Revenge of the Nerds

Dear gawd, we should have run with this Wednesday or Thursday, before it got out of hand…

But we didn’t, so let’s take it from the top.

Fox News, Wednesday:

A “tea bag” reference in a recent Captain America comic book that has angered the Tea Party movement will be removed by Marvel Comics in future editions, the story’s writer told

In issue No. 602 of Captain America, “Two Americas, Part One,” the title hero and The Falcon, a black superhero from New York City, stumble upon a protest rally in Boise, Idaho. They see scores of protesters carrying signs that say “Stop the Socialists!” and “Tea Bag The Libs Before They Tea Bag YOU!”

Captain America says the protest appears to be an “anti-tax thing,” and The Falcon jokes that he likely would not be welcomed into the crowd of “angry white folks.”

Teabaggers didn’t care for the accurate representation of their efforts, so they complained to Marvel. Writer Ed Brubaker backed away from the fracas, saying the sign text was added in production, post-story. Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada also blamed the letterer, saying he was “mortified at his mistake” — although he was using actual teabagger signs as his source material.

And now it’s all over the fucking place. Here. You deal with it.

Tea Party Jab to Be Zapped From Captain America Comic, Writer Says [Fox]

Why Captain America Hates America, Apparently [io9]

Marvel backs down to Tea Party activists over Captain America comic depicting a right-wing protest [ThinkProgress]

Captain America Has a Civil-Libertarian Bent But Iron Man Was Right [Spencer Ackerman/FDL]

Iron Man was right [Ezra Klein/WaPo]


They’re also freaking out over Roger Ebert of all people calling them teabaggers on Twitter. He claims he’d forgotten it had another meaning, which I don’t believe, but anyway. His comment when tweeting that link was: “Can you imagine validating yourself by writing for the kinds of people who post these comments? Scroll down.”

@finette: Roger Ebert, cowriter — with Russ Meyer — of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls? That one?

In fairness, I can’t remember everything I did in 1970 either.


Sometimes I think Benedick is right about you. What straight man knows about THAT movie?

cartoon characters complaining about cartoon characters.
you cant make this stuff up.

Isn’t that a Stan Lee cameo in the foreground with the cowboy hat and sunglasses?

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: Wait, wait — what straight man knows about a Russ Meyer movie? Did I misread the midnight-show audiences in college?

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: Actually, I think that’s the Unabomber bottom left. I made sure not to crop him out.

“Teabag the Libs”? Oh, you lucky liberal men, about to get your balls sucked. I imagine it feels better for the teabaggee when the teabagger is missing his/her teeth.

@nojo: Some of the writing on the signs looks like Arabic.

And no one’s upset at the logical oversight of a “crowd” in Boise? There’s more people in that image than in all of Idaho, Montana, and the Dakotas combined!

@SanFranLefty: Little do they realize how miniscule the danger is for reciprocal teabagging.


Nononono. Too close to the teeth. I can deal with that with the twig, but it’s too weird for the berries.

does anyone else find it disturbing that Palestinian protesters are painting themselves blue and dressing up as Navi?

Not to interrupt this fascinating conversation on ball sucking technique, but John Cook at Gawker is going for Harold Ford’s jugular on dodging NY state taxes.

Man, I’m having SOCOM flashbacks. Anyone who tells you that it all started with Halo is a liar.

You know, I find it hilarious that there are teabaggers out there who seem to be wildly offended by the accusations of racism. Like I said in the comments for the Houston TPS’s post on Dale Robertson, they named themselves after a bunch of white people that disguised themselves as Native Americans so they could go and destroy someone else’s property.

@JNOVjr: Just Stay away from the New Republic

@JNOV: It’s cool. I’m more a fan of the Old Republic, anyway.

@nojo: Great taste. A friend sent me that a while back. Same guy showed me this, too.

@JNOVjr: Excellent. When did chops come back? I never get the memo.

If Marvel actually had a pair, they would replace the “offending” sign with other Tea Bag Classics like:

Take Back White America
This Sign is the Brownest Thing On This Block
or maybe
We Came Unarmed – This Time

Either of the first two would be truly classic – and it would definitely explain The Falcon’s response…

@al2o3cr: Marvel may have had a pair, but Disney fixed them upon adoption.

@nojo: When did chops come back? I never get the memo.
I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t get the reference.

@nojo: Gotta love Andrew Dickman.

