Groucho or Karl?

After our new Postmodern Overlords dropped one in Minnesota, the next was deposited north of Kansas City.

Now please, don’t go buying a “Who is John Galt?” billboard and spoil the fun.


So let’s talk Marxist.

Ok, let’s even talk Socialist.

The thing that leaves me so disgustingly titillated, yet without orgasm, is the way TeaBaggers throw around these memes without any remote understanding of what the fuck they are saying.

Without any understanding of how completely Wall Street owns our Presnident, all his minions, and every single Congresscritter.


@Pedonator: George Carlin said we don’t have public servants – we have “owners”. I think he was right. We’re pretty much done.

@blogenfreude: We definitely have owners. Who knows what the fuck they plan. For us. For us “eaters”. I think some kind of serf-i-tude, but who knows?

@Pedonator: It would be so fine to be an owner. To have a vast place in Patagonia or some such place, where I can grow vegetables and run beef (I guess), without the interference of multinational corporations telling me how to grow my grass. Some place like a vast grassland over an aquifer in some place like Paraguay, or Brazil, or Argentina.

Oh, ok, the Bushes and Moonies have already bought up that land.

What to do?

I will ingratiate myself and my kin so that we can cohabit the Bushes’ luxurious bomb shelter. Yes, that’s the ticket.


…I would cure all ailments

…I’d make world peace

…no matter what the color of my skin

…I’d do good

I wouldn’t whitewash my predecessors’ failings
I’d uphold the rule of law
Somehow I’d make people who tortured others
Face a jury or at least a congressional inquiry

Somehow I’d make the world sing
A perfect harmony
And drink a Coke or a barrel of oil
In perfect hegemony

If I were Presnident
You can bet there’d be some changes
I’d hang those CIA operatives
Who abused their charges

But AMERICA must always be
above recrimination
When others argue against
genital mutilation

they are terrorists
because we accuse them so
they have no human rights
because we deem them evil

serial murderer, rapist, man about town
this is a criminal, let it be known
such a serious threat to society
must be put away for ever and ever

if he’s a terrorist it’s different
terrorists are much more horrific
put him away in a cage
no need to try him
he’s a terrorist

heh heh…don’t you get it folks. DON’T YOU SEE? Billy Bragg once said “Revolution is just a t-shirt away” (since modified to “email away”, I think).

In fact, it is just a billboard away. Where the Paultards failed (cool ideas, lousy movement/candidate) and Teabags sagged (USA for Teabaggers? Teabaggers for USA? US Teabaggers of A?), the ‘boarders will rule the day.

Fortunately I’m in a place where Star television shows reruns of television shows I never would have watched over there, so I won’t have to see the ridiculous amount of free airtime this idiotic messaging groundgame will get.

“when fascism comes to america it will be called anti-fascism”

-Huey Long

@Nabisco: Billy, ohmygod, I love Billy, he is just the most endearing commie, the sincerest pumpkin in the patch. This one always lifts my spirits:

Speaking of music, I just discovered this, and it is simply the greatest thing ever in the history of the universe, this week, its the Foo Fighters, doing Have a Cigar, with Brian May on guitar, fucking wow man.

breaking: Edwards and the alien engaged.

Source: politicalwire on FB citing National Enquirer

@redmanlaw: OMFG. Enquirer has been right on this so far. Have they booked Dave Matthews yet?

@redmanlaw: He WHAT????

Men. They’re all the same.

@SanFranLefty: I hope Elizabeth is every bit as big a bitch as the recent book made her out to be, and gets at least 75% of everything he has and ever will have in trust for her children. He, the alien, and their innocent spawn (who is the only reason I don’t wish for her to get absolutely everything) can eke by on the rest.

@Mistress Cynica:
I think they could eke by on 7.5 mil (based on 25% of estimated wealth when he ran for president)

@Mistress Cynica: Indeed. I wonder if Elizabeth will rewrite her will so that oldest daughter Cate (who I truly feel sorry for in this mess) has custody of the two younger siblings if/when Elizabeth dies, instead of them going to live with Johnny Mill and the alien.

@SanFranLefty: Johnny has really caused a shitload of tsuris here.

@Capt Howdy: Depends if he gets indicted on campaign finance charges. Do you know how fast a major defense firm could run through a piddling $7.5 mil? Plus, he has to build a new spaceship for the alien, because there’s no way Elizabeth doesn’t keep the Chapel Hill mansion for her kids.
@SanFranLefty: Cate is the one who’ll end up suffering the most. It goes beyond being responsible for keeping her siblings out of the alien’s clutches—what do you think her chances of ever being able to trust a man are? I’m going with zero. It would be a blessing if she prefers women anyway.

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