The Giant Crystal Bear Ate Our Homework

Just about the time we were ready to do some intensive research on a hilarious post about a new online wingnut game, we got distracted by the most awesomely wrong opening ceremony in Olympic history.

Well, except Berlin, of course.

If you weren’t there for Vancouver FailFest 2010 last night, we weep for your grandchildren, forever denied the story of how you survived it.


I left the bar after Team Canada City entered BC place so I missed this mess.

Thus my soul, eyes and love for Canada City remain.

My Osage friend from Oklahoma said “k.d. laing looks like Matthew Perry, but she sure can sing.”

All the NDNs on FB, and Lefty as well, commented on why the First Nations people had to keep dancing throughout the whole thing.

Because US America isn’t the only nation in North America that likes to torture.

The west coast of Canada City is sometimes strange to me. I’ve read enough of the history to know that the white folks who settled there (many US Americans!) did not like the 1st nations folk (and the Chinese who built and died on the Trans Canada Railway) and many still don’t because of the land claims issues. I have seen white people screaming about how the red folk are taking away “their” (white folk) land presented in unironic fashion.

Yet they took the love of all things native overboard from what I gathered.

@ManchuCandidate: People are retarded. The Americas were founded on rape, murder, forced religious conversion and illegal immigration. The way I see it, anyone of any skin color that isn’t “red” really has no right to bitch about land, immigration or people not speaking the national language.

DEVELOPING HARD: Luge goes on tonight, as planned. Full venting here.

I punked out when the 2nd endless speech started. My hat is off to y’all who made it all the way thru. Sorry I missed kd doing Hallelujah (I assume that was the Cohen song?)

@Mistress Cynica: Yes it was, and it came very close to wiping away memories of the past two or three hours. But then they brought in the Giant Reefers to light the Olympic Bong.

@Mistress Cynica: @nojo: I love her voice and I love that song, but it didn’t really do it for me last night. I think it’s because the song is so beautiful in its stark simplicity with the Cohen or Buckley version, and doesn’t lend itself well to the kind of power and embellishment you need for Opening Ceremonies. But at least it was better than that wretched version of O Canada at the beginning. Talk about fortelling things to come!

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