Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About Keith Olbermann’s Sex Life

We’ve often mentioned that we find Countdown to be fine dinnertime entertainment. Weekdays at five is a perfect time for light political news. We doubt we could suffer anything like that at eight, but that’s a convenience of living on the Left Coast.

It helps that we don’t take Keith Olbermann seriously enough to bother with criticism. You can see the leading questions a mile away, and we enjoy watching guests try to bat them to the side. The show’s full of fun foul tips.

Which is why we also enjoy folks who do take Olbermann seriously, as if he was somehow important. The attacks fly from both directions — one side treating him at a hotheaded celebrity who needs to be taken down a peg, the other side treating him as a hotheaded traitor who dares question the Neocon Ascendancy.

Folks like Stuart Schwartz of Liberty University and the American Thinker:

Olbermann does not like women, especially attractive and/or accomplished women. Nor is he particularly fond of men. He is forever the awkward, angry teenager of his high school days who mystified psychologists, the überdork whose cruel taunts of the athletes he covered as a sports broadcaster were legendary, even as he yearned to be thought of as the stud that covers studs. Give it up, a Philadelphia Inquirer sports columnist suggested after watching Olbermann ridicule the appearance of an overweight athlete. He noted that the hefty lefty is “so bloated he looks as if he swallowed Dan Patrick [his ESPN co-anchor] back in 1997.”…

Women are anathema to Olbermann. He delights in demeaning them, and the more attractive or accomplished they are, the more malicious he gets. Conservative Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, who relishes her role as policymaker and mother, is a frequent object of his anger; columnist Michelle Malkin is a “big mashed up bag of meat with lipstick” because of her intelligence and traditional values; Sarah Palin is a moronic “Bush in a skirt”; and there’s nothing wrong with Hillary Clinton — who had the nerve to oppose Barack Obama in the Democrat primaries — that a good beating won’t cure…

Meanwhile, Olbermann’s personal problems with women — including his mother — are legion and well-publicized. Never married, he is a 51-year-old eggplant of a man whose dates begin and end with the first. His romantic failures have even played out in the pages of the New York Post, which has since taken down the Page Six item that peeked in his bedroom and described him as “boorish,” declaring that “Keith Gets Low Ratings in Bed.”

Ummm… dude. You start by proclaiming how Olbermann’s ratings make him beneath notice, then you spend a barrel of pixels noticing him. We’re obviously no fan of Beck, Rush and Loofah Bill, but at least we wait until one of them is extraordinarily egregious before devoting a moment’s thought to writing about them.

Besides, we’ve noticed a fact error: Bachmann, Malkin and Palin are neither attractive nor accomplished. We await your correction.

The Fat Lady Sings for Keith Olbermann [American Thinker]

And Rush is sooooo dreamy.

I don’t doubt Keef is an asshole in general, but contards wrapping themselves and their “movement” in the bra of the feminism movement they so hate is as awkward as a Christian “rock” band.

There’s something funny about an article that criticizes somebody for taunting and insulting others whilst simultaneously taunting and insulting them. Something… that stinks like conservative projection.

FFS, even the dude’s *name* from Liberty screams, “lives in his mom’s basement”. H

B- for Ben? Man, you’re a tough grader. I would have given it at least a B+ for no other reason than it was the best work he’s done as an actor. (I will reserve his A for directing Gone Baby Gone.)

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Keef can certainly be pompous, but Ben & Jon’s takes on his pomposity both missed the mark.

@al2o3cr: At least when Gawker takes down Keef, they have the excuse that he’s NY media. But even they take him way too seriously, for reasons that evade me.

I would almost plan my workweek around when Keith and Dan were together on Dan’s former ESPN radio show. I’d love being on the road and hanging on to every word while driving to Albuquerque or where ever when I could listen uninterrupted. I still recall the hot summer afternoon when Dan said he was calling it quits. Their Sunday night appearances on Football Night in America are nothing like the insight, intelligence and humor of the radio show.

Ok. I’m done. Any more wood shows up around here, someone else can rub it. Though I have to say, rub it by hand you get a great finish even though it does take longer. I’ll be posting pictures.

Sorry, if there’s no necrobestiality angle, there’s no scandal.

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