Sarah Palin Behind the Music

Would you spend $549 to hear Sarah Palin speak? No? Well, how about $19?

She also focused heavily on her trademark lines as a crutch. During one incredulous example of a way to get motivated describing a bed time fairy tale she told to her daughter: “Last night Piper asked me to tell her a bedtime story and I said ‘YOU BETCHA,’ let me tell you about two brothers named Abel and Cain…”

The crowd was made up mostly of office-workers who opted to come to an “all day business seminar” instead of sitting in their cubicle and so the fanfare was minimal. As I gazed around the audience from my VIP seat — just feet away from the stage — I had the impression that most of those sitting near me were insulted. Sarah Palin was clearly still in campaign mode, but this wasn’t a crowd looking for a stump speech.

She ended by spending several minutes with her head down reading from the podium and gave a very abrupt and final “God Bless America” before departing the stage. As she left one man with a thick country drawl leaned over to me and said “you know, she’s not that impressive in person.”

Far be it from us to read too much into a single anecdotal account. Only it’s the first we’ve heard of Talibunny outside a highly controlled environment since the Katie Couric interview.

Sarah Palin’s debut as a motivational speaker: Houston attendees rate her a ‘Fail’ [Crooks and Liars]

If I had to listen to Sarah Palin attempt to motivate me, I’d quit, too.

Delegates at the Nashville conference shat all over her performance, there, too. She just needs to give up on the speech crap and give the mouthbreathers what they want: sexualized fascist ravings, Talibunny reclining naked, reading from Mein Kampf and fingering herself and shouting sieg heil when she climaxes.

As far as motivational speaking goes, she’s no George Bush.

11th Circuit (in Florida) provides another reason why we should tell the state to GTFO

In short, the appeals court upheld the idea that “community standards” could be applied to material neither produced in that community nor specifically for that community.

In shorter, “Tinytown, Eastredneckistan” can now charge anyone in the US with violating obscenity laws for things published on the Internet. Any takers on how long it takes Liberty University to start sending out teams to “help” small locales?

if you pay me 549 bucks I would consider it. if I can bring an Ipod.

there is more than one dangerous fuckwit out there.

I have been trying to warn people for a long time to take Huckabee seriously

he is far more dangerous than Palin will ever be.

In a reminder of his strength with social conservatives, Mike Huckabee leads his nearest GOP competitor by 10 percentage points, according to a new poll of Alabama Republicans.

@Capt Howdy: They’re all the same, all these evangelicals. He’s particularly revolting because not everything he says is ridiculous. Karen marie’s link to the navy blog has really done me in. I might just have to go and drink champagne.

Am reading The Family with a certain amount of skepticism. It’s all done at such a melodramatic pitch it’s hard to concentrate on what he’s telling us. I almost gave up in the first chapter which is all conversations reconstructed (badly) years after the fact. But Sharlet is interesting when explaining the evangelical obsession with ‘free markets’ as an expression of God’s intent. Regulation of banks, for example, becomes a direct rebuke to the will of God. I don’t know how we all got so stupid. Hopey the Wonder Unicorn was touted as being free of the taint of the 60s. But the christer right is still working on repealing the 30s. They haven’t even got to the 60s yet.

And what happened then? How was it that the beginnings of a real democratic awakening turned into sex, drugs and rock’n’roll? Or am I kidding myself? Was it only ever that?

oh I disagree. you should talk to some survivors of Huckabees reign in arkansas. the man is pure and truly evil. and I am not trying to be funny.
he is to be feared. for one thing. he actually has core principals. and not in a good way.
I would take Romney over Huckabee in a nanosecond. I would even take Palin over Huckabee.

being of the 60s I tend to think it was always about sex drugs and rock and roll. politics just happened to be around and became a target because the “moral majority” tried to queer the party. the romans had wine women and song, we have sex drugs and rock and roll. its timeless.

TJ/ What happened to the playground/soundbox/Cone of Silence? Gawd I hate the new look over there…

@Capt Howdy: The Huckbee Report, some cornpone Paul Harvey-style dogshit, is now on 500 stations nationwide. I catch it fairly often waiting for news on the radio.