@JNOVjr: Good to know when it’s time to drop ancient slang…

Chops, or muttonchops, refer to thick bushy sideburns, sometimes found on vocalists for contemporary bands.

@nojo: Oh durr. Should’ve realized. In fact, the friend I mentioned earlier was kind of obsessed with the things for a while…

@nojo: We were totally thinking Karate chops.

@nojo: Or Sex Pistols fanboy – you choose.

@JNOVjr: @JNOV: It happens. I learned ten years ago to stuff all my stock Gilligan’s Island references in the back of the closet.

@nojo: Oh, I watched that and The Beverly Hillbillies everyday. And the Amazing Spiderman.

@nojo: Now come on, if you like Muse, the reincarnation of King Crimson, how can you not like The Killers?

I am fascinated by the fact that “alternative” (do they still call it that?) music these days is deeply, deeply, mining the entire ouvre, as it were, of rock and roll, but they are not aping or stealing, to me, this is a sign that rock and roll is a mature art form, and artists feel comfortable with the entire palate of styles.

Have you listened to Jesus of Suburbia? Now, I do think Greenday doesn’t so much explore the possibilities of various historical styles of rock and roll, as opposed to simply stealing good riffs and playing them to a punk tempo, but for God’s sake, Jesus of Suburbia, half of it, is Mott the motherfucking Hoople, of all things. Mott the motherfucking Hoople, I doubt one in a hundred of their fans sees it.

@Promnight: Good call on the Hoople link, Prom. Upside is that Joey and most of the other Ramones started out as glam rockers, so the circle moshpit is unbroken.

Popular music has always been about periods of malaise broken by earth shaking changes. The Charleston? Dixieland. Pat Boone? The Beatles. Disco and glam? Punk. New Wave? The Pixies and Nirvana. It’s just a little harder to keep up these days.

*get off my lawn*

Hey, we are near to an exploration of the pop culture that shaped us, I will do a list, here are the pop culture artifacts that remain huge in my mind:

Warner Brothers cartoons, Bugs, Tweety, Daffy, Roadrunner, Foghorn Leghorn, a neglected one, Pepe LePew, Yosemite Sam, basically anything voiced by Mel Blanc.

60s sitcoms, Bewitched, the Munsters, My Mother the Car, McHale’s Navy, Gilligan, The Time Tunnel, there is some switchover here with 60s bizarro stuff, like Its About Time, Star Trek, I Dream of Genie, Green Acres.

Older movie shorts that were played on TV in the 60s and into the 70s, Abbot and Costello, The Bowery Boys, The Three Stooges, Our Gang (Spanky and Buckwheat).

WWII TV shows, Combat, 12 O’clock High, The Rat Patrol.

Miscellanea, Ed Sullivan, The Monkeys, Gentle Ben, Flipper. Lassie, Leave it to Beaver, My Three Sons, whatever.

And this is all pre-70s, when you get to Partridges, Brady Bunch, shit, it explodes from there.

@Nabisco: When are you coming back, dude, we need to get together and sort this stuff out.

@Nabisco: I is gonna call you on da brudders being glam, OK, glam, its definitely a neglected influence on punk, the MC-5 and the New York Dolls were both absolutely glam and also punk precursors, but then you explore the influence of Iggy on David Bowie, and yes, it was Iggie I think, influencing Bowie, and you have to start thinking proto-punk actually may have split into glam and punk, but then it re-merged, and you have Slade and to some extent, Queen, and shit, you are right, glam and punk are really closely related, aren’t they? My favorite post-punk bad these days, the Fratellis, have massive amounts of Slade influence, and The Killers, also, Queen and Slade, and The Smiths and the Cure, and then you get back to where this all started, someone mentioned Muse, which is very glam.

@Promnight: I’m sorry, プロムちゃん, were you saying something? I couldn’t hear you.

@Promnight: “When are you coming back, dude, we need to get together and sort this stuff out.”

Thanks. Now I have “Cats in the Cradle” running through my head as an earworm….

When you coming home, dad, I don’t know when, but we’ll be together then…

@SanFranLefty: Hey, I love that song. We used to sing it at my hippy summer camp all the time…

@JNOVjr: You gotta tell me, where was this hippie camp? I send my son to a Quaker camp I affectionately call “Camp Bongwater.”

OMG, I wonder if Manchu can watch NBC in Canada City.

