Jon Stewart Eviscerates Stinque by Completely Ignoring Our Deliberately Inflammatory Headlines in Epic Blog Smackdown

Maybe if we start signing our posts “Dick Sweat”, we’ll get some love around here.

The Daily Show Picks on Blogs, Too! [Gawker]

Picking on HuffPo and DailyKos is like dynamiting fish in a lake. I wonder if Jon would like to take a long look at the stupid that is the Wingnut Blogosphere like Team Sarah or RedState or the Captain’s Log… er Locker.

Asshole. He is just ashamed to spotlight Stinque because we’ve got the apocalyptic vulgarity that his cheezy show so sorely needs.

Don’t act like a fucking precious little angel, Jon.

TJ, Snowpocalypse is about to begin here in the northeast, some are saying my area will get close to 3 feet, which should be enough to paralyze the state for days. Just hope the power and intertubes hold out, and all will be well.

If you sign your name Dick Sweat, you will get all the loving I could give.

@Prommie: re: Snowpocalypse. There will be extreme shortages of food and water, anarchy will reign and Baptists missionaries will be stealing “orphan” children for adoption.

@Benedick: We will be completely at the mercy of the snowbilly and her first dude on their snowmachines! They will enslave us all, to work as zombies in her underground grafting mills.

So far all we’re getting is wet, slushy snow. Don’t think it’ll really start accumulating until tonight.

@SanFranLefty: The irony. Should we leave it lying there or kick it into the gutter?

@Prommie: @mellbell: Seems like it’s heading up the coast and won’t be quite as bad here.

@Benedick: Given this is the crowd of morans that hold signs saying “No Pubic Option” and “Keep the Guverment Out of My Medicare,” perhaps a literacy test to vote wouldn’t be a bad thing.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ:

A thousand happy returns of the day, sweetheart.

@SanFranLefty: @Benedick:

Why stop there? Let’s make it so only those individuals that hold an advanced degree of some kind can vote or hold office.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: Those who have read and can discuss Plato’s Republic.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: @Dodgerblue: I would seriously support limiting it to people who can pass the citizenship test. How many of Tancredo’s supporters could pass the test the hated immigrants are required to take?

My neck of the woods, as it were, so to speak, he said, in a blizzard of hackneyed cliches (itself a hackneyed cliche), is under an official, genuine, 100% US Government Approved Blizzard Warning. They are calling for 50 MPH winds, thundersnow, 18 to 24 inches, starting to accumulate around midnight. The Ice Age is coming, panic is already striking, old people are lurching around the grocery stores, rioting over dwindling supplies of bread and milk.

My commute takes me through miles of bleak pine barrens, horrid country, preserved from development because it feeds an aquifer, and the only residential development in this area consists of age-restricted retirement communities. I plan to stop at the only grocery store out in that area, I figure that the rioting olds will have run their course by 6:00 pm, leaving the store empty and ravaged, but with plenty of food of the “not easy to digest” variety available.

I am trying to get the massive pre-apocalyptic orgies started, you know, how, back in the “constant dread of sudden nuclear armegeddon” days, you always figured that if you got the word the warheads were on their way, the thing to do would be to strip of your clothes and start copulating with a random stranger, so as to maximize one’s remaining time (that explains a lot about the 60s and 70s, doesn’t it?), but so far I have no takers; maybe I can interest the Mrs. Prom if and when she returns from across the pond, tonight.

@Dodgerblue: There goes my right to vote. Plato barada niktu?

i’ve been saying this for years.
i’d be content if the voters could pass a mental hospital intake nurse in order to vote.

do you know what day it is?
do you know why you’re here?

@Dodgerblue: Have a heart, dude — make it the Symposium. I’m sick and tired of the Cave Analogy.

@SanFranLefty: @Tommmcatt Say Relax: Muchos gracias, y’all! You will be happy to know I’ve already started drinking.

@Dodgerblue:I should add that to my list, then. Apparently, I had a shitatious high school experience because I’ve read only a quarter of the 100 books every college bound student should read, per the College Board.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ:
sorry to hear about the birthday. but as I always say, its better than the alternative.
and its a reason to drink.

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