Nate Silver takes an interesting peak at the 2012 Republican primary calendar and handicaps the chances for each of the prospective candidates.

The bottom line: Mitt Romney currently has the clearest path to victory — particularly with a calendar that doesn’t favor Southern conservatives — while Sen. John Thune also has a “versatile set of strategies.

Also – join Fans of Camoflage Duct Tape on FB if you have not already. Did you you LL Bean sells “Maine Guide” plaid pattern duct tape?

@Capt Howdy: Romney was the only one who had a hope of being elected. I think he’s still their best candidate. The only one who seems remotely rational.

Huckabee can seem quite charming when Jon Stewart is interviewing him. Personally, he seems like he’d make a very good manager for the local Price Chopper.

Plus wasn’t that ‘poll’ talking about Alabama: the Retard State?

Nate Silver may think so but I think Ronmey has a problem with the base. he is a Mormon. Huckabee is a preacher. and his “dismissability” by the thinking class is his biggest asset aside from that.

the Price Chopper thing is precisely why they wont see him coming.

what could be more indicative of the republican base?

also I have to say all the dismissive stuff I am hearing about Huckabee is exactly what I heard when he ran for governor of arkansas.
and won.

plus it would be good to remember that he won the Iowa caucus quite handily.

one last thought. he is catnip for the base every bit as much as Palin. he IS Palin with a 5 oclock shadow and actual convictions.
be afraid.

My bet’s been on Huckabee for awhile now. He appeals to the base, and he can hold his own with Stewart and Colbert. Unlike Palin, he’s not a self-caricature.

@nojo: Not to mention there’s a pretty decent sized chunk of Republicans who think Sarah should be at home taking care of her kids. Huckabee isn’t dumb as a box of hammers, either.

@SanFranLefty: No he’s not. And, as I learned Saturday, he plays geetar. He’s fundie, populist, and can sound intelligent when he needs to.

Can he beat Obama? Doubt it. But I wouldn’t take it for granted.


Ten minutes later, driving away from the fund-raiser, I caught myself thinking: Hey, this guy doesn’t seem like a total dickhead. I can almost see him as president…

Then I woke up and did some homework that changed my mind. But I confess: It took a little while. Huckabee is that good.


Hey Nojo, if you’re feeling the linque love, I found the first accessory you’ll need to go with your iPad.

interesting take. I think some of that needs to be updated to the Palin era.
he is not dumb at all. he is very very shrewd. he is pure evil wrapped in aw shucks. I think a lot of the things that defeated him the last time could help him this time. for instance the tea baggers were made for Huck.
Can he beat Obama?
it depends on a lot of things but I certainly would not put it outside the realm of possibility if thing continue the way they are going.
and he plays the bass.

@flippin eck: I doubt the iPad will ever leave Stinque World Domination Headquarters. (Except if we figure out how it can drive Silent Creative Partner’s stage show.) And I know this is cheating, but the first accessory will likely be the keyboard stand — I had fantasies of using it during the Super Bowl the other night.

@Capt Howdy: I suspect he plays the bass better than Bubba plays sax. And he can drop an Entwistle anecdote.

The three players are being mentioned right now are Palin, Mittens, and Huckles. I’m convinced that Palin won’t run — she makes her money on teasing for a run, which is a lot less work than the real thing. Mittens, meanwhile, will forever worship the wrong God for the fundies.

And that leaves Aw Shucks Huck.

Way too early to start breaking out in a sweat. But he’s the dude to watch.

I think that is exactly right. and the frightening thing is with the rise of the tea baggers his time may have come.

I have also been hearing Thune. he could be real.

@Capt Howdy: I did indeed. I’ve already gotten shit from a coworker for using the obvious Carole King reference in my status update on Facebook today.

@flippin eck:
the thing is this fucking giant aquarium I just set up has a stand that, shall we say, is not what I would like it to be.
I commented to a friend while setting it up that at least I dont have to worry about earthquakes (like in LA)
this weekend I am investigating ways of “substantiating” that stand.

I can’t wait to hear what Sister Sarah has to say about the TED spread and its implications for the futures market.

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