The NBC “This is Canada” profile by Tom Brokaw they’re airing before the Opening Ceremonies* is obviously geared towards to mouth-breathers who have never left the US or opened a geography book. I feel like I’m sitting in geography class for the short bus crowd.

“It’s cold in Canada,” “There are a lot of immigrants in Canada,” “Canada has factories and they live in houses,” “Canada is our friend – the country comes and fights in US ‘Merika’s wars and lets our planes land at their airports on 9/11” as the crazy uplifting crescendo music plays.


@SanFranLefty: We all need to get together, for a big weekend, like a Big-Chill-Out weekend, preferably at RML’s best campsite, a three-day event at least, with all these big brains and big opinions, combined with our humility and love, we would be able to hash out a manifesto for life and humanity going forward that would solve all the worlds problems, I think.

Or at least, we could dance beneath the stars around a campfire to rocking tunes and connect with nature and the Big Spirit and find a way to reconcile the way we wish the world were with the way it is, and find in fellowship some happiness and shared strength that will recharge us and help us keep on keeping on, which is in the end the meaning of life, keeping on and being and enduring and finding happiness and thereby triumphing over the shitstorm of existence.

It really is something we gotta do.

We have found this community of kindred spirits, but seriously, being is doing, not thinking, now we gotta do something, as this community of kindred spirits.

Seriously, being is doing, we have to do something, together, as a community, in person, to make this a real thing. We do, we have to, we are letting something big in life escape us, to simply keep it at this level, and not have a real, big, serious, Stinque retreat.

I will say it again, we are letting the everyday mundane shit overcome the possibilities, if we allow humdrum business and life issues to prevent this community coming together in a real gathering. It won’t cost nothing much, we are talking a big camp-out. Sure, we all have so many other things, so many pots on the fire, but this is a real opportunity, something we can all make a priority.

A community has been formed here, but so far, even with the various meet-ups, its still largely virtual. But the connection here, with so much in the way of shared values, knowledge, beliefs, its something precious, and deserves a fucking opportunity to be brought to the next level. Every year, plumbers get together at the plumbers convention, phlebotomists get together at the phlebotomists convention, sheesh, how can it be we cannot get it together to have a Stinque Grand Convention, Campout, Drum Circle, and Cocktail-A-Thon?

@Promnight: Every day, before each meal (and after dinner, right before we went off to bed, too) we’d get together and sing. And then, when we were actually in our bunks, the director and his wife would walk around the camp and sing us to sleep.

I saw the opening ceremonies at the bar tonight, but the Canada City Conservative Television Network feed. We know how awful NBC is. The Canada City Coverage is decent, but CTV’s bunch of meat puppets are fucking morans, too, which makes me miss when CBC (the gubbiment Network) had the games because they are actually really good. CTV is not as insufferable as NBC’s condescending coverage (Bob Costas can lick my crusty asshole.)

One moment that really pissed me off was when they showed the Georgian team (FYI for those who don’t know, a luger died today in a horrific accident caused in part because of a bad design/construction compromise on the track and I think in part because no one but the Canada City team got access to it till the new year unlike in past Olympics. That pisses me off because the Olympics are supposed to be about common humanity, not turning it into state secrets. I guess this makes us no better than the Sovs or your US olympic committee, but I digress.)

What set me off was when Lloyd Robertson (who Floyd Robertson aka Count Floyd of SCTV was actually based on) uttered: “The Georgian team is showing the Olympic ideal proudly” as there was nary a happy face or smile or wave among them (and rightfully so.) I uttered loud enough for many to hear: “Shut the fuck up, you aged dildo!” They are mourning a teammate and stupid mealy mouthed bullshit coming from someone who doesn’t understand and who is afraid of silence sets me off.

I’m happy for the athletes, but the organizers and Canada City Gov can seriously go fuck themselves. Especially as details of the $$$ being blown are leaking out. This might go down as big a fiasco as Montreal.

We do fight with US America except when you guys go to places that had nothing to do with it, like Iraq. “I will do anything to fight, but I won’t go there…”

As for the actual post, the comic book artist made teh teabaggers look skinnier, more yout’ful and darker than they really are., but kept the stupid.

I work with a lot of Tejans at work (I’m the only Canada City type on my team) and they were talking about this as I joined the conference call. They were actually upset by this. I wisely kept my mouth shut (and mike on mute) but I did laugh at their talk.

