Let the Backstabbing Begin!

Remember Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment? Don’t worry, neither do Republicans:

DEMINT: Well, I’m not going to get involved with this race in Arizona. And if John McCain goes with this health care bill, I’ll be his biggest opponent and I think he knows that. But I don’t know that he’s going to do that. But what we’re trying to do is get some new senators from around this country who will stand with us on these key issues.

BECK: This is great news to me. So you are not endorsing him or helping him in Arizona?

DEMINT: No I’m not. I’m not getting involved with — I know J.D. well, and they can have their own race.

This wouldn’t have anything to do with SC teabaggers miscegenating with Republicans, would it? How much longer before Sarah Palin takes back her endorsement of Psychogeezer over teabagger favorite J.D. Hayworth? Maybe Sheriff Joe knows something.

DeMint Appeases Beck On McCain, Threatens To Be His ‘Biggest Opponent’ [ThinkProgress]

It’s the “Battle For the Planet of GOPers, I mean, Apes!”

Looks like Demint is gunning to be General Aldo.

GOPer must not ratfuck GOPer!

@SanFranLefty: This calls for my favorite mix of popcorn, Goobers, and Raisinettes.

This is all good. Break out the Jameson’s!

Arpaio knows nothing. He’s hated McCain for years and years. Dude didn’t even support him for president in ’00 or ’08.

Demint is probably wise to stay out of the primary contest, though. JD is counting on teabaggers which just shows his stupidity because, even though McCain isn’t popular with the base, he is still relatively popular with voters. Besides, independents are allowed to vote in the primaries. That’s not good news for Foghorn Leghorn.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Innit JD the congressman for the Navajo Nation and all those shit ass towns along I-40? I’ve never understood why the Dine’ have not been able to form a bloc and put a Dem in there. They are regarded as a loyal part of the Democratic base over here in New Mexico.

If only we could have all the national parks, big skys, sierras, prairies, Woodstock, etc, but not have to live in the US, how happy we could be.

Sorry, this is only interesting in the sense of partisan fighting, we know nothing Demrats or Repugs will can do can do anything to actually affect real change that will help the peeples.

I am so done with all of them. Not going to vote Demrat anymore, they have shown their true colors. Wouldn’t have voted Repug anyway, but I hope they take notice that another independent has disavowed any connection…

What is Left? I don’t feel any connection with a mainstream(?) Left movement, because they all seem to think that with a few tweaks all will be good. GROW the economy!

Nobody on the Left or Right (whatever either one might be at this point) seems to be advocating what we truly need, which is a controlled (?) contraction, localization, and a realization that we simply can’t keep breeding like there’s no tomorrow. Because there really won’t be.

@Pedonator: If I can’t have bread, I’ll settle for circuses.

@redmanlaw: Yeah, he used to be but that was before the redistricting. At the time, district 6 ran from Mesa/Scottsdale east to the NM line and up through the rim country (Mormonland) to the Navajo Nation (extracting Hopi). Now, though, NN is in district 1 which is basically all of northeastern AZ (extracting Hopi) and doesn’t touch the Phoenix metro area. Post-redistricting district 1 was represented by Rick Renzi but is now Dem with Ann Kirkpatrick.

@nojo: I wasn’t eligible for the last round of bread, so circuses GO!

All this reality makes one me wonder how much Bilderberger conspiracy theories may be true. “All you useless eaters…”, etc.

Really we all are useless eaters. Presupposing there is some higher calling that we should be striving for, why would such a Santa Claus reward us for defiling our commons?

I call atheist privilege to believe that nothing is predetermined or destiny. I think we just need to make things as good as possible for ourselves and our descendants.

One more atheist endorsing the Rapture!

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