22 Bahman

An opposition map shows proposed routes to a rally in Tehran's Azadi Square.

Today is Sarah Palin’s 46th birthday. It’s also the 31st anniversary of the Iranian Revolution. One is notable because of an accident of history. The other is world-historical.

Iranians take their anniversaries very seriously. The mourning of the dead follows a strict calendar, one that was significant in the original revolution, and significant again in mourning the fallen like Neda. Both the people and their rulers are acutely aware of the schedules: each anniversary that approaches, the government attempts to smother the inevitable street protests.

Nobody knows what will happen today — is already happening, by the time this is posted. Political prisoners have been executed. Green remains a dangerous color to display in public. Access to Gmail is being cut off. And still, cries of “marg bar dictator” — Death to the Dictator — can be heard from Tehran rooftops.

Americans inspired by Sarah Palin are quick to invoke Hitler, Stalin and Mao, in their fear that our nation has become a tyranny. They, like their leader, don’t have a fucking clue.

Iran protests: live blog [Guardian UK]

Overview: Reading 22 Bahman [Tehran Bureau, via Sully]


Why should they? In Fatass Diabeetus Candyland, all the bad guys are fiber pushing, vegetable eating Hitlers, Maos and Stalins.

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Wait, Iran is still around? I’d assumed it had been swallowed up in the vortex created by Michael Jackson’s death. That’s what the news led me to believe, anyway.

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@baked: @JNOV: @SanFranLefty: @TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I’m amazed that I managed to finish that section in the first place. I was running on, maybe, four hours of sleep and I usually run out of time even when I get my beauty rest. Mom keeps trying to coax me into being excited, but I refuse to compromise my values for her sake.

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