Vote for the Cannibal Anarchy Candidate!

Stinque endorses Dwight McKenna for Orleans Parish Coroner. Stinque will also endorse the incumbent Orleans Parish Coroner, Frank Minyard, if he comes back with anything near as delicious.

Oh, fuck it: Stinque endorses all candidates for coroner nationwide. How can we not?

Ad For Orleans Coroner Candidate: My Opponent Is Dr. Frankenstein! [TPM]

I didn’t know people even advertised for County Coroner’s races. And this ad looks like it cost real money… you know, production values and shit. I’m impressed.

I’m thinking this was not a union shoot.

I’m for the alien autopsy guy.

I used to read a lot of autopsy reports as a reporter and use them in my stories, like when cops shot someone or a teen died in a DWI crash to add details like fatal wounds or BAC levels. They were public records and could be had from the state Office of the Medical Investigator (I had their phone number memorized at one point). As an undergraduate, I had a work study job at Biomedical Communications where we used to photograph pre-autopsy bodies until I saw my first crispy critter. Glad I never saw a child abuse victim. Spent some time on the google looking the Steve McNair autopsy. Never found it, although there were some fairly detailed reports written from it.

Best TPM comment: Explains Bobby Jindal. He’s the zombie Mr Rogers.

@redmanlaw: Glad I never saw a child abuse victim.

I covered a very nasty trial that included autopsy shots of a child beating victim. With the skull skin peeled back to show the depth of the bruises.

Landfill hearings were a lot more fun.

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