They’re really not bad guys to work with, but like most injinears they are both naive and conservative when it comes to politics (I’m a freak in my profession as I’m a librul injinear.)

@ManchuCandidate: It was funny when Stephen Colbert joked about the Canadians cutting off access to the Olympic sites, now it’s not so funny, especially when the expose-seeking ‘Meriken reporters are blaming the Canucks for the luger’s horrific death.



Best flag evah!

And Michaëlle Jean always looks fabulous. LOVE the silver coat.

/Tape delayed fashion posts to follow

ADD: Who is that chick singing the Canadian national anthem? She sounds like a reject from American Idol.

The US Olympic team had every right to complain. Now the Vancouver committee (and the Feds) look like a bunch of negligent assholes. Looks like a lawsuit is brewing (and it should.)

I’m sure Gov Gen Jean looks fab, but she’s the biggest wuss Gov Gen we’ve ever had. She allowed Harper to run over her and prorogue (shut down) parliament 3 times in the past 3 years especially as scandals and a coalition opposition nearly took him down.

As for the singer… Canadian idol reject. Yes, we have our version of it here and the host is the loathed son of the most loathed PM in Canada City History, the elongated chinned Ben Mulroney (our Ryan Secrest) son of the Nyquil chugging (strictly for narcotic purposes) asshole Brian Mulroney. The song sucks. I’d rather listen to Getty Lee and Rush than that (and I don’t like Rush.)

Yes, we have our version of it here

I was wondering about that. I’d assumed it’d still be called “American,” though.

I don’t like Rush.

What? Who are you? Get out of my house. Or try some MSI. I doubt you’ll like them much better, though.

WTF are the Finns wearing? The Canadians are booing the French.

Gotta love the Georgians.

I’m not a very good Canada City Citizen. I’ve heard Rush a lot (yes, I can sing the lyrics for Tom Sawyer but not very well) which doesn’t help.

Getty Lee’s voice grates my ears and soul, and annoys me. To me he sounds like a screaming puppy.

Wait till you see the Kazakhstan team… of one.

I half expected Sasha Baron Cohen to come running out in a lime green ball sack sling while singing the Kazak National anthem (“and all other countries are like little girls!”

Folks in BC hate Quebec and it carries over to their more snooty fancy schmancy cheez eating cousins, les Francais. A dick move.

@SanFranLefty: Those Canadiastanis actually live in houses?!! With running water and toilet facilities and granite counters?!!

I thought, circa 1970, that they all lived in huts made of grass and permafrost, or maybe igloos.

What a wonderful world, where our northern neighbors can benefit from the magnificent munificent byproducts of good old US American Free Market Capitalism.

@ManchuCandidate: I guess I might be able to forgive you, then. I’m probably the only person on the planet that doesn’t like The Beatles, so I’m not really one to talk…

Oops, is this an Olympian clusterfuck? I’m gonna turn on the tv.


“Only Ireland separates Iran from Israel.” – Bob Costas

So my ginger cousins are the only ones preventing Armageddon in the Middle East?

And, WTF was going on with the lime green pants the Irish were wearing? For Crissake, my peeps!

@ManchuCandidate: If eating cheese is a bad thing, I am bad. In fact I am so bad I eat cheese while I’m doing, um, other things. Sorry vegans, I sympathize but cheese is where I draw the line.

Suck it, North Korea, we’re South Koreans and our flag bearer is almost fat! We eat protein!

@Pedonator: I could give up ice cream, milk, butter, and yogurt in a second. But cheese? No. I will therefore never be a vegan.

@Pedonator: They’ve even got a few brown people up there, too, apparently. Good thing the makers of the game switched that apostrophe in “Ta’xet” around or they might have inadvertently offended someone

@JNOVjr: Oh FSM, even after following those links I don’t know exactly what you mean, but I love you JNOV. Sorry, I just turned on the Olympics and I see the only “non-rectangular national flag” and such, and I applaud that, I really do.

Poor Matt Lauer(?), he’s got too many nationalities competing in his fambly.

@SanFranLefty: That’s just not funny. OK, it is. But only if you’re one of US. Those hapless North Kroans must be starved for McNuggets and In-N-Out Burgers, craving the hormones and antibiotics that you can only get (without a prescription) from the unstoppable US American Industrial Food Trough.

@SanFranLefty: Still nothing uglier than those German uniforms–the neon colors! the 70s dees-co lettering!
Fashion gold goes to the Italians, IMHO. Did Armani do the uniforms again?

The Olympics on TV are a vondervul excuse to trot out stereotypical characterizations of national character, aren’t they?

Wait — didn’t we just have a sporting event? Isn’t that all we get for the year?

And what’s the giant crystal teddy bear all about?

Whales? I picked the wrong millennium to quit smoking dope.

Wow… This is like the bestest Firesign Theatre album ever.

Honest to God, I’ve got to keep my cackling down or I’ll frighten the neighbors.

NB to Benedick: Happy Tree People!

I’m sure the people in the room next to me think I’m high. WHen I saw the neon pink “salmon” I thought I might be.

@Mistress Cynica: Just opened a beer to calm down. This is too, well, too.

@nojo: I thought that giant crysal teddy bear was meant to represent, you know, all the bears we’re killin’ with our relentless economic growth. Canada doesn’t want that kind of thing, unless it’s about tar sands or, you know, economic growth.

Oh my fucking god… Oh the humanity…

Springtime for Hitler — ON ICE!

Someone tell Charlie Daniels the devil apparently went up to Canada.

“And after an exhilerating day of seeing these huge chunks of ice floating down the St. Johns…”

And you know that before this is over we’re going to be subjected to Celine Dion.


@Mistress Cynica: I thought the Canadians didn’t believe in torture?

When I wake up screaming, BLAME CANADA.

In Sandy Eggo, we were just treated to a Jack-in-the-Box commercial where Jack bungee-jumps head first into concrete. Which pretty much sums it up.

“Who Has Seen the Wind? A Tribute to Canada’s Vast Prairies.”

Both Sides Now? I thought we banned that song in the Seventies.

A tribute to Canada’s vast prairies? WTF?

What part of the prairies? What part of the ecosystem? Which part are we honoring?

The part that is poisoned and lost?

Oh, I see, the part that provides nostalgic beauty for pop songs!

Stop it! I’ll talk! The bomb’s in the bus-station locker!

@nojo: Is it wrong that I half-hope Prairie Boy meets the same fate?

I’d love to see the rehearsal: “More awe, dammit!”

@Mistress Cynica: Yes, it’s wrong, and the very same thought crossed my mind.

@nojo: It doesn’t matter that you’ve confessed, you must be tortured by bastardizations of once-loved pop songs until you renounce your very being!


Please let a nekkid woman jump out of the mountain… Please let a nekkid woman jump out of the mountain…

Meanwhile in London, Terry Gilliam is screaming “THEY STOLE MY NEXT MOVIE!”

Good to see the National Circus School grads getting work.

@nojo: Sorry, it’s just a bunch of redclad snowboard dudes.


Everyone in the audience is wearing white tarps so they don’t get hit by the watermelons.

Beijing totally kicked Western ass. You know it. We all know it. Now just bend over.

And here come the James Cameron Dancers!

That mountain looks just like my mashed potatoes!

Polite Poetry Jam. Instant YouTube Classic.

OK, now we have self-actualization poetry.


“We have universal healthcare. Suck on it, bitchez.”

Sorry, this is just wrong. Vancouver is, I’m sure, a beautiful place with lots o’culture, but this is not how to show it.

@Pedonator: The harder they try, the harder they fail.

@nojo: Well, that’s one thing. But it should have been put more forcefully, as in, “We have coverage bitches, what the fuck do you have? Nothing? Yeah? Suck this Socialist single-payer-covered cock!”

The only appropriate finale would be to behead the director of this horror.

@Mistress Cynica: “My name is John Furlong, and I’m responsible for plunging our city into debt for the next generation.”

“The longest domestic-torture relay in Olympic history ends in this stadium…”

@Pedonator: Cirque de Canada. When is Wayne Gretzky going to end this long national nightmare?

I will be haunted by red maple leaves and the Devil Going Down to Manitoba.

And what? No love for k.d. lang or Neil Young?j

/damn, I need some mushrooms or BC Bud right now

Light the fucking torch already! The crowd is about to turn on you.

Why are the US ‘Merikens the only team with a giant corporate logo slapped on them?

Keepin’ it Klassy and Korporate!

Just explain how the Oscar votes are counted and get off the fucking stage.

“And thanks to NBC for losing hundreds of millions on this sorry spectacle.”

