinovich, George V. – (R – OH)
Wicker, Roger F. – (R – MS)

37 white men
4 white women


/heh heh, you said “Crapo”

@SanFranLefty: Thanks for that – to do a complete list, I’d have to remember things I’ve tried to forget.

@blogenfreude:, dear. I would never hurt my pretty head by trying to remember all of those assclowns.

@JNOVjr: I thought you were your mom’s designated driver tonight?

@JNOV: Phew. You may have seen on El Libro de las Caras, but I am also battling mold at Chez SFL but we have not yet had to flee the abode.

Stinquers, doing is being. Do loving and happy things, and you will be happy. Kiss whoever, whatever, you love, right now, and tell him, it, she, you love them, and you will be loving. Be loving, and you will be happy. You can be happy right now, that easily.

@Promnight: Meds kicking in or is Mrs. Prom in town? Whatever the cause of this shift, I’m glad to see you in your lovelorn poet mode versus you battling the black dog.

@Mistress Cynica: Jinx, you owe me a martini. And I’m saving my nickels for your June party. I plan to collect my drink (or five) there.

/off topic/

In much more Matrix-y news, did you know that nothing is real?

Every square inch of teevee shows is now CGI. It’s quite breathtaking and seems impossible, but there it is.

FSM help us, soon even the actors will be Macbook-powered projections.

@Original Andrew: Nothing to get hung about.

Living is easy with eyes closed. Misunderstanding is all you see.

That clip reminds me of the DVD extras in Cloverfield.

@Promnight: I think Ma Nabisco would prefer me unhappy, given your options. But – yay!

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