So Lindsay Vonn (r) and her Shin of Destiny (not pictured) are at Whistler today for the wimmins’ downhill run.  Apolo Ohno does his thing again tonight, as does Shawn White and Shani Davis.  Thankfully, there’s no figure skating to interfere, though NBC of course will do its level best to squeeze in a half-hour of talking about it before the men’s final tomorrow night. 

And we actually have a shot (supposedly) in the women’s cross-country 1200m sprint race.  And a word on that — have you ever seen the end of a cross-country race?  Jesus: every single time, they cross the line and then immediately collapse in exhaustion.  You don’t see that in marathons, or swimming (a good thing — you’d have drownings otherwise), or any other olympic sport.  Kind of incredible, really.

Elsewhere, USA 3:1 Switzerland in men’s hockey, in a frankly underwhelming performance.  Though it must be said that the Swiss actually trained as a team in the run-up — only three NHLers in the lineup allowed for that — the U.S. Americans should have done better.  Mark Sunday in your calendars, when they take on Canada in the biggest preliminary matchup of the bunch. 

And the storyline for Lindsey Jacobellis came to an obvious conclusion when she crapped out in the semi and ended up in fifth.  This, once again, leaves Bob Costas wanting for a storyline.  Poor Bob.  Perhaps a cute, 10-minute fluff piece about the noble, majestic beaver?  Nah… Lindsey Vonn stories are — [SHOT CLOCK BUZZER]


And speaking of Sport, in the category of Bay Area public transit boxing matches, a 67-year-old Santa Claus look-a-like wearing a tshirt that says “I Am a Motherfucker” who appears to still be recovering from his time in ‘Nam opens a can of whoop-ass on a mouthy aggro kid one third his age on an AC [Alameda County] Transit bus. Given the punches that Santa landed, I think this fight now ranks above the women fighting on the Muni bus in Chinatown.

That was a huge can of whoop ass.

Dumbass snot. I don’t blame the old guy in one way. Get in someone’s face three times and ignore the tats, the rather large fists and the ropey arm muscles on Santa (I’m betting he was Navy or a dockworker), you deserve to get your face beat in.

The Jive Lady of Airplane! said it best: “Jive ass dude don’t got no brains anyhow! Hmmph!”

What is it with hot female skiers?

Our 2nd gold medal winner is being touted more than our first, why?

1) She’s a hometown (Van) girl
2) She’s hot.

Our MSM is just like yours.

@ManchuCandidate: Not only is Vonn attractive and media-friendly (really nice appearance on Conan several weeks ago), but she is the real deal. She’s won five out of six World Cup downhills this year. From The Source of All Knowledge:

“She is the first American woman to win back-to-back overall World Cup championships, doing so in 2008 and 2009. She has also won World Cup discipline championships in downhill (also back-to-back) and Super G (the first American woman to do so). With 31 World Cup wins in four disciplines (downhill, Super G, slalom and super combined) and two World Championship gold medals (plus two World Championship silver medals), she has become the most successful American woman skier in World Cup history.”

They don’t just hand those medals out for looks. She truly is a bad ass competitor with her world titles coming in the high speed events, the downhill and Super G ( a big fast giant slalom). Check out her workout in the video below.

we just spent lunch looking at the VES (visual effects society) nominations for effects in movies and games for 2009.

as crappy a movie as it was I think 2012 had the best effects in a movie.
and may I say I am pissed and stunned that they, as well as the academy and the globes, completely ingnored the best effects movie of the year.


@Capt Howdy: I hated the mecha effects in T:2, although the hot girl turning into a Decepticon or whatever was cool. D9’s effects did not draw attention to themselves. Very nice.

agreed on all points. the nominees were Star Trek, Avatar, T:2, 2012 and District 9.

of those I just think the effects were best in 2012.
District 9 should win for best pic as far as I am concerned.

thats (ves)

Did anyone see the story about Brian Burke, the head of US Hockey, whose 21 year old son was killed in a car accident on February 5? It happened when I was on vaca but I just saw this article last night. His son had come out to him as gay in 2007 and just a few months ago they did a bunch of press/interviews about it (I think they were even on one of those touchy-feely ESPN segments). Anyhoo, totally fucking depressing.

@redmanlaw: That workout video was awesome. She doesn’t just show up and look cute to win all those races.

@SanFranLefty: Not only can that kid not fight, he can’t even cover up.

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