Yeah, our fucking endurance in watching this, you Canadian chopping head. I just wanted to see the outfits, then Mr. SFL wanted to wait and see if Joni Mitchell was going to be playing.

That Canadian crowd cheer is freaking me out.

@nojo: I’m channeling every South Park episode ever, imagining the snapping heads.

I don’t speak French, but his French is atrocious.

Two languages down, thirty-six to go…

@SanFranLefty: Team queefing is a demonstration sport this year.

When are we going to have a Rush medley? Fucking Canucks…

k.d. lang singing Leonard Cohen!!! It’s all worth it!!

If you think we’re going to forgive the past three hours for the sake of a Leonard Cohen song…

…well, you might be right.

@nojo: sung by a big ghey dyke like kd lang? Yes, yes I forgive them for the Devil Goes Down to Manitoba.

@SanFranLefty: Really: A singer, a song, a stadium of candles. What else do you need?

@SanFranLefty: Lot’s of love for Canadians.

The bloviation about wonderful human rights, from a nation that continues to send hapless soldiers to fight an unwinnable war, while we all think there is something that makes a difference here at home. What do you think of predator drones that assassinate people without benefit of trial or any semblance of due process?

Almost none of us cares about the soldiers out there, and I’m not sure I care in the end. Soldiers have signed up to follow orders. Those orders are often to commit crimes. I don’t remotely think that those people are protecting me.

What is a patriot to do?

Gretzky, light the fucking cauldron already!

k.d.’s Leonard Cohen cover has been my fave so far; so simple and elegant.

@nojo: I will always give a pass for Anne Muray.

Whose responsible for checking in on Benedick in the morning to make sure he hasn’t died of fright?

I can’t get over how awesomely massive BC Place looks on teevee. Honestly, it doesn’t look that big IRL–are they using wide-angle lenses?

@Pedonator: I will always love her for a bit on Fernwood 2-Nite where she tried to lip-sync to a Snowbird tape going horribly wrong.

Vancouver? Looks more like Cylon-occupied Caprica to me.

Got it: The whole evening has been “Christmas in Heaven” from Meaning of Life.

@Original Andrew: Now that you mention it, Head Six is sitting next to me.

@Original Andrew: And how is that different from any other city occupied by the delusional status quo?

The Mexico City Black Power fists, brought to you by Coke.

@nojo: Ukranian gymnasts thank you. By pushing their crotches against your face.

But be careful, they may be spies.

Is it just me or do the Vancouver torches look like giant joints?

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the Fortress of Solitude!


They don’t call it Vansterdam for nuthin’.


Mr. OA and I once went to the Simon Fraser campus aka “Caprica City” to retrace the steps of Baltar, Caprica Six, President Roslin, et al.

We even took a photo outside the building where Starbuck parked her stolen Raider when she retrieved the Arrow of Apollo.

Frak me, we’re geeks!!

@Original Andrew: Hey, I was catching up on Caprica tonight before I noticed everyone gabbing about the ceremony.

@SanFranLefty: And in Sandy Eggo, a Meg ad. She’s more frightening than Carly!

@SanFranLefty: Shaun White probably had the same thought about the torches.

@SanFranLefty: Really?

Fuck this reality, I’m watching Meg Whitman. I don’t want to watch Meg Whitman.

I do not want that, no I do not. I do not want to watch Meg’s plot. I do not want that, no I do NOT.

@Pedonator: But here we have active people and fat newscasters!

@nojo: Nothing but admiration for those athletes, they work their muscular bodies to the ultimate, one can only imagine what their sweaty armpits might taste like.

The newscasters, well, I haven’t seen one yet that I’d want to taste. But that may be because I haven’t watched enough.

@Pedonator: I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a local newscast here. Probably because we don’t have slow-speed chases.


Probably because we don’t have slow-speed chases

Is that a challenge?

I fell asleep on the couch and pretty much missed the Opening Ceremonies, although I remember it looking as if Indians had landed on the Moon. Salt water flyfishing on ESPN now – that’s how early it is here.

I could do a camp out. Drum circle? No. We’ll build a sweat lodge and see who makes out alive.

I’m going to a Western-themed wedding of first cousins today up at a rural Baptist church. I go with an open mind.

me too reds, the last thing i remember is bavaria marching in, china woke me up a little. then i rallied to see 2 american ice dancers being interviewed. i sad to RB, omg, why are they dressed exactly alike, how creepy! he said, that’s the american uniform goofy–go back to sleep. and so, i did.

My God, this is what happens when you mix Sport with Canadian Musical Theatre!

@Pedonator: That be my son talking to you, and I am not responsible for anything he says or does here. :-*

@Pedonator: Heh, wrong JNOV. I’m her son. Basically, the first link was to the back story of a Canadian Native American super hero in the game Champions Online. The second link is to a Wikipedia page that gives some insight into the mythology of the Haida, a people indigenous to parts of Canada and Alaska, whom the character was apparently based on.

In the character’s bio, they tell a story that has to do with the “god of violent death,” whom they call “Tax’et”. If you skim the article about the Haida, you’ll see that they believe in a god of violent death, too, but they apparently call it “Ta’xet”.

Why is it that every time someone decides to make an Indian super hero, he’s always wearing nothing but feathers and a speedo? I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve only ever seen people in headdresses, doin’ the Grass Dance at pow-wows, and even then, everyone was at least wearing a shirt.

I fell asleep after the Merricans walked in. Those First Nations folks can really dance a long time, eh? I’ll be seeing Cynica at the antiquarian book fair today and will get an update.

@JNOV: Oops!

@JNOVjr: Oops! Sorry. And though I lived in Alaska for two years I never heard about the Haida. They sound kick-ass. And I am ignorant.

@Pedonator: And I am ignorant.

We all are. We all are. ;P

@mellbell: Haha, well, I don’t hate them or anything. I think they were talented and all. They’re just not really my thing.

That and eeeeeeveryone loves them. I’ve got a similar problem with Nirvana. I mean, I like them and all, but whenever people ask me what kind of music I listen to, I say, “Grunge,” they say, “What?” then I say, “Ever heard of Alice in Chains?” “No.” “Stone Temple Pilots?” “No.” “Soundgarden?” “No.” “*Sigh* Nirvana?” “Oh yeah, I love them!”

@JNOVjr: My kid has the same problem. Kids is so square now. AIC Unplugged is our dinner party music, BTW.

Vancouver is my favorite city ever, ever. I have to carry Mrs. Prom’s briefcase to her annual trade shows all over the world, though I have not gone in 3 years now. But I went to a few great cities I would never have seen, and stayed in Hotels I would not be allowed to walk through the lobby of. Paris, Lisbon, Venice, Pheonix (actually, that little adjoining hioty toity place, stayed in some grand desert resort), and Vancouver.

Vancouver is the bomb. My favorite part is this, they have these little cartoon tugboat things, they ferry all around the waterways, these little cute brightly-colored things that look like a miniature, cartoon tugboat, like the taxis in Roger Rabbit. They have like 20 little stops, and they are constant, you just walk out on the dock, one will be along, soon enough, and you take a little ride through the harbor to get to where you are going. For next to nothing, less than a taxi in NYC.

And there was this one “captain,”, driver, whatever, she was almost a perfect replica of Ana Marie Cox, strawberry blonde, pretty, but younger and prettier than Ana Marie. It was 5 or 6 years ago, I was smitten, still am.

Check out the graphics on that Canadian chick’s skis. Like old school K2 244s that I used to lust over.

Hey y’all. Back from a weekend on the curry trail. I heard the news about the Georgian before I left, and just caught that Ohno nabbed another silver in his quest to trump a third generation of Koreans (who absolutely hate him for 2002). This is the best summation of the opening ceremonies EVAH!.

@JNOVjr: You’re warmed up, Junior. Now you’re ready for Mudhoney. Like Soundgarden, except great.

For the record, I don’t think the boy realizes that I’ve been singing the Beatles to him since he was an infant, and, yes, he does like them.

C’mon folks, bashing the Beatles to a crowd of near-Boomers and Xers is a no-brainer. Even I would do it if I could get away with it, just to hear the harumphs.

@JNOV: Don’t worry — I’m just waiting for the right moment to tell Jr he reminds me of one of the dudes in the Gamefly commercial. Fogies can fire back.

@Nabisco: Oooh, sounds interesting.

@JNOV: I didn’t say I hated them. I said I’m not huge on them. Liking one or two songs by a band doesn’t make you a fan.

@nojo: That’s really more like a friend of mine. Case in point: his Facebook status right now reads, “Enjoy your valentines day you bunch of fucking assholes